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Green Thinking to a Green Award Winning Company

Our Organic Green Thumb Program Helps:

  • Families concerned about the use of traditional pesticides around children and pets.

  • Businesses that have regulatory requirements that mandate organic pest control.

  • Institutions and educational centers requiring IPM based pest control using reduced- risk and minimum- risk pesticide labels or organic treatment.
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Organic Pest Control Service from Certified Professionals

Over the counter "Green" products are not enough!

Hearts Pest Management's Organic and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Pest Control Service is the only one, currently in southern California, that puts ecology first!

The goal of Integrated Pest Management is to reduce or eliminate pesticide usage by creating a customer-centric pest control service, largely organic, devoted to smart environmental stewardship and customer safeguards.

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Our Green Thumb Service

Qualified, certified, professionals that communicate well is essential to keeping pests from entering your home or business.

Clients enrolled for our Green Thumb pest control service follow Integrated Pest Management specific guidelines that point out non-chemical methods to reduce pest infestations:

An IPM inspector may suggest that a customer modify landscape or alter sanitation methods. Quick and easy solutions may be to move trash cans out of a garage, or to relocate a pest infested flower pot. Other examples include vine placement and irrigation schedules that contribute to pest infestation.

Carefully selected reduced-risk non-organic product labels are admitted to our program only upon customer approval. For more information on what's considered green and/or organic, we have a special page devoted to just that.

Green Thumb Pricing is modest and is based on the size of your property and frequency of service. Give us a call to discuss our pest control pricing and maintenance plan packages.

Many of our "Green" customers opt for our monthly service during spring and summer, then switch to our winter bi-monthly service come October. We believe you will enjoy the peace of mind this organic program can provide.

We are constantly updating the list of products used within this program.

We have enlisted EcoSmart, which has provided patented botanical pesticides with the following properties:

Unique Mode-of-Action

Please view the EcoSmart website to review and evaluate claims regarding unique mode of action.

Meets stringent requirements for sensitive accounts

We would like to share this information with you. Due to regulatory requirements, pest control companies can not make statements regarding the relative safety of one product verses another. We recommend that you review labels for the sites of organic manufacturers, such as EcoSmart.

Sensitivity to Pesticides 

We have found varying levels of tolerance among "Green Thumb" clients for pesticide treatments. 

Some are more sensitive to pesticides outside the home where their children play, whereas others are more sensitive to products used inside the house, where children reside.

We have a variety of baits available that are not organic. Only when explicitly requested, we will use these products, which we find very effective and pose no risk to the lungs, since they are not airborne and therefore are not harmful to the respiratory system.

Pets and Pest Control

Your furry friend is a big part of your family and we understand how important your pet is to you. We want the best protection for your pets because they get pests too! Give us a call for more information on pest control for animals.

Extremely Effective Against a Broad Spectrum of Insects

For Insect Control, Hearts provides a quick knockdown of a wide variety of indoor and outdoor pests.

Unlike botanicals in the past, our current portfolio now provides significantly improved residual protection, comparable to conventional pesticides. There is no known pest resistance to these botanical active ingredients.

Pyrethrum and Diatomaeous Earth

Tip: Have you ever wondered what is the difference between "pyrethrum," "pyrethrins" and "pyrethroids?"

Pyrethrins and pyrethum both refer to the naturally occurring compounds, which are derived from the extract of a chrysanthemum-like flower. Pyrethrum is a general term for the plant and more specifically the flower. Pyrethrins is a term that refers to six distinct insecticidal compounds extracted from the pyrethrum flower.

Pyrethroids refer to synthetic, man-made compounds with chemical structures similar to pyrethins. Pyrethroid is a genral term for chemicals developed using a pyrethrin molecular base. Pyrethroids have other characteristics significantly different from pyrethrins and since they are synthetic, pyrethroids are not allowed for use in organic production.

Biological pest control or "bio-based" pest control

Hearts has introduced a new product line under our organic program that is "25B Exempt" from federal regulation. This product is a fully organic substance that is not considered a pesticide.

This is a bio-based pest control wash with unique biological action to supplement gentle organic oils such as Thyme and Lemongrass. Not only is the product the best state-of-the-art for enlightened customers, but it is very effective as well.

Learn More About "Safe Pest Control"

If you are interested in organic pest control or are attracted to a green pest control company, you may be interested in the discussion of "Safe Pest Control"

Enjoy a pest-free life!

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