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Certified and EPA Award Winning – Green Pest Control!

Currently servicing the following cities: Simi Valley, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, and Newbury Park – expanding soon!

Hearts Pest Management brings a new breed of pest control – including government sponsored EcoWise Certified green and organic pest control for invading ants, spiders and other insects. Many of the products we use are OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed products! This program is now under joint sponsorship with the Bio-Intregral Resource Center, an environmental watchdog California based non-profit. We can let you in on recent news: Hearts Pest Management has won the prestigious California Environmental Protection Agency Integrated Pest Management Innovator Award.

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and our satisfied Ventura County pest control customers share their year over year satisfaction with Hearts Pest Management.


Environmentally Conscientious

Only a select few pest control companies in the state have won the award over the past ten years. Yes, we are proud of this achievement. We are even more proud of the thought, design, implementation and consistent service that we have provided to customers seeking a more benevolent, green pest control service. Now you have a “Green” pest control service in Ventura County that you can rely on for most pest control needs.

Phone Quotes for Common Pests

Many people call us for ants, spiders and other common insect related matters. Usually, we can price these pest control issues over the phone. We still treat each call very individually. We offer different pest control schedule cycles and “degrees of green” to fit your desires for control and caution.

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Our Technicians are Consultants!

How do our pest control technicians differ from the average technician? Our pest control technicians are trained to be consultants.

While 80% of the job may be routine, it is the other 20% that allows them to distinguish themselves from the average exterminator. They don’t simply kill pests. They are trained to inspect each visit to your property, for the pest problem presented and for potential pest control issues that may arise, as weather, irrigation and the neighbors.

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Residential Pest Control in Ventura County

Hearts understands the desire to keep chemicals out of the home and away from family and pets. That’s why we came up with our “Greenthumb” maintenance plan. Now you can get rid of ants and other pests from invading your home using our green program while at the same time, being considerate of the environment.

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Commercial Pest Control in Ventura County

Pest Control for Business Establishments Hearts Pest Management has a broad diversity of commercial pest control experience:

- Restaurants
- HOA and Apartment Complexes
- Hotels and Motels
- Office Complexes
- Factories and Warehouses
- Animal Shelters
- Organic Food Manufacturing and Retail
- Vacation Resorts and Spiritual Retreats

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Landscape Pest Control in Ventura County

Ventura County landscapes and gardens are stunningly beautiful, but landscape and garden pest control is a challenge!

YIt is not uncommon for neighbors to peek over a fence to investigate pest control service conducted. Our pest control company, unlike any other, requires every employee to obtain two separate licenses: structural pest control and landscape pest control. All must then obtain EcoWise Certification in green and organic pest control as well). That’s why we are so good at handling pests in the garden and garden pests that invade homes and businesses and doing it in a thoughtful manner with proper communications to property owners and tenants.

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Organic Pest Control in Ventura County

Pest Management was the 1st company in southern California that took an interest in and pursued the EcoWise Certification. This is a government sponsored organization that was set up to train pest control companies to apply pesticides, only after careful consideration to environmental impacts. We are constantly investigating new eco-focused products. More companies now display the EcoSmart product logo, but few companies and technicians understand how to use them wisely and effectively.

Client Reviews


Read what others have to say about Hearts Pest Management:

Philip E. Abel

We just had our first visit, from our new technician from Hearts Pest Management, and I must say he is, without a doubt, the best tech we have had to date. His name is Luis, and he did a fabulous job, from introducing himself, and doing a thorough job of treating our property. They are… Read more “Philip E. Abel”

Rebecca Franco

I have been using this company for 5 years in San Diego County and for 4 years at my current address in LA County. Great service. Effective treatments (ants and spiders), all safe for my pets. Courteous, friendly and knowledgeable service people. Good customer service from the office. I would recommend heartily.

Monica Weil

Great service. The technician actually listens. Very happy.

Barbara Gowen

We had Heart’s come out to rid our attic of rats and close off access. David set the traps throughout the attic, not just at the opening and then came out 3 different times that week to remove trapped rats. He was very knowledgeable and informed about how to best get rid of the problem.… Read more “Barbara Gowen”

Tammy Kelley

Speedy response and appointment. We were overwhelmed with ants and needed help. Nothing was working and it needed to end. Next day Jay came out and after reviewing property and pests he was able to get rid of them. We haven’t seen an uninvited guest since. The fact that they care about the environment and… Read more “Tammy Kelley”

Robert Guilfoyle

Hearts has been our pest control service provider for over 10 years. They offer many “green” options as well as humane methods to eradicate pests. I highly recommend Hearts Pest Control.

Monique Churchill

One of the things I appreciate in finding a more eco-conscious pest control company is they listen to your concerns and actually tailor your pest control product choices to your level of comfort. You have a specific say in what is used.

Brandon and Dana Black

Always responsive, always professional and takes care of any pest problems we’ve had for over 10+ years! Thanks for your service!

Lisa Lopez

I would highly recommend this company for all your pest control needs. They walk around your home and explain what they would recommend for your environment. I have pets and they use pet friendly spray.

Carrie Bender

I’ve been using Hearts for over 3 years and am very impressed with their organization! They do terrific work in addition to be reliable, honest and extremely knowledgeable and polite. They come bi-monthly and use an organic solution to spray outside. It’s a pleasure and relief to do business with them.

Barbara Randolph

We have been very pleased with Hearts after using them for several years. The technicians are courteous and knowledgeable, and the billing staff are very helpful without ever trying to pressure you to upgrade. But most importantly, their products work for what we need.

Dana E.

Great company with great people. Jay has been servicing our property in Valley Center for about a year now and he is always on time and always does a great job. Would highly recommend him and Hearts!!

Doug Dumont

Great service and attention to detail. And they have organic options!!

Barbie Thornton

Hearts Pest Management was referred to me in Valley Center. I am thrilled with their knowledge and service. I had two other companies that were totally ineffective with rodent control and I spent so much money with no results. Also, these companies never kept appointments and were often no call, no show! Hearts is wonderful… Read more “Barbie Thornton”

Jacques Langlois

John was very professional and explained the benefits of the pest control treatment he used today. Would recommend Heart Pest Management to my neighbors.

Linda Daly

Our technician was extremely attentive to every spider web around the exterior of our house and under all our patio furniture. Lovely man who deserves recognition for all his hard work!

Michael Mazzara

Hearts Pest Management is great! They are very knowledgeable, experienced, and really helped dispel a lot of myths about BIRD MITES. There is a lot of bad information on-line, and most pest control companies do not know how to handle BIRD MITES. Hearts is the exception. I had called LA Vector control, no help. Los… Read more “Michael Mazzara”

David Lynns

No problems. No need to change company. I am sure the insects and spiders that I no longer see would have a different view.

Aurelia Zamora

Hearts Management has been professionally, easy to contact and affordable.

Garrett Dean

I always get a notice that the serviceman is coming a day prior. The service person shows up and takes care of business quickly, efficiently, and is happy answer any questions I have. I have no problems with insects or other pests.

Anabelle Klosno

Great company! We get the green essential oil service every other month and have no pest problems, thanks Hearts!!

Michelle Homiakoff

I’ve used your services for two years now and I like the all natural products so I don’t have to worry about my dog after it drys. My only issue is scheduling is not as flexible as I’d like.

John and Valerie Gastor

We’ve been using the green thumb monthly service for about a year now and find it helpful to have someone taking care of any small insect issues we have outside the house. Rene is a great tech and very friendly and professional.

Jackie Bessolo

We have been very happy with their service. Their office has been very helpful and accommodating whenever I need their assistance.

Michael Robles

Excellent service from your technicians. They are always polite, careful, and skilled. We have used your service for 4 years and will continue.

Gregory Mednick

Excellent service by Hearts Pest Technician David. We had a bad flea problem in our outdoor living area & were unable to use this part of our home. David corrected the problem, even though it took a few treatments due to the infestation. We are now using Hearts on a regular maintenance program to ensure… Read more “Gregory Mednick”

Todd Howard

Great innovative company, super nice people. At first I was a little skeptical about the effectiveness of their eco-friendly approach to pest management, but it has worked like a charm. We had a terrible ant problem, but Hearts quickly put an end to it.

Frances Catching

Hearts Pest Management has been servicing our home in Vista for over 15 years. They come on Friday once a month after 3pm so I can be home from work. We have receive great service from all the technicians that come to service our home. Gerry has been very flexible with my work schedule and… Read more “Frances Catching”

Alice Cunningham

I love the fact that I can count on the squirrels being gone after a treatment, as well as the earwigs. But if not performed on a regular basis they are back.

Molly Koehler

Rene was very thorough and helpful. And considerate of our garden, pets and children. We are optimistic it will help our pest problem!

Monica Johnson

I first contacted Hearts Pest due to an indoor house cricket issue. They handled it well and now come once a month . No indoor pests. The technicians are courteous, thorough and unobtrusive, I recommend their service.

Tieks by Gavrieli

Seff was wonderful! He was friendly and professional and did a thorough inspection, while providing information and answering our questions. We are excited to have found Hearts Pest Management.

Appleby Property Management

We are very satisfied with this company. Especially working with Seff. He is very thorough and knowledgeable. Very sweet and easy to work with. Always accommodating to our needs as a property management company.

Stan Tolliver

The company has exceeded my expectations. My service provider, Gabriel is attentive, personable and very knowledgeable. He’s done an amazing job ensuring that rodents are not in my yard. His work should be commended.

Ann Grogan

We have been with Hearts Pest Management for many years and we are pleased with the pest control service we receive. Our technician, Austin, is very professional, courteous, and thorough. He truly is an asset for Hearts P.M. Keep up the good work Austin. Thank you.

Ms. H

Hearts is Eco-wise certified and offers safer, organic products and solutions. They have an amazing staff who take their time to assess and correct the problem and also give you suggestions and advice. They take their time- NOT just “splash and dash” a bunch of toxic chemicals all over. I found out that they are… Read more “Ms. H”

Oasis Mastering

I’ve had a few issues, all different and all at different times, and the staff at Hearts always helped me resolve it. Even when I thought I had tried everything to get rid of an ant problem one time, and a rodent problem another time, the guys at Hearts were able to resolve the issues… Read more “Oasis Mastering”

Sally Pendleton

They were honest on what I needed to do for my camellias before any spraying could be done. Very nice and informative man that came out.

Sarah and Brandon Glenn

I love their people and product. I was hesitant to sign up for a green pest control in fear I would continue to be attacked by ant. (It was really bad!) The day they initially came out the ants practically vanished. Having them come automatically continues to keep the ants outside of my home and… Read more “Sarah and Brandon Glenn”

Robert Durant

Always happy with our service. I have only once seen ants between my usual service dates and they were just congregating outside around my hummingbird feeder. David is very friendly and it was a pleasure to see him and catch up today.

Stacy Anderson

Great first impression. I am looking forward to the gopher , spider and ant service. Thank you.

Dr. Kathleen Henry

I’ve been with Hearts for a number of years, probably at least 10. They provided service to a large home I had and now back to my condo. They did external perimeter at the house and now just inside the condo. They are always courteous, friendly; any questions are promptly answered and resolved. They use… Read more “Dr. Kathleen Henry”

Lisa Port

We’ve been using Hearts Pest Mgmt for over 2 yrs for our whole house. They really helped us with an annoying ant problem. Services are always friendly and fast… Thank you.

Marisa Landsberg

We have been using Hearts Pest for 3 months to help keep our ant problem under control. So far we have been very happy with the results.

Lisa Power

We’ve been using Hearts Pest Mgmt. for several years. We started out with ant and spider preventative service, but when we discovered that rodents were coming into our yard from a vacant lot several doors down, we added rodent bait. Seff always has great suggestions for us, like when he said that it was possible… Read more “Lisa Power”

Michael McCraken

We have been using Hearts Pest Management for approximately 3 years. We no longer have ants! the people at this company are efficient and kind- couldn’t be happier.

Ronald Rosson

Excellent service arrive on day called to care of the Black ant problem.

Brianne Vangorder

We haven’t had any ants since you treated our home.

Vanessa Terzian

As a parent, the most fundamental responsibility is to provide a safe and happy home. So one can imagine the sense of failure when we returned home from a trip to find an epic ant invasion of our property and home. We keep a vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, organic household so Hearts was the only company… Read more “Vanessa Terzian”

Mary Van Doren

Great service and attention to detail. They are trying help with my roach problem as well, we are looking forward to having the little creatures gone. They also have organic solutions which I have used in the past and like very much.

Alyssia McMillian

David is great! We use your green thumb service after years of keeping ants at bay on our own they finally got out of control last year. Especially in our house. Since starting Hearts monthly visit they are no longer an issue, in or out of our home! It is so nice to never worry… Read more “Alyssia McMillian”

Pam Wirht

Highly recommend Hearts Pest Management. Great service without all the toxic chemicals!

Karen S.

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Megan Kajitani

We’ve had a tricky case of tiny, relentless ants and David and the others at Hearts have been so gracious and generous in coming back and checking in to make sure the green treatments were effective. I so appreciate the warm customer service and follow-up—as well as the green option, which is why I called… Read more “Megan Kajitani”

Jim Carroll

A Technician showed up the same day. We were very pleased that we could get service almost immediately to deal with a disgusting and distressing and expensive problem that seemed to pop up overnight. We were relieved that Hearts Pest Management consultation was friendly and informative. We resolved our rat problem in the garage and… Read more “Jim Carroll”

Christine Fischer

I’ve been very happy so far. They are in and out, mostly unnoticed. I had recently switched from a conventional pest service, and have not noticed any difference, except I know that I’m making a difference for the environment. Once, they had to reschedule, due to rain, and the phone call was very courteous and… Read more “Christine Fischer”

Melissa Bowels

We had found a flying roach in the house and got freaked out by the sight of it. On Saturday morning Dave arrived exactly on time. Went over the issue with him. When describing the type of roach and that it had been flying, he diagnosed this as being the most common for this area.… Read more “Melissa Bowels”

Jesse Nason

My wife and I love Hearts Pest Management. We had them service our previous residence and have signed up again for our new place. Very friendly, reasonably prices and extremely professional. Highly recommended!

Jenni Dugan

Hearts is the best! I love that their products are super safe for my kids but also work really well. We have a ton of spiders in our yard and Hearts has really reduced the brown widows and black widows. If I find something isn’t working they come back to troubleshoot and the customer service… Read more “Jenni Dugan”

Joshua B.

We’ve been using Hearts Pest Management for just over a year to help manage our spider issues (on a quarterly basis) and we’re very happy with the service. John H. is our normal technician and he’s been great to work with – he always makes sure to de-web the exterior and has always provided great… Read more “Joshua B.”

Claire D.

We have been customers of Hearts Pest Management for several years. Not once have we been dissatisfied. Hearts Pest Management is one of those rare companies where customer service and professional service merge into 100% satisfaction. From the moment you call the office Cal and the staff are always friendly, and accommodating. On rare occasions… Read more “Claire D.”

Kelly Demko

Once we connected over the phone, Hearts sent someone out just a day or two later and they showed up right on time. Seff handled our service and not only worked tirelessly ensuring that the many spider webs that had accumulated (and all of the other creepy crawlies) were dealt with, but he also took… Read more “Kelly Demko”

Terence Cannon

We were told by a junk hauler that some junk we wanted to haul away contained bedbugs. They refused to take it. We looked up Hearts on the internet (Santa Monica’s 10 best pest removers). Bill came out, made a careful inspection and determined there were no bed bugs there nor had there ever been.… Read more “Terence Cannon”

Ruth B.

Austin is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and we trust that we are always getting thorough and reliable service with Hearts Pest. Always quick to respond to any issues or questions that arise and we like the Green Thumb option with kids and pets around.

Sue Nicholson

Austin always does a great job with our pest issues both inside and outside our home. I like the fact that the insect control substance is organic. Thanks for always going the extra step to keep our home free of the little bugs!

Pat K.

Austin helped w/ gophers today and he was very professional, thoughtful, and kind.


The technician Austin was on time. Very personable and explained products in detail and is very knowledgeable. Very thorough and the organic and eco friendly products were our first choice. We signed for the every other month especially for spiders and ants.

Jennifer Jeffries

Hearts Pest has been our service for 5 years and they have come through with keeping us comfortable and pest-free even at the times the ants would invade the house. They are the best!

Connie N.

I’ve been a regular bimonthly customer of Hearts for 10 years.  They are always willing to educate me and discuss options, and they routinely show concern for what’s best for the environment and my health.  I recently had a rat in my attic, and not only did they promptly remove it, they told me what… Read more “Connie N.”

Terry Wong

Donna was super friendly and helpful on the phone. Robert was on time and quickly figured out what needed to be done to get rid of the ants. He told me I should see results within 48 hours and I already have! No ants in the dog’s bowl or crawling around the carpet. So far… Read more “Terry Wong”

Debra & Alan Seigel

The staff is very knowledgeable and courteous. And our spider and ant problems are GONE! Highly recommend their service.

Sylvia De La Fuentes

My office has been dealing with a terrible ant issue for a while now and we have had 3 other companies out and all were unprofessional and trying to charge a ridiculous amount. I called Hearts Pest Management and oh my! Were the ladies in the office so sweet and polite! It was like talking… Read more “Sylvia De La Fuentes”

Adam G.

Had Seth out to handle an ant problem and he was awesome. Walked me through everything he was going to do and why. Also took the time to walk the property with me, ask questions, understand what was happening from my perspective. Signed up for a recurring service to keep the ants away.

Michelle Cutrow

Hearts Pest Management is an amazing company to deal with. We’ve had an invasion of ants in every room in our house. John has been coming to our home to help eradicate them. He’s, by far, one of the nicest, earnest, honest pest control people I’ve ever come in contact with, and we’ve had a… Read more “Michelle Cutrow”

Gina Woodard

Very effective & safe treatment! We had a huge ant problem inside & around our home. Hearts took care of the problem in one visit. They were very courteous & helpful.

Stephen & Garen Tolkin

Always on time Always thorough Always effective! We used hearts for 10 years. They’ve never let us down.

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Pest Behavior & Solutions

Eco Wise

Hearts’ service professionals are EcoWise Certified for organic applications.

We have complete pest control solutions you expect from professionals that inspect, consult and educate. We look forward to providing pest control services in your Ventura County home or business. We have spent many years evaluating and devising the best pest control service formula for the types of situations you find in Ventura, with its’ vast climate differentials, micro-climates and bio-diversity.

Hearts Pest Management was the 1st southern California pest control company to receive EcoWise Certification. This government-based organization was established to train pest control companies to apply pesticides only after careful consideration to environmental impacts. You will find other pest control companies using some organic products, but we are constantly searching OMRI labels (Organic Materials Resource Institute) and new technology start-ups here and abroad for the best new pest control products in the organic and green marketplace. We won’t settle as we constantly improve our applications, training and procedures to produce top results with a blend of communication, service and products that you expect from an award winning provider of pest control services.

A leader in "Green" Pest Control
- A company with "Heart"

EcoSmart products are beginning to take hold in the industry, but we also use other products with minimum-risk" and "reduced-risk" labels from companies such as Nissus.

We are constantly checking new products listed with OMRI labels (Organic Materials Resource Institute)

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Ants & Spiders

Do you live on one “gigantic ant hill?”

Ants are year round trouble, entering homes and businesses in search of water, sugars or proteins. Do-It-Yourself ant control is messy, can get sloppy and far from our greener instincts. Do you really want to tackle ants and spiders when you wake up in the morning? Leave Ant control to us.

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Bee Control

Our company offers comprehensive control of bees, including removal of the hive and honeycomb from structures in which they are living, such at attics and wall voids.

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Mice & Rat Control

In Ventura County, while it can be difficult to control mice and rats, but it can be done. We have a very comprehensive program, start to finish, trapping, baiting (exterior only)

complete exclusion to eliminate access and here you will find one of the very few companies in Ventura that will actually clean up the mess left over taking into consideration mites and parasites.

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Bed Bug Control

Our technicians have received formal training and have had lots of experience in home and commercials environments battling the "pest of the 21st century," bed bugs, that are invading Ventura and every other cosmopolitan city with a fervor.

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Gopher Control

Gopher control can be easy when you call a pest control company with the proper landscape license and access to restricted products that are designed to use by a professional.

We also have lowing toxicity risk products available. Finally, it takes a good, observant technician to find and treat all the required areas to maximize control.

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We combine our expertise in bird control with our experience in exclusion and decontamination for a complete solution from bird damage (click above or on images to view our page on birds).

Decontamination - Cleanup - Restoration

We will take all the time that is required, all the safety precautions required, all the communication required, to get the most messy, most upsetting, most emotionally troubling pest control jobs done with excellent results and customer satisfaction. Preserving the environment is paramount. We can protect your environment from pests while reducing or eliminating pesticides that in the past you may have felt necessary for pest control. We firmly believe that Hearts Pest Management is right for you and perfect for Ventura County.

Call us today for fast, effective, caring pest control in Greater Ventura County.

Free Inspections

Free Pest Control Inspections in Ventura County

We provide free inspections in Ventura County for complex pest control situations caused by:

We help those with infestation issues arising from hoarding.
We have complete pest control solutions you expect from professionals that inspect,
consult and educate.

Call Now 1-800-986-1006 or complete the form below

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