Pest Control in Vista, CA

The City of Vista is more than a temperate climate; it’s a “wonder climate.” Situated between cooler coastal regions and hot, inland areas, Vista has, what some call, the “perfect” climate. What does climate have to do with pests? A lot!

Vista, CA – America’s Climatic Wonderland

Nicer weather means year-round pests. Hearts Pest Management provides Vista residents and business owners with a variety of pest control services, from ants and spiders, to rodents, and landscape pests.

Hearts Pest Management – A Company with Heart!

You may have seen our trucks around town; the ones with the heart on the side … that’s because we are “a company with heart.”

We strive to take care of your pest problems while minimizing any exposure to pesticides – not only for your family but your pets as well.

At Hearts, we practice IPM, Integrated Pest Management along with Green / Organic Pest Control!

Going Green in Vista with Organic Pest Control

Hearts’ Service Professionals are EcoWise Certified in organic pest control.

Pest control from a “Green” standpoint is more than getting “rid” of or “exterminating” pests; it is targeting specific pests from entering a home, such as ants and black widows, and treating only where and when necessary.

The Organic GreenThumb Program Helps

  • Families concerned about the use of traditional pesticides around children and pets.
  • Businesses that have regulatory requirements that mandate organic pest control.
  • Institutions and educational centers requiring IPM based pest control using reduced-risk and minimum-risk pesticide labels or organic treatment.

Our GreenThumb maintenance plan is a monthly or bi-monthly service; you can change the frequency at any time, depending on your needs. You get to choose!

Ants are a year-round pest in Vista.

Vista Ant Control

Hearts has both traditional and organic methods for treating ants inside and outside of your home. Because Vista has such a pleasant climate, ants will find away indoors in throughout the year. The number one problematic ant species is Argentine ants.

Argentine ants love the wonderful weather too; so much so, they’ve built a super colony in southern California. These invaders from South America came into the states, via coffee ships, back in the late 1890’s and have made their home here in California.

One reason it’s hard to control Argentine ants is because, unlike other ant species, Argentine ants have more than one queen. When they sense the bottle of Windex or borax mixture coming, a queen breaks off and starts another colony elsewhere on your property! We can help!

Vista Spider Control

Gotcha! Female Black Widow caught by one of our service technicians.

Brown and Black Widow spiders are notorious for hiding and building messy, Halloween-like webs. These two spiders are the main ones to be concerned about when it comes to spider bites.

The large, beautiful and intricate webs out in the garden are made by orb-weavers, beneficial in that they reduce the population of landscape pests.

Brown Widow with her egg sac.

Hearts will search out hiding spots of widow spiders and remove any webs and egg sacs up to the first level of your home.

When it comes to spiders, both service technician and customer must work as a team. This requires a bit of sweeping and vacuuming to help keep spiders at bay.

We get as many as possible but because widow spiders are solitary and hide, it can sometimes be difficult to find all of them the day of your service. Hearts does offer follow-up treatments at no charge should you find a new infestation.

For these reasons, we recommend a monthly service, especially during spring and summer with the option of switching to bi-monthly during the winter.

Please visit our main page: Ants and Spiders for more information on different species and treatment available.

Restaurants often end up with a multitude of pests that if untreated, can and will, hinder the success of their business.

Commercial Pest Control in Vista

Hearts provides pest control for restaurants, coffee shops, retail establishments, hotels, daycare centers, organic food processing companies and much more!

We understand how hard you’ve worked to build your enterprise and keep your establishment’s good name.

Nothing is worse than to hear a customer complain about a mouse running under the table or a roach in someone’s water glass (that actually happened at a well-known restaurant … the roach was frozen in an ice cube!).

Please visit our page on Commercial Pest Control for more information on the types of businesses and treatment we provide for commercial customers.

Gophers are landscape pests that damage not only lawns but prized plants as well.

Landscape Pest Control in Vista

Your Hearts service professional is a “Consultant” when it comes to treating landscape and garden pests. He or she is trained to do more than “spray and leave” but instead, inspect your garden each service and keep you apprised of any landscape issues.

They will also provide preventative tips on how to keep your garden looking healthy, beautiful, and pest-free.

We can treat a variety of landscape pests such as aphids and whiteflies, scale insects, mealybugs, snails, fungus, powdery mildew, gophers, and grubs, just to name a few…

Rat and Mice Control in Vista

At Hearts, we have created a very intensive rodent remediation service, under EcoWise guidelines, to stop rats and mice from entering the home.

Our service also includes a combination of trapping, cleanup, and decontamination.

Roof rats are great climbers; trees near or touching the roof give them easy access to your attic or crawl space.

If you have rats in the attic, it’s important to take care of the infestation as soon as possible; just breathing in the smell of rat feces and urine can transmit diseases to humans.

Visit our page on Rat and Mice Control to learn more about our rodent control services. We inspect for rats and mice free-of-charge!

A Word About Bees

Bees Are Essential – Certain Bee Removal Requests are NOT Accepted!

Honeycomb inside a wall.

Bees have an indispensable role in nature that Hearts Pest Management respects. Honeybees are essential. We accept calls for bee removal only when they pose a serious threat to human health. We have set guidelines to avoid harming bees needlessly.

If you have a beehive in your attic and honeycomb is forming, then bees become a pest. It becomes necessary to remove both bees and honeycomb.

An exclusion, to block off the access point where they got in, is also required to keep honeybees from returning. Hearts can help. We do both honeycomb removal and clean-out.

We pride ourselves on being a responsible pest control industry leader. Our website is meant to be educational and informative so you can choose what’s best for you, your family, and/or business.

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