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Valley Center, CA - Beautiful mountain views and a little bit of country flair. Valley Center, CA - Beautiful mountain views and a little bit of country flair.

About Hearts Pest Management

Hearts has been providing pest control service to Valley Center for ten years. Our pest service grew in the inland I-15 corridor so we are extremely familiar with the types of pest pressures that exist in Valley Center - one beautiful but very hot town! ... with many pests coming from all angles - the mountains, the canyons and valleys, the groves and farms. As owner of Hearts, I've had these pest problems myself and continue to battle them. I have been successful with the remedial and maintenance pest services that I have for everything from ants and spiders, to rats, mice, birds, gophers, snails and a wide range of landscape tree and shrub pests like white fly and aphids.

General and EcoWise Certified Organic Pest Services

We are not the sort of company to tell you what you want. We listen. That´s why we offer several pest programs and service intervals to meet your needs and budget. No matter what pest service you choose for your Valley Center property, you will be getting a "Pest Consultant." You´ve never heard of that term because I created the term. I also created an educated class of pest control technicians who are certified in structural, landscape and EcoWise Certified services. You can´t find that anywhere else.
Hearts' service professionals are EcoWise Certified for organic applications.

Hearts' service professionals are EcoWise Certified for organic applications.

Going Green with Hearts Pest Management

Qualified, certified, professionals that communicate well is essential to keeping pests from entering your home or business. Customers enrolled in our GreenThumb pest control service follow Integrated Pest Management specific guidelines that point out non-chemical methods to reduce pest infestations:

Valley Center homes are often surrounded by an abundance of wildlife and natural habitat.

Keeping pests such as rats and mice out of the home can be challenging, insects as well but we can help!

If you have horses, chickens, dogs, and other pets, young children or sensitivity to chemicals, then you'll want to opt for our organic pest control.

Our gopher service will help keep your corrals free from gopher holes.

Our monthly gopher maintenance program will keep your corrals free from gopher mounds.

Jay Strassner - Hearts Pest Management Service Professional

Jay Strassner - Hearts Pest Management Service Professional

Our Technicians are "Pest Consultants"

Your Hearts' Consultant may suggest that you modify the landscape or alter sanitation methods.

Quick and easy solutions may be to move trash cans out of a garage, or to relocate a pest infested flower pot.

Other examples include vine placement and irrigation schedules that contribute to pest infestation.

Carefully selected reduced-risk non-organic product labels are admitted to our program only upon customer approval and when pre-certified by EcoWise.

GreenThumb Pricing is modest and is based on the size of your property and frequency of service.

We can help with in home, garden and landscape issues. Very few pest technicians are certified for both structural and landscape pest control. We, at Hearts Pest Management are the only ones in Southern California with the EcoWise Certified approval.

You won´t find that level of knowledge and communication skills anywhere else in the pest control industry.

For this reason alone, your choice should come down to either Hearts Pest Management or Hearts Pest Management for your pest control service in Valley Center.

Gophers cause damage to landscapes

Gophers cause major havoc in yards and horse corrals.

The Gophers of Valley Center

Gopher canyon, gopher hilltop, gopher Valley Center! All my folk in Valley Center complain about them! This pest is responsible for significant damage to our landscapes and gardens.

With Hearts, you can obtain a gopher remediation and maintenance company, a structural pest company.... Or you can get both combined at a discount.

Pest control companies used mostly a ground fumigation process to eliminate gophers, but in the past year, with regulatory changes to protect the public we now use a variety of baits that work very well but require a bit more patience.

We are also very clear with our customers that a maintenance gopher service is absolutely required.

Gophers reproduce several times per year and produce several pups each time. These new gophers will invade from neighboring fields and properties throughout the year. Our job is to treat quickly to keep those numbers down.

Entrance point for rats and mice is called a "grease rub."

Entrance point for rats and mice is called a "grease rub."

Rats and Mice - Programs for Home and Landscape

Rats and mice are constantly invading from the mountains and canyons that surround Valley Center. They take up residence in most homes - yes - most every home in Valley Center!

At Hearts Pest Management, we have a rule of never baiting the interior of a home. We have found many of these homes containing odorous, health hazards from rodent cemeteries.

We trap, extensively exclude and stop the entry of rats and mice. We stop the entry to not one but all logical and potential entry points for these rodents.

Some rats and mice carry hantavirus – a rare, and potentially fatal airborne disease.

Some rats and mice carry hantavirus – a rare, and potentially fatal airborne disease.

The rodent contamination that I see in people´s homes is horrendous. Don´t be ashamed. As I mentioned, most homes have fecal and urine contamination to some degree.

Nevertheless, you must eliminate this source of illnesses and diseases. These conditions can truly create a "sick home." We also offer similar services for bird infestations.

Seed Harvester Ant Nest

Ants are year-round residents but especially a nuisance in hot weather.

Weather Conditions and Pest Control in Valley Center

You don´t need hot conditions to have invasions of ants and other pests.

They arrive winter, summer, spring or fall - especially with any change to weather conditions - but even more so in extreme weather.

Valley Center has pests all year round, whether readily visible or not.

Bee Removal and Eradication.

We are specialists in bee eradication, exclusion to stop re-entry of bees to your home and cleanup.

We do not take any pleasure in removing bees but it is sometimes necessary due to immediate hazard potential to humans and pets.

Honeycomb inside of a shed. The white is newer honeycomb.

Here we have honeycomb, both old and newly formed, inside of a shed.

Chickens and Bird Mite

Chickens infested with bird mites can transfer the mites to humans.

Biting Mites

Virtually no pest control company has people who understand issues with biting mites and parasites.

We do! I do. They are often accompanied by infestations of rats, mice and birds.

Pets often play a role in these infestations as field creatures overlap the same territory as outdoor pets.

Bed Bugs

Historic Valley Center Post Office - Once the smallest in the country.

Historic Valley Center Post Office - Noted for being the smallest post office in the country.

If you think you can´t get bed bugs in Valley Center, think again.

Bed bugs are coming to town from dormitories, summer camps and general travel, domestic and foreign. We handle bed bug infestations.

Bed bug feces on a hotel mattress.

Bed bug feces on a hotel mattress.

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Let us show you what a difference we can make with the pest control problems you are experiencing in Valley Center.

We offer phone quotes for general pest and EcoWise organic pest services for home invading insects and spiders.

All pest specialties are quoted after complete and free inspection.

Come see the Hearts Pest Management difference!

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