Hearts Pest Management Staff

Hearts Pest Management Staff

Solana Beach Pest Control by Hearts Pest Management

Refreshingly New and Relevant Pest Control Service

Hearts Pest Management is a recognized and growing pest control company in Solana Beach. We are recognized for best practices and green formulated services. We are backed by A quality ratings from the Better Business Bureau and Angie's List contractor rating service. We are unique in our dual licensing in structural and landscape pest control - helping us to understand all the pests in and around your property.

EcoWise Certified Pest Control

Hearts Pest Management is the only place not only in Solana Beach, but anywhere in southern California, where you will find EcoWise Certified Service. EcoWise is not some industry marketing scheme. EcoWise Certified was implemented by our most thoughtful California environmental and water resource governmental agencies in conjunction with the Bio-Integral Resource Center. This licensing and training exposure, plus strong company values means that you receive the most current and progressive pest control service you will ever find.

Customized Pest Control

We will customize your pest control service to fill your unique needs based on local micro-climates in Solana Beach.

At home or work in Solana Beach, CA, a coastal community, where temperatures are moderate, consider bi-monthly service. For our Greenthumb organic pest control plan in Solana Beach, CA, we recommend a monthly service with a cutback to bi-monthly winter service. Surrounding landscapes may alter our recommendation. Budgets do vary. Your location in Solana Beach is only one of many factors we will consider.

Range of Pest Control Services

Our pest control customers are amazed by the variety of services and schedules we offer for pest control. The general pest control service covers ants, spiders, earwigs and many other nuisance insects that invade homes and businesses.

Of course, we have our EcoWise Certified green pest control service with organic and other low-impact options.

We have complete pest control solutions for rat and mice, birds and all the mess and cleanup with rat, mice and bird infestations.

We are certified for bee and honeycomb removal.

We offer an amazing variety of landscape pest control services from gophers and squirrels, to tree and shrub pest treatments and weed abatement.

Bed bugs are here and so are we with the latest techniques to address bed bugs with localized treatments. Often we can use commercial vacuum and steam treatments to reduce pesticide requirements substantially.

Pest Control and Corporate Social Responsibility

Hearts Pest Management respects the uniqueness of Solana Beach and aspires to be a socially and environmentally responsible company in Solana Beach. Having a pest control company these days should require a level of thoughtfulness about nature and what pest control should and should not do. For this reason and many more we promote efforts to give back and teach about the beauty of our environment.

You can find more on these topics at Hearts Corporate Social Responsibility page, on our blog and employment pages. Check out Gerry's Corner (upper right of page) where you will find articles by the owner of Hearts Pest Management - who promotes a progressive understanding of pest control within the industry.

Please enjoy the Solana Beach, CA local service information provided for your area.

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