Pest Control in Santa Ysabel, CA

Homemade breads and apple pie - Santa Ysabel is a small community that began in 1878 with a general store. Today it's home of Dudley's Bakery and the Julian Pie Company. Surrounded by countryside, residents in Santa Ysabel find they often require the need for a pest management service.

Santa Ysabel

Santa Ysabel, CA - An Historic Town Founded in 1878

A Leader in Organic Pest Management

Hearts Pest Management has become the most noticed pest control company in Santa Ysabel.
specializing in organic and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) methods for controlling pests, Hearts believes in practicing safety for the environment, families and their pets.

Hearts Pest Management is recognized in the news for best practices; backed by quality ratings from the Better Business Bureau, and Angie's List, a contractor rating service.
Please visit our page on Green / Organic Pest Control for more information and a video on green pest control.

Challenging Weather Brings Out Pests

Hearts will customize your pest control service to fill your unique needs. We've reviewed your regional and local micro-climates in Santa Ysabel and attuned the pest control service to your local conditions.

Living or working in Santa Ysabel, CA, 92070, a mountain community, you know that temperatures can be at times heat or cold intensive.
For this particular climate, you might consider monthly service, at least during the spring and summer months. Rapid changes in Santa Ysabel weather, summer or winter, drive pest populations to move.

EcoWise Certified

Hearts Pest Management
Technicians are
EcoWise Certified.

Organic Solutions

For our Greenthumb Organic Pest Control plan in Santa Ysabel, CA, we recommend a monthly service. Our recommendations may be altered after evaluating the surrounding rural terrain.
Every family and business has a budget to think about. We will do a complete evaluation of all factors, because we do not go by the belief that everyone in Santa Ysabel has the same needs.

Invading Pests

The rural environment of Santa Ysabel creates numerous pest problems for property owners. We can help with most if not all of these issues.

Damage in attic by roof rats

Damage to the attic floor and insulation by roof rats; breathing in feces and urine through vents is very unhealthy for humans.

In addition to standard pest control and organic pest control options to deal with ants, spiders and other structure invading nuisance pests, we have complete pest control services for bees, Rats and Mice, gophers, and many other pests.

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