Pest Control in San Marcos, CA

Pest Control in San Marcos, CA

San Marcos, CA – not too cold or gloomy and not too hot either; just the right amount of ocean breeze and inland sunshine make San Marcos a great place to live and work. With that being said, just like people, pests enjoy this ideal climate too!

San Marcos, CA – Lake San Marcos

We are EcoWise Certified in Organic Pest Control!

At Hearts Pest Management, we practice a different kind of pest control, one that includes Integrated Pest ManagementIPM solutions, not only for controlling current pests but for preventing future pests!

Green Residential Pest Control

At Hearts, we understand your concerns about pesticides in and around your home. We’re concerned too, that’s why we developed our “GreenThumb” pest control program.

Living near a lake can attract mosquitoes into your yard. We can help!

Our green and organic pest control targets specific, home invading pests without harming you, your loved ones (including the furry ones) or the environment.

Our green program treats for general pests like ants and spiders by using a variety of botanical oils.

The green program works best on a monthly maintenance plan, at least during spring and summer, with the option of switching to every other month during the winter.

However, if you feel every other month works best for you, no problem, you get to choose the frequency! Visit: Green / Organic Pest Control for more information.

San Marcos Ant Control

Ants are year-round pests in California. We have both green and traditional pest control to treat these South American invaders.

Sometimes, especially during the summer, new customers ask for a single, one-time ant treatment of which we and other companies usually provide.


However, in southern California, ants are considered a year-round pest and require year-round Ant Control.

In winter, you may not see them as much, that is, until it rains and then you’ll often find them marching indoors where it's dry.

During spring and summer, ants come into homes in droves in search of both food and water! Because of this, we recommend a yearly maintenance plan that takes care of ants and other home invading insects.


Spider Control in San Marcos

Spiders may have many eyes but they don’t see very well. They can however, sense a disturbance from the feel of their tiny body hairs and that’s when they will bite.

And because spiders, such as brown and black widow spiders are often hidden, you never know where they might be – one good reason to get rid of them by having a regular pest control service.

Hearts not only treats for spiders, we also remove any webs and egg sacs we find.

Look closely and you can see a yellow ball. Honeybees have one on each side; it’s their pollen “baskets.”

Your service technician will provide preventative tips as well to keep spiders from entering your home. For more about spiders, visit our page on Spider Control.

Bee Control and Honeycomb Removal

The presence of bees in your yard is quite normal as honeybees search for pollen. You can hear their buzzing, especially around flowering shrubs and plants but that doesn’t mean that they’re making a hive.

Here’s a perfect example of a swarm of bees just hanging out for a rest before moving on.

Honeybees travel for miles, away from their nests, to gather pollen and take it back to their queens. This is normal, honeybee activity.

If on the other hand, you see bees going in and out of a small hole or crevice, then they very well could be creating a hive.

Sometimes, we get calls about bees that have all of a sudden appeared under the eaves or in a nearby tree, and looks like they’re building a hive but in reality, it’s just a swarm.

If you’re a nature lover, you may feel honored that the bees decided your place would be a nice resting spot for the queen and her workers before she decides to move on and find an appropriate nesting spot.

This is old and new honeycomb inside of a wall that had to be cut open in order to remove the honeycomb and clean up the mess.

Swarms look like a balled up cluster of bees about the size of a football and last anywhere from 3 – 5 days. If you leave them bee (pardon the pun) they’ll soon buzz off (sorry!).


Take a look at the photo of a swarm a customer shared with us. A good idea is to keep away and they will leave on their own. With that being said (no puns here), sometimes bees become pests because they decide your attic, crawl space, shed, or BBQ looks like a nice place for nesting.

Don’t let a bee infestation last long, otherwise, you’ll end up with honeycomb and a huge mess inside your home.

At Hearts, we provide complete bee and wasp service; visit our main page on Hive and Honeycomb Removal for more information.

When Birds Become Pests

Birds are sweet but a nest in your eaves or on the roof can lead to an infestation of bird mites.

Most of us love birds. We hear their early morning songs and tweets throughout the day and if you’re a nature buff, you may even make the effort to identify them by their songs. Typically, birds are n

A lot of new homes use solar panels and sometimes birds will get underneath to nest. This creates a big mess for the homeowner. Hearts has full bird control and prevention – we can help!

Besides unsightly bird droppings, on your walkway and under your eaves, birds have mites and once a nest is abandoned, guess where the mites go? Into your home – you become the new host!

We are one of very few companies that actually inspect and treat for mites.

San Marcos’ Famous Restaurant Row

We have a very informative webpage dedicated to mites as well as birds: Bird Removal and Exclusion.


Commercial Pest Control

San Marcos has a variety of businesses that Hearts Pest Management already provides commercial pest control for and can help your business as well. As an owner of an establishment, you know how important good pest control can be.

Many of our commercial pest control services can included our organic / green plan, depending on your needs. We treat for general pests, rodents, roaches, bed bugs, pantry pests, and flies, just to name a few. …

For restaurants, we even provide a dumpster guard service to keep your dumpsters pest free. Visit our main page on Commercial Pest Control.

This guy is enjoying a customer’s fruit trees!

Rat and Mice Control in San Marcos

Did you know rats eat snails? And dog poop? Yep, if you have snails they can attract rats and if your yard has dog poop, rats will dine on it … gross! Why? Because of bits of food in it. Ok, enough of that!

It’s important to keep mice and rats away from your yard, otherwise, they will make their way indoors and nest in your crawl space, walls, or attic.

An untreated rodent infestation leads to a variety of problems. Rats chew on wiring and the urine and droppings damage your insulation; just breathing in the smell through vents can cause disease. …

Unlike other pest control companies who stop at trapping and baiting, we provide full rodent remediation services from attic clean-out, trapping, exclusion work (blocking off access points where rats got in) and monthly outdoor rodent baiting or bi-weekly trapping.

This poor rose was damaged and its growth deformed because of aphids.

Plus, our rodent inspections are free-of-charge! Visit our main page on Rat and Mice Control to see how we do it.

Landscape Pests in San Marcos

Landscape pests will destroy your prized roses, plants, and shrubs. We treat for all landscape pests from aphids and mealy bugs, black-sooty mold and fungus, to the bigger landscape pests – rats, gophers, and squirrels. Landscape and Garden Pest Control.

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