Pest Management in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Rancho Santa Fe, CA is a beautiful community of spacious homes situated on large properties often surrounded by luxurious landscape.
When it comes to pests, it doesn't matter what size your home is or how much it cost because rodents will find their way indoors, as will ants, spiders, fleas, and a plethora of other types of insects! Visit our Residential Pest Control page to find out all we have to offer Rancho Santa Fe homeowners.

Large Rancho Santa Fe House

Many Rancho Santa Fe homes are huge mansions which require regular scheduled maintenance to keep both home and grounds pest-free.

Historical Rancho Santa Fe

The community of Rancho Santa Fe, CA began in the early 1920's.
Most of the homes were designed with Spanish Colonial and Mediterranean architecture.

La Morada "The Inn"

Rendering of La Morada, “the house of many rooms” by D. Walker, now known as the “Inn at Rancho Santa Fe.”

The Spanish tile roofs of both Village businesses and homes are beautiful, however, they are often a refuge for roof rats!

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2. Pruning Service and Pest Control for Roses with Hearts Pest Management

3. Managing Pests in Rancho Santa Fe

5 Star Review:

green 5 star review August 2016

Renee of Rancho Santa Fe - likes our Greenthumb Service!

Been using Hearts for 3 years. Prior to that I had a horrible ant and spider problem which I couldn't get under control.
The office and guys who service are very reliable and friendly. I have a dog so I have them use nontoxic materials. I highly recommend Hearts.

Renee W. - Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Managing Pests in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Here are some of our pest control services we at Hearts offer Rancho Santa Fe residents:

  • general pest control
  • green and organic pest control - certified!
  • residential, commercial and landscape pest control
  • rat, mice and bird control with complete programs to stop entry and clean up all the mess and contamination
  • bee removal and honeycomb cleanup
  • gopher control
  • cockroach elimination
  • flies and fleas
  • landscape pruning and modifications

Only Hearts Pest Management Technicians are EcoWise Certified for Organic Pest Management Services.

We are also Licensed in both Structural and Landscape Pest Control.
Hearts can treat general pests with organic applications. We have what is called our "Greenthumb" program which eliminates ants, spiders, earwigs, water bugs, and outdoor fleas.

Hearts' service professionals are EcoWise Certified for organic applications.

Hearts' service professionals are EcoWise Certified for organic applications.

Yellow KOI Fish

Fish ponds require special care to protect the fish from pesticides. Hearts uses only organic products for customers with KOI ponds.

David Cole - Hearts Pest Management Field Representative and Supervisor

David Cole - Hearts Pest
Management Field
Representative and Supervisor

Meet Dave - Your Rancho Santa Fe Field Service Representative

Dave has been with Hearts for over seven years but has over 25 years' experience in the pest control industry. He currently serves as a supervisor, landscape, and commercial consultant.
Dave in considered an expert in his field with extensive knowledge in mite control, scorpions, rodents, organic and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) methods for both residential and commercial properties. He is your Rancho Santa Fe expert!

Western spotted orb-weaver spider

Western Spotted Orb-weaver Neoscona oaxacensis

Spider Control in Rancho Santa Fe

The larger the home, the more places spiders can weave their intricate webs. Black widow spider webs, unlike the orb-weaver´s beautiful symmetric web, are messy
Widow spiders have Halloween-looking webs commonly found under eaves, in dark corners, areas of the garage, closet, and in woodpiles.

Black and Brown Widows

Black widows are easy to identify by their bulbous behinds and the red hourglass underneath. Granted they only bite when threatened but who wants to accidentally brush up next to one?
Brown widows also have an hourglass but its orange in color and they too can be easily identified, especially by their cream-colored, spiky egg sacs.
Brown widow spiders are notorious for hiding under patio furniture.

Hearts Pest Management Service Professionals will check for hiding places and advise Rancho Santa Fe residents of IPM methods to keep spider from entering the home.

Black and Brown Widow Spiders

Brown and Black Widow Females – Note the spiky egg sac of the Brown Widow.

Ant Control in Rancho Santa Fe

Argentine Ant

Argentine ants have invaded California.

Climate in Rancho Santa Fe, CA is often warm during the summer which often brings ants inside, trail by trail.
It´s as if the homes were all built on one big giant anthill. Actually, they are on an anthill, a huge super anthill of Argentine Ants!
There is a colony of Argentine ants that stretches all along the coast of California and extends into the nearby cities.

Ants protect aphids from predators in exchange for the sweet honeydew aphids emit.

Ants protect aphids from predators in exchange for the sweet honeydew aphids emit. Treat for aphids - less ants!

Treating Argentine Ants and Other Ant Species

Do-it-yourself ant control doesn´t work very well on Argentine ants because they are able to move an entire colony within just a few hours. Argentine ants will pack up and move to either escape when threatened or to take advantage of a new food source.

The most effective pest control and permanent solution is to find and treat the ant nest; queen Argentine ants must be eliminated to properly eradicate a colony.
For more in depth information on spiders and ants, visit our Ants and Spiders page.

Hearts Pest Management can identify and treat for Argentine ants and other ant species, with either traditional or organic methods.
Summer isn't the only time these ants wander indoors; Rancho Santa Fe's mild weather keeps them coming inside year round.

Landscape Pest Control in Rancho Santa Fe

Aphids are often green in color, depending on the species, with long slender mouthparts that they use to pierce and then suck out fluids from tender parts of plants, usually the leaves.

Large populations of Aphids - Plant Lice will cause leaves to discolor, turning them yellow. Aphids are especially a problem on rose bushes. And - they attract ants!

Leaf with aphids and whiteflies

Aphids and whiteflies damage leaves of trees and shrubs.

Besides doing damage to plants, aphids are a two-fold type of pest because the more aphids you have, the more ant colonies you'll find invading your property.
The honeydew an aphid emits from its rear is a sticky substance that can cause a black, sooty-looking fungus to grow on leaves and stems of plants.

It is also what ants feed on when they are not coming indoors raiding your pantry.
Ants actually act like farmers, herding aphids and protecting them from predators so they can obtain the sweet honeydew.

Giant whiteflies on leaf

Giant Whiteflies on Leaf - Whiteflies resemble a powdery substance.

Whiteflies are another landscape pest for Rancho Santa Fe residents.
Many homeowners grow beautiful hibiscus trees which whiteflies tend to gravitate to and cause damage.
If you´ve noticed a powdery substance on the leaves of your tree, or plants, it´s a sign you have whiteflies

Hearts Pest Management is able to identify various landscape pests including whitefly and treat as necessary.
We provide landscape inspections free-of-charge for both residential and commercial properties.

Pruning Service and Pest Control for Roses with Hearts Pest Management

Hearts Pest Management offers both organic and traditional pest management solutions for treating roses for pests and fungus such as aphids and powdery mildew.
Our Service Representatives are trained in rose care to ensure the best form of treatment for eliminating various types of pests rose bushes often attract.

pink roses

Hearts will help you keep your roses pest-free and beautiful.

Hard pruning of roses

January is the time of year for “hard pruning.”

Hearts provides an additional service to prune your roses and keep you apprised of the health of your rose garden.
Roses get tiny green caterpillars that look like inch worms called “Rose Slugs.” The caterpillar is the larva of a Sawfly.

Damage from rose slugs causes what is called "skeletonization" of the leaves, leaving large holes and just the outline and veins of the leaves.
Summer pests on roses also include aphids, powdery mildew, rust, and black spot.

In sunny southern California we have insects and fungal diseases all year round, making it very important to keep a pest maintenance plan throughout the year.
Plus, many types of insects will overwinter on rose bushes. Hearts will help eliminate any overwintering invaders and summer pests.

Rose Slug

Rose Slugs “skeletonize” the leaves of rose bushes. The Sawfly larva eats holes into a rose leaf until all that is left is the frame of the leaf.

Hearts Pest Management provides landscape inspections for Rancho Santa Fe residents and business owners - free-of-charge! check out our page on Lawn Care and Lawn Pests.

Rodent Control in Rancho Santa Fe

Rats and Mice are able to thrive under a variety of conditions. In nature, rats and mice live in open fields but as houses are built, less open land is available to them.
Rancho Santa Fe has many a lovely landscape for rats, mice, gophers, squirrels, and other wildlife to wander in and out of - making your home their home.

Roof Rat

Roof rats are also known as Black rats.

Both mice and rats tend to find their way into homes, especially during the winter months, seeking food and shelter for their new brood. If you have rats in the attic or crawl space, Hearts may suggest an exclusion to block off those easy access points where rodents have been able to get inside.

Trimming back tree branches from the roof is also a good way to prevent roof rats from crossing over into your home. Actually, trimming back all foliage, about 12 inches from the house, will keep all sorts of insects at bay.

Fairbanks Ranch

Village of Rancho Santa Fe.

Hearts Pest Management respects the uniqueness of Rancho Santa Fe and aspires to be a socially and environmentally responsible company for its residents.
We offer free inspections and timely service for all Rancho Santa Fe residents and business owners.

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