Ramona Pest Control

Hearts Pest Management has a wide range of pest control services to meet your needs in Ramona. We are a growing pest control company servicing Ramona and the surrounding towns. Having a pest control company these days should require a level of thoughtfulness about nature and the safety of both families and pets.
Ramona Country Estates

Hearts Pest Management provides both organic and traditional pest management services for residents in Ramona’s Country Estates.

A Leader in Organic Pest Management

Hearts Pest Management is a unique company, specializing in organic and green pest control. We are recognized for best practices and green formulated services. Hearts Pest Management is the only place, not only in Ramona, but in southern California, where you will find EcoWise Certified Service. Visit our main page on Green / Organic Pest Control to learn more about how we do it and why we're #1!

Customized Pest Control for Your Locality and Unique Needs

We will customize your pest control service to fill your unique needs. Factors reviewed include the regional and local micro-climates in Ramona, CA. You choose! We have monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly plans for every budget.
EcoWise Certified

Hearts Pest Management
Technicians are EcoWise
Certified for Organic

Organic Pest Control

If you live or work in an inland community like Ramona, where temperatures can become heat intensive, our general recommendation is monthly service, but highly manicured, low maintenance landscapes often do well on bi-monthly service. For our Greenthumb organic pest control plan in Ramona, we recommend a monthly service. Landscape conditions may alter this recommendation. We understand that budgets vary and we will work within your budget constraints.

5 Star Review

green 5 star review August 2016 Kelley of Ramona - likes our quick response! We are very pleased with this company. The office staff & field technicians are very courteous and accommodating to whatever pest issue we have had. The technicians that service our residence are very friendly and knowledgeable. Any issues we have had with pest or gophers in the past, have been dealt with and resolved very quickly. We are on a bi-monthly maintenance program, that works well for us. They are very quick to respond to any "trouble" calls I have had to make to them in between our routine maintenance. We highly recommend this company to anyone. Kelley M. Ramona, CA

Hearts Comprehensive Pest Control Line of Services

Do you have a problem with Ants? Or is Ramona just one big anthill! Trust, we can and will help with ants, spiders and many other pest control problems. Review our line of pest control services - not too shabby!
  • general pest control (visit our page on Ants and Spiders!)
  • green and organic pest control - certified!
  • residential, commercial and landscape pest control
  • rat, mice and bird control with complete programs to stop entry and clean up all the mess and contamination
  • bee removal and honeycomb cleanup
  • gopher control
  • cockroach elimination
  • flies and fleas
  • landscape pruning and modifications
No other pest control company are licensed for both structural and landscape pest control - and is EcoWise Certified. We are. It's not simply a matter of licensing. It's a reflection of our training and broad focus on all your needs in and around your property and environment.

Andy Mendez - Hearts Pest Management Service Professional

Hearts Pest Management respects the uniqueness of Ramona and aspires to be a socially and environmentally responsible company for both Ramona residents and business owners.

Our Service Representatives in Ramona

Andy Mendez is a highly dedicated and responsible service representative of Hearts Pest Management.  He is consistently receives good reviews from customers. Hearts is happy to have Andy as part of the team!
Argentine Ants and Aphids

Argentine ants feeding on honeydew produced by aphids.

Ant Control in Ramona

Argentine Ants In Ramona, there are ants in the summer, ants in the fall, ants in the winter, and ants in the spring. Residents really are living on a big gigantic ant hill; one huge super colony of Argentine ants that stretches from Southern California and up into the northern regions. In the heat of summer, ants in Ramona are a constant nuisance invading homes on a daily basis. They are either looking for water and food (these ants prefer sweets) or running away from water when it rains, making their way indoors to dryer land.
Ramona back country roads

Dirt roads and rural areas mark Ramona's back country. Home for rats, mice, scorpions and other pests.

Ant Nests and Argentine QueensHearts Pest Management can identify and treat for Argentine ants with either traditional or organic methods. It’s important to know the kind of ant you are dealing with because for instance, eliminating Argentine worker ants doesn’t get rid of an infestation; Argentine ants have several queens in a colony and will make more worker ants to replace the ones that were eliminated. The most effective pest control and permanent solution is to find and treat the ant nest; queen Argentine ants must be exterminated to properly eradicate a colony. Hearts Service Professionals are experts at finding these ant nests and treating appropriately.
Argentine Ant Nest

Argentine Ant Nest

Rat and Mice Control

Rats and mice multiply very quickly; their urine and feces can cause health issues for you and your family. Just breathing in rodent urine and fecal matter through vents leads to diseases such as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.
Grease Rub

Dark, greasy-looking areas next to a hole or gap are called "grease rubs" - Evidence of rats going in and out of an access point.

If you have any broken screens, gaps, or holes in your roof, rodents can squeeze their way in and set up home in your attic or crawl space. Rats and mice leave behind marks called "grease rubs"; dark, greasy stains where they've been able to find their way indoors. See more about Rats and Mice on our main page. Hearts Pest Management offers free rodent inspections.We provide trapping, exclusion work (blocking off access points), and attic clean-outs.

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