View of the Twin Peaks, Poway, CA

View of Twin Peaks, Poway, CA

"Homegrown" Pest Control in Poway, CA

Many residents of Poway have the benefit of living in homes with mountain and canyon views but along with the natural habitat comes natural critters, scorpions, black and brown widow spiders, rats and mice and gophers, oh, and of course, ants. Ants in the summer, ants in the fall, winter and spring!

Hearts Pest Management is a family-owned company - right in your back yard, so to speak, providing both residents and businesses with exceptional service. Our technicians are caring towards both customers and the environment.

Ant Control in Poway

Let's talk ants ... ever wonder why your Do-It-Yourself methods don't work on those tiny little dark ants? Most likely, you're dealing with Argentine Ants. An invasive species that has taken over southern California.

Argentine ants search out protein as well as sweets.

Argentine ants are attracted to protein as well as sweets.

What makes this species so difficult to control? They have multiple queens. Once Argentine ants feel threatened (like when you squirt them with Windex or use borax), a queen will break away, taking some of the worker ants with her and start a new colony elsewhere on your property.

Hearts Pest Management Service Professionals are experts at identifying Argentine ants and other ant species, knowing when and what to treat them with to keep ant infestations at bay.

Some species prefer sweets while others like protein, and some eat both, depending on the time of year! We can help! Hearts has both traditional and/or organic products and methods for treating ants.

Gerry Weitz, Hearts Pest Management President and Owner - Hard at work!

Gerry Weitz, Hearts Pest Management President and Owner - Hard at work!

Meet Gerry

Hearts Pest Management is a Poway, family-owned pest control business.

Gerry's gopher problems brought him to contact Hearts Pest Management and the next thing you know, he purchased the company and it has been growing ever since.

Gopher Control

Gophers are notorious for destroying landscapes and often, very expensive plants! With regulatory changes to protect the public, fumigation is no longer available but we now have a variety of baits that work very well.

Pocket gopher

Pocket gopher

Business customers also experience gopher problems that Hearts can help control.

Business customers also experience gopher problems in their landscape.

We are also very clear with our customers that a maintenance gopher service is absolutely required.

Gophers reproduce several times per year and produce several pups each time. These new gophers will invade from neighboring fields and properties throughout the year.

Our job is to treat quickly to keep those numbers down. Hearts offers free gopher inspections to both residents and business owners. Check our page on Gophers and Squirrels for a more in depth discussion.

Rat and Mice Control

Broken screens are easy access points for rats and mice.

Broken screens are easy access points for rats and mice.

Rats and Mice multiply very quickly; their urine and feces can cause health issues for you and your family. Just breathing in rodent urine and fecal matter through vents leads to diseases such as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.

If you have any broken screens, gaps, or holes in your roof, rodents can squeeze their way in and set up home in your attic or crawl space. Rats and mice leave behind marks called "grease rubs"; dark, greasy stains where they've been able to find their way indoors.

Damage in attic by roof rats

Damage in an attic from rodents.

Hearts Pest Management provides free rodent inspections. We provide trapping and remediation, and clean-up. We also have a monthly rodent baiting service.

Going " Green " with Hearts Pest Management

Hearts can treat for ants with traditional and/or organic methods. Poway residents with young children and/or animals prefer our organic "Greenthumb" maintenance plan.

We can even provide a combination of organic on the inside and traditional, low impact on the outside, depending on the magnitude of the ant infestation and personal preferences. Please visit our main page on Green / Organic Pest Control and check out Gerry's video for more information on our green program.

Landscape Pest Control in Poway

Aphids are one of the most common and annoying landscape pest. They use their long slender mouthparts to pierce and suck out the fluids from the tender most part of your plants, usually the leaves, leaving (no pun intended) the leaves discolored.

Plus, the honeydew aphids emit attracts ants. In exchange for protection from predators, aphids allow the ants to “farm” them, herding them into areas where they can be protected. Treating for aphids equals fewer ants!

Ants are "farming" aphids to gain honeydew for their protection. On the same leaf is another landscape pest - a mealy bug.

Ants "farming" aphids to gain honeydew for their protection. On the same leaf is another landscape pest - a mealy bug.


Janet Mallory

The Hearts' technicians are always friendly, generous, and attentive to our needs. Thank you Gabriel.


Nick Moghadassi

They have been great to work with and very effective.


Linda Jerzy

I love the fact that I can count on the squirrels being gone after a treatment, as well as the earwigs. But if not performed on a regular basis they are back.

Common Landscape and Garden Pests that we treat include:

  • gophers and squirrels
  • aphids and mealy bugs
  • powdery mildew
  • scale
  • white fly and sooty mold
  • fleas
  • ants and spiders
  • springtails
  • rats and mice
  • earwigs
  • clover mites, spider mites, assorted mites

    David Lewis - Hearts Pest Management Field Service Technician

Hearts' Service Consultants

They don't just treat your property, they inspect it each service and will keep you apprised of any pest issues that is going on around your home.

We're glad David is on the Hearts team! He will help keep your property looking good and pest-free!

Bees and Wasps

Bees we care a lot about ... wasps, well maybe not so much, although, all living creatures are to be respected if not cherished.

They each and everyone have their job to do, even ants in eating decomposed matter and aerating the soil.

paper wasp on nests

European paper wasps in an open "umbrella" type nest. Hearts will remove the nest and stem so they don't come back!

Hearts will only treat a bee hive if it is on or in the home or close enough to pose a threat to your family.

Hearts will only treat a beehive if it is on or in the home or close enough to pose a threat to your family. We care about the welfare of our bee population.

Insects, spiders, and rodents, don't actually become "pests" until they begin entering the home and/or pose a threat to the health and well-being of your family. And, let's not forget some very important members of the family - our pets!

Honeycomb Clean-out

How many times has your dog stepped on a bee, only to be stung? Or became infested with pesky fleas from playing in the yard? We are specialists in bee eradication, exclusion to stop re-entry of bees to your home, and cleanup.

Honeycomb inside of a wall. This customer needed us to clean it out and block off the access points.

Honeycomb inside of a wall. This customer needed us to perform a clean -out and block off access points.

We do not take any pleasure in removing bees but it is sometimes necessary due to immediate hazard potential to humans and pets.

Sometimes honeybees are just swarming, this means they are resting, often for a couple of days, and then they move on. Never-the-less, we will inspect the situation, free-of-charge.

Spider Control

Black Widow Spider and her web.

Black Widow Spider and her web.

Black and Brown Widow spiders tend to make webs in undisturbed areas. Some of the places you'll find these spiders are:

Sheds, garages, wood and rock piles, under patio furniture, eaves, and other outdoor structures.

Close-up of a baby Orb-weaver spider - one of the "good" spiders

Close-up of a baby Orb-weaver spider - one of the "good" spiders.

Indoors, they hide in cluttered areas like garages, in and behind boxes, in corners of rooms, and in closets. When we do a spider treatment, we not only eliminate the spiders and their egg sacs, we also remove webs around the perimeter of the home (single story).

If you have a spider invasion, it's because you've got a lot of insects - spider food! Treating for spiders will also get rid of their food source.
Garden Orb-weavers, on the other hand, are beneficial for ridding your garden of pesky landscape pests.

Your service professional will leave these spiders out in the landscape to do their job, unless you want him/her to do otherwise.
Hearts Pest Management is an environmentally conscientious company. We treat when and where necessary with as little impact on the environment as possible.

We're just around the corner! Call us today at 858-486-1006 or 800-986-1006 and find out more about our GreenThumb program for organic pest control. Or, if you need a rodent inspection, we will schedule it - free-of-charge!

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