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Situated on a peninsula in the City of San Diego, Point Loma is a unique community with special pest control needs. Hearts Pest Management is pleased to provide exceptional pest control to the residents and business owners of Point Loma; from general household pests and rodent control to landscape pest management.

San Diego’s Point Loma, CA – So much to do and see!

Having a pest control company these days should require a level of thoughtfulness about nature and what pest control should and should not do.

For instance, many company use harsh pesticides and have no regard for many of nature’s fabulous beneficial insects. We do! At Hearts, we promote efforts to give back and teach about the beauty of our environment and the importance of all living creatures.

We do this by making sure all of our service professionals are EcoWise Certified in organic pest control and also practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management).

IPM methods entail using pesticide, be it traditional or organic, only where necessary and provide information to you, our customer, about preventative pest control.

Residential Pest Control in Point Loma

At Hearts, we have a variety of residential pest control services and maintenance plans.

If you’re concerned about pesticides around or inside of your home we have a green pest control plan tailored to your needs.

Our green program treats for general pests like ants and spiders using a variety of botanical oils.

The organic program does work best on a monthly maintenance plan, especially during spring and summer, with the option of switching to every other month during the winter.

However, if you feel every other month works best for you, no problem, you get to choose the frequency! Visit: Green / Organic Pest Control for more information.

At Hearts, we care about beneficial insects like this lovely lacewing. And, our technicians are EcoWise Certified!

Of course, we do have traditional pest control which means keeping children and animals away from the treated areas for a couple of hours.

Most of the time however, treatment is done when no one is at home and you’ll always get a reminder call that we’re coming out two days prior. This is so you can plan to keep your dog (s) inside that day.

We also offer follow-ups, should you all of a sudden wake up to an ant infestation inside your kitchen, free-of-charge!

Point Loma Landscape Pest Management

Our landscape pest control service keeps your flowers and plants looking healthy.

Landscape and Garden Pest Control is often necessary to keep your prized plants and shrubs from being overrun by damaging insects and/or pulled underground by gophers!

Hearts is licensed for both structural and landscape pest management; we provide landscape inspections in Point Loma free-of-charge!

Got aphids? If you see just a couple, look a little further, as in under the plant leaves and you’re sure to find more, much more!

Your plants might look ok at a glance but take a closer look under a few leaves and you may find a herd of aphids being corralled by ants.

Aphids cause discoloration of leaves, curling, and even loss of leaves. To survive, they get a little help from their friends – the ants.

Ants are considered indoor / outdoor pests because they cause indirect damage to plants by attracting and protecting aphids.

It’s an ant behavior called, “farming.”

Ants actually herd aphids underneath the leaves of a plant creating a sort of corral away from the eyes of predators. Hearts treats a variety of landscape pests from aphids to whitefly, fungus and mold, to rodents: gophers, rats, mice, and squirrels.

Lawn Pests: The damage caused by insects in your lawn is often mistaken for dog or other animal urine because it first appears as small yellow and brown, or dead spots. If not diagnosed correctly, these areas can quickly spread to cover larger areas of grass.

Crow looking for grubs

Crows are notorious for causing damage to lawns when digging for grubs.

Insects that inhabit the surface and subsoil of lawns will bring larger pests that damage the beauty of greenways as they dig for food. For example, if you have grubs, crows will dig them up and your grass too!

The most common insects that cause damage to lawns in California are white grubs, cutworms and armyworms, sod web worms, and billbugs.

These insects feed on different parts of grass and plants including the roots, crowns, and leaves.
When grubs feed on roots, it causes the grass to appear wilted and dry.

Kyle Stafford- Hearts Pest Management Field Representative


If you can easily pull out large chunks of grass with some soil attached, this is a good indication of a white grub problem.

Our lawn care pest professionals are here to help you with the identification, monitoring and treatment of white grubs, cutworms, armyworms, sodworms, pillbugs – any lawn and turf pest issue.

Rats are attracted to snails. We have snail control too!

Rodents: Gophers and Squirrels, Rats and Mice are also landscape pests and will tear up your yard in no time!

Rats and mice may start out as outdoor pests but soon can become indoor pests should they find a small hole or gap to chew through.

Did you know rats eat snails? If you have a lot of snails, you could be attracting rats! We provide full rodent services but first, we like to inspect your property to ensure we provide treatment plus preventative information on keeping rodents at bay.

Ant and Spider Control

Some ants prefer protein while other ant species like sweets.

Ant Control in Point Loma can be challenging, especially during the summer months but because Point Loma is on and near the ocean, you don’t get ants nearly as much as the hotter, inland areas like north and east San Diego.

An ant invasion in the kitchen often leads to people grabbing a can of Raid but doing so can often make the situation worse. Some ants respond better to bait than spray and some prefer protein over sweets.

Argentine ants have multiple queens so when you try do-it-yourself methods, one of the queens breaks off and starts a new colony elsewhere on your property. This is why it’s important to find the ant nest and treat it as well.

Spiders may seem creepy and a lot of people have a genuine fear of them but like all creatures, spiders have their place and a job to do. The large, intricate webs you see in your garden are made by Orb-weavers.

These amazing arachnids act as mini pest control agents, eating up insects that may otherwise damage your plants.

Western Spotted Orb-weaver

It’s the black and brown widow spiders that are of medical concern. In Point Loma, you may noticed more spiders than your inland neighbors. This is because of a spider behavior called, “ballooning.”

A baby spider climbs to a high place like a fence or tree branch. Then it lets out a line of silk. The wind from the ocean pulls the silk, and the spider is carried off into other areas of the neighborhood.

Despite the many eyes of a spider, it doesn’t see very well but can sense a disturbance, sometimes from the feel of their tiny body hairs and will only bite if threatened.

Still, because widow spiders hide and you never know where they may be, it’s a good idea to get rid of them by having a regular pest control service.

Hearts not only treats for spiders, we also remove any webs and egg sacs we find. Your service technician will provide preventative tips as well to keep spiders from entering your home. For more about spiders, visit our page on Spider Control.

Pest control, like any kind of business, is a joint venture between the company and the customer.  At Hearts, we like to consider it a relationship, hopefully long-term.  We want you to feel you are receiving the best service possible and by a company who really cares!

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