Pest Control in Pine Valley

Beautiful Pine Valley! Native chaparral and open fields leads to a variety of pests from rats and field mice to your typical ants and spiders.

Hearts Pest Management is now providing both traditional and organic pest control for Pine Valley residents and business owners.

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Going Green with Hearts Pest Management

All our service technicians are EcoWise Certified.

All our service technicians are EcoWise Certified.

Hearts is a leader in southern California in organic pest control and Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We don’t just treat, we inspect your property each visit and provide IPM solutions to prevent pests from coming inside your home.

One suggestion, by your service technician, may simply be to cut back plants and shrubs about twelve inches away from your house. This not only helps with ants but other bugs as well.

Our “Greenthumb” maintenance program is recommended on a monthly basis for Pine Valley residents. We do, however, have a bi-monthly service which some residents will switch to during winter. Either way, we will customize your pest control for you. You choose!

Climate and Pine Valley Pest Control

Pine Valley Snow

Pine Valley Snow

Pine Valley may have a Mediterranean climate but the temperatures can either be very high or low, depending on the time of year. And - it snows!

Extreme temperatures bring out a variety of pests from ants in search of water to rodents making their way indoors to get out of the cold and build their nest in attics and crawl spaces.
Hearts is experienced in dealing with all sorts of pests while at the same time, recognizing the importance of beneficial species. We target specific pests to keep them from entering your home.

Gopher Control in Pine Valley

Gophers can pose a physical threat should you step in a hole accidentally. If you have horses, keeping the land free of holes is important to keep them from stepping in and injuring themselves as well.

Residents in Pine Valley need to be careful of gopher holes that can cause injuries to horses.

Residents in Pine Valley need to be careful of gopher holes that can cause injuries to horses.

Gophers will destroy expensive plants and ruin your beautiful landscape.

We recommend a monthly maintenance program for gopher control. Hearts technicians not only treat for gophers but do regular inspections of your property and will keep you apprised of activity.

Pocket gophers create large holes and damage plants.

Pocket gophers create large holes and damage plants.

Ant and Spider Control

Ants: Don’t let a small ant problem turn into a great big one! We can help! Nothing’s worse than walking into one’s kitchen in the morning and finding the counter full of ants.

Argentine ants like sweets and proteins.

Argentine ants like sweets and proteins.

Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense, just random trails of ants going after who knows what? Doesn’t matter how clean you are, in southern California, we have ants year-round.

Hearts’ service technicians not only treat ants but search your property for nests and any trails leading up to your home. We have organic products that allow us to treat indoors when needed.

Spiders: In Pine Valley, you’ve probably noticed a lot of black and brown widow spiders. These two widows are a concern because both are toxic to humans and pets.

black and brown widows

Both like to hide. Hearts will make recommendations for keeping spiders out of your home, treat, and remove webs and egg sacs.

If there are a lot of spiders around and in your home it’s because you have many insects for them to eat. Treating the insects will cause spiders to look elsewhere for their meals.

Pest Control for Rats and Mice

Pine Valley has so much native chaparral and wildlife, it’s a great place to ride or hike but living near these open areas can be challenging when it comes to rats and mice.

Always looking for easier pickings, rats and mice will squeeze through tiny holes to come indoors in search of food and nesting places. Dog food is one of their favorites.

Deer mouse destroying furniture

This deer mouse may be cute but look at what it’s done to this upholstered chair inside the attic!

Keeping pet food and dry foods in tightly sealed containers will keep rodents from ruining and damaging your food.

Hearts Pest Management provides trapping, exclusion, and attic clean-outs for Pine Valley residents with rodent infestations. But first, we offer a free inspection. Your Hearts service technician will check where the rats or mice are getting in and make recommendations, providing a free estimate.

Hearts is a pest control company with a difference. Try us and see for yourself!

Call today for more information about our Greenthumb pest control program and ask about our free rodent inspections!

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