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Pacific Beach, CA

Did you know that if you live on the coast you have more spider issues than your inland neighbors? It’s true! The winds from the ocean currents blow young spiderlings and their webs into other neighborhoods and coastal towns!

Hearts is EcoWise Certified!

At Hearts, our Green / Organic Pest Control maintenance plan treats general pests such as earwigs, ants, spiders, water bugs, and outdoor fleas. Our products are both environmentally and pet friendly!

Pacific Beach Ant Control

Just when you thought you had those ants in the kitchen under control with your borax solution, another line appears in your bathroom. Why? Two words: Argentine Ants.

This species has more than one queen, several actually which makes them harder to control with Do-it-Yourself methods. One or more of the queens break away from the main colony and start another elsewhere on your property and/or in your walls. We can help!

Argentine ant receiving honeydew from an aphid.

Your Hearts Service Professional is an expert on identifying Argentine ants and other ant species. This also means that he/she is knowledgeable as to what kind of product will keep these South American invaders at bay. Ant Control

Besides sweets, the Argentine ant will eat meats, eggs, oils and fats. Also, when foraging for food, Argentine ants are very good about leaving pheromone trails everywhere they go; this lets their sister ants know where to find that piece of ham you dropped the night before.

Have you ever noticed ants on your plants? Check some of the leaves for aphids and if you’re sure to find ants underneath a leaf. The ants corral aphids onto the underside of leaves, away from predators. They do this in exchange for honeydew aphids emit from their rears!

Landscape Pest Control in Pacific Beach

We treat for leaf destroying landscape pests like these mealy bugs and aphids.

There are very few pest control companies licensed for landscape pest management. We are. At Hearts, we treat a variety of landscape pests from mealy bugs and scale insects to whiteflies, fungus and sooty mold, aphids and mosquitoes as well.

Many of these landscape pests can be treated with our green / organic landscape maintenance plan. Visit our main page to learn more at: Landscape and Garden Pest Control.

Spider Control in Coastal Towns

Spiders use the wind from the ocean to carry them to new feeding grounds – your porch!

For spider control, it’s important to know that spiders often hide especially black and brown widow spiders. We track down as many spiders as we can with each service.

If you live near the water, you may have noticed you have more spiders than your inland neighbors; this is because of a spider behavior called, “ballooning.”

In coastal towns like Pacific Beach, young spiderlings climb up high on a tree branch or fence, and then they let out a single strand of silk. The winds from the ocean currents carry them to neighboring homes, even towns!

Residential Pest Control in Pacific Beach

At Hearts Pest Management, we have a variety of Residential Pest Control services from general household pests including pantry pests to gophers, squirrels, rats and mice. We have created a very intensive rodent remediation service. Visit: Rats and Mice.

Rats and mice can cause a lot of damage to your home!

Our rodent control, under EcoWise guidelines, stops rats and mice from entering your home.

Depending on the infestation, our service includes a combination of trapping, exclusion (blocking access points), cleanup, and decontamination. All rodent inspections are free-of-charge!

At Hearts, we are committed to providing Pacific Beach residents with environmentally friendly pest control services.

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by Donna Walker

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