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Oceanside, CA

Hearts Pest Management Serving Oceanside with A Difference

Hearts Pest Management is kind of unique. While we do pest control - that means extermination - we still understand and act on the belief that we are in the people business.
It doesn't do any good to kill the pests if we create harm to families and pets. So we think differently. You have young families and we get it!

Certified Green Pest Control - 1st in Environmental Leadership

Hearts Pest Management is the first and only pest control service you can find in Southern California that is EcoWise Certification. You believe in high standards and so do we!

All of Hearts Pest Management Technicians are EcoWise Certified

All of Hearts Pest Management Technicians are EcoWise Certified

EcoWise is an Eco-certification developed by California government agencies, now managed jointly with the Bio-Intregral Resource Center.

Check our menu for "Organic / Green" and learn about our "Green Thumb" program.

Green means many different things to each of us. For that reason, the program is totally customized to meet your needs.

Military Discount - We Value Your Service to Our Country!

We know that many homeowners and renters in Oceanside are serving our country. We want to express our appreciation.

All military veterans receive a ten (10) percent discount for pest control services. Families with a member on active duty receive a fifteen (15) percent discount.

Invading Pests of Oceanside

Invasive pests are everywhere in Oceanside. Not only do you have all the typical southern California pests, but due to the extensive travel enjoyed or endured by Oceanside residents - you can have unusual and unwanted invading pests. We handle them!

Travel and Bed Bugs

You served the country and now bed bugs are serving themselves on you! You may have gotten them in Asia or Europe. Or you may have gotten them at a local hotel or motel while exploring America. We've been dealing with bed bugs for several years. We are up on the latest methods for monitoring and treating bed bugs.

Our technicians target specific pest problems.

Our technicians target specific pest problems.

Oceanside Residential Service for Home and Garden

Hearts offers general and organic service that covers pests that typically invade the home from your garden.
Unlike other services, we focus a lot of attention in the garden, before the pests enter.

That's why we carry both structural and landscape pest control licenses! That's the quality you get only with Hearts pest control technicians.

Control for Rats - Mice - Birds

In Oceanside you'll see beautiful homes and gardens. Commonly, homes have palms and vines that are spotted on the roofline. Trees and shrubs allow rats and mice seeking harborage to get into your house, rent free!

We also have created a very intensive rat/mice remediation service to stop rats and mice from entering, cleanup and decontamination under EcoWise guidelines. We highly recommend a maintenance program to reduce rodent population pressure on your property.

Seagull at Oceanside pier.

Seagull at Oceanside pier.


Oceanside experiences immense bird populations. Check out any place along the lagoon and by food establishments on the beachfront.
These birds, while helping to create a special coastal atmosphere we all love, create potential bird related contamination and health hazards.
Birds are unsanitary creatures. We love them but they don't love us when we let them get out of control.

Bee Hive Removal

As good and important as bees are, they can pose a serious and immediate danger when close to humans and pets.
We can help you with bee removal when you need it. We conduct bee extermination, exclusion to stop bees from coming inside and cleanup of honeycomb that can damage your home.

Oceanside Commercial Pest Services

Hearts Pest Management has designed services around the pest control needs of commercial establishments.
We work with restaurants, hotels and motels, office complexes, apartment and condo communities, HOA's. Any business that has sensitive customers turns to us - schools, day-care, senior centers, organic manufacturers, etc.

Hearts Pest Management practices IPM in child care centers to protect Hearts Pest Management regularly services childcare and preschool centers utilizing our Greenthumb maintenance program.

Landscape Pest Control

What do we do for landscapes?
We have hundreds of gopher control accounts!. We also provide pest control for aphids, white fly, powdery mildew and many other garden pests that spoil the look of your garden and the taste of your fruit.

Our Employees in Oceanside

Giant whiteflies on leaf

Giant Whitefly (Aleurodicus dugesii)

Jay Strassner, a Navy Veteran who served our country for eight years is a special edition to the Hearts Pest Management team.

Jay Strassner

Jay Strassner - Hearts Pest
Management Field
Representative and Veteran

Here are a couple of recent comments from our customers in regards to Jay's exceptional pest management and communication skills:

"We've been a customer of Hearts for several years and have had a few different technicians along the way but Jay has been so wonderful and is excellent at what he does that we want him to keep coming back. He is friendly and knowledgeable, providing great pest management service." - Ty K.

"We just finished receiving a service for ants and spiders. Jay was very helpful and honest. He answered all of my many questions, and was considerate of keeping my children and dog safe from the chemicals." - Adrianna G.

David Cole - Hearts Pest Management Field Representative and Supervisor

David Cole - Hearts Pest
Management Field
Representative and Supervisor

David Cole, is a San Diego native who has been in the pest control industry for 30 years, including 17 with his own company. He lives on the coast and frequently services the Oceanside / Carlsbad areas.

Dave is a long-time employee and supervisor of Hearts. Very knowledgeable and willing to share his expertise with customers.

Senior Discount for Pest Control

All seniors over 65 receive a 10 percent discount for pest control services!
Don't hesitate. Call now for a free inspection or general pest price service.

760-753-8008 or 800-986-1006

Please ask for your military or senior discount.

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