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Situated along the coast in San Diego County, is the City of La Jolla where sandy beaches, grassy knolls, and unique shops attract both visitors and residents alike.
Pest control can be challenging for coastal communities such as La Jolla; it seems as if spider webs are decorating doorways and eaves year-round!

Beautiful La Jolla, California

Green and Organic Pest Control is Here!

“Go Green” with Hearts Pest Management!

Hearts Pest Management has both traditional and organic “Green” solutions for pest control in La Jolla.
We are recognized for best practices in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and green formulated services by California’s E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency).

Our service professionals are EcoWise Certified, plus, we are licensed in both structural and landscape pest control.

Falling Star House atop UCSD

Hearts can treat general pests with organic applications with our "Greenthumb" program. This eliminates ants, spiders, earwigs, water bugs, and outdoor fleas.

Residential Pest Control in La Jolla

Spider Control

A young spiderling getting ready to migrate to new territory.

Living on the coast, you may have noticed a lot of spider webs that constantly need knocking down.
As soon as you do, more appear overnight. Here’s why; spiders have a behavior called “Ballooning” which takes them across town, even to the ships at sea!

Young spiderlings climb up high on a plant, tree, or fence, and then they release a single strand of thread that gets caught up in ocean current winds, sending these baby spiders sailing right into your own yard or porch.

Many spiders are harmless but their webs can be unsightly.
Hearts’ service technicians not only treat for spiders, they de-web and remove any egg sacs as well.

Ant Control

All year long, ants are a problem for southern Californians. During summertime, ants arrive in droves looking for water… now its winter and the ants are still making trails across your kitchen counter. …

Did you know that ants receive a honey-like substance from aphids in exchange for protection?

Ants come indoors looking for food and water or, they come inside to get away from the water – rain!
There is a huge colony of Argentine ants that stretches all along the coast of California and extends into nearby cities. Just like people who have come from afar to live in beautiful, sunny southern California, so have ants!

Now that you’ve used all the Windex and Borax, you’ve decided to call in the professionals; that’s where we can make a difference.
Hearts service professionals can identify Argentine ants and other ant species to determine the best treatment for that particular species. Some ants prefer sweets, others like protein. …

La Jolla’s Kellogg Park – Where ants like to picnic!

One of the reasons Do-It-Yourself methods don’t work on Argentine ants is because this species has more than one queen in a colony.
When threatened, a queen ant will break off from the original colony and start another one somewhere else on the property, doubling the infestation.

Ants do have their place outdoors to aerate the soil and eat decomposed matter but they become pests once they start coming indoors. It’s not just indoors where ants look for food. Ever notice a bunch of ants on the leaves of your plants?

Look closer at a leaf (usually on the underside) and you’ll see lots of aphids. Ants will “herd” aphids underneath a leaf to protect them from predators in exchange for honeydew the ants emit from their rears.
Hearts not only treats for ants but looks for the source and then treats the nest.

Landscape Pest Control in La Jolla

pink roses

Hearts will help you keep your roses pest-free and beautiful.

View our page on: Rose Care and Pest Control
Aphids, Whitefly, Mealy bugs, fungus, are just some of the pests that can ruin the look of your expensive landscape. We can help!
You won't find another pest control company where every employee is required to obtain both a structural AND a landscape license.

That's why we are so good at handling both indoor pests and garden pests that invade homes and businesses.

Gophers and Rodent Control

Gophers reproduce several times per year. These new gophers will invade your lawns and properties throughout the year.

Relax; let Hearts take care of those pesky pests!

Our job is to treat quickly to keep those numbers down. You’ve put a lot of money and time into your landscape; don’t let gopher holes ruin it!
Rodents are notorious for climbing onto roofs and into attics, especially some of the older La Jolla homes that have small cracks and crannies.

We provide rodent baiting and trapping as well as attic clean-outs when necessary.
Visit our page on rats and mice to learn more about what we offer in rodent control.

Commercial Pest Control in La Jolla

Hearts provides pest control for La Jolla restaurants, coffee shops, retail establishments, and more!
Many of our commercial customers opt for our Greenthumb maintenance plan to ensure the health of both employees and customers.

In the hospitality industry, a good name (and review) is important. Let us keep your pest problems under control so you can keep your good name!

Hearts provides pest control for restaurants, hotels, retail shops, and more!

Here are just a few of the types of commercial pests we treat:
Drain flies and gnats, roaches, bed bugs, ants, mice and rats, and water bugs - Call for a free inspection!
Let Hearts Pest Management take care of all your pest control needs.

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