Pest Control in Hidden Meadows

Pest Control in Hidden Meadows

Hidden Meadows, a rural community in Escondido, CA is a little bit country with beautiful homes set among rolling hills and natural habitat. Pest control can be challenging when your backyard includes fields of chaparral and local wildlife. A real estate ad would describe this home as “secluded in a natural setting” when in fact, it’s surrounded by natural “habitat” teeming with native plants and all kinds of potential pests! Bugs and rodents galore! Hearts Pest Management provides Hidden Meadows with a variety of pest management needs, including organic pest control!

Green Pest Control in Hidden Meadows

Hearts service professionals are EcoWise Certified in organic applications!

At Hearts, we believe in protecting you and your family, your pets, and the environment from harmful chemicals. For that reason, we practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management methods of alternate and preventative pest control) and Green / Organic Pest Control.
We target specific pests and are careful about flowering plants where honeybees and other pollinators frequent.
Our Green Thumb maintenance plant treats a variety of general pests and is designed to fit your lifestyle and budget. In Hidden Meadows, we recommend a monthly service however, some customers choose to switch to every other month during fall and winter. We’re flexible, you get to choose!

Ant and Spider Control in Hidden Meadows

Got Ants? We can help!

Warm inland temperatures or wet rainy weather, it doesn’t matter; ants will come a-marching indoors, despite your do-it-yourself methods. In southern California, we are sitting on top of one huge ant hill of Argentine ants, invaders from South America. This particular ant species seems to enjoy our weather so much that they’ve built a supercolony right in our own backyard, so-to-speak. Here in California, we have ant problems year-round, not just in summertime. Hearts Pest Managements’ service professionals are experts at identifying Argentine ants and other ant species such as Odorous House ants.

We search out black and brown widow spiders and remove egg sacs.

Ever squished an ant on the kitchen counter and got a whiff of what smelled like rotten coconut? That’s why these ants are referred to as “Odorous.” There are two spiders of medical importance in Hidden Meadows. The widows – Black and Brown Widow spiders. Both are toxic to humans and both like to hide. Have you noticed how Brown widows hang out under your patio furniture whereas Black widows tend to be in dark corners of the garage? We treat your garage, around the perimeter of your home, patio and if you turn your patio furniture on its side when you know we’re coming, we’ll even remove webs from under the chairs and tables.

Rats and mice quickly become pests when they make their way into your home or garage.

If you have a lot of spiders, it’s usually because you also have a lot of insects – a spider’s food source. We can help! For more information on different ant and spider species and how we treat, please visit our page on Ants and Spiders.

When Wildlife Become Pests in Hidden Meadow

Every living creature has its place and a roll to play, even ants. Ants help aerate our soil and eat decomposed matter, they also teach us social skills and how to get along. … Coyotes roam the hills and meander into yards – it was their territory first and in California, coyotes are protected by state law so it’s best to leave them be (rabbits are too, by the way).

Hidden Meadows is known for nightly coyote activity.

If you have small pets, well then, you do want to bring your pets indoors when the sun starts to go down.  There are too many stories of how a coyote got a hold of someones small dog or cat. ... The main wildlife issue from a pest control standpoint is with Rats and Mice, gophers, squirrels, and an occasional scorpion. Rodents such as Gophers and Squirrels tear up landscaped yards and undermine the foundation of your home. We have a monthly maintenance program to keep your property as rodent free as possible. This can be quite challenging to do on your own when you live next to natural habitat.

This home is a perfect example of how having a tree or a branch touching the roof gives easy access to roof rats – excellent climbers!

If rats, by chance, make their way into your crawl space or attic, we provide full rodent remediation which includes, if needed, trapping, exclusion (blocking of where they got in) and attic clean-out. Outdoors, we offer a rodent baiting plan or weekly trapping. Your service professional will discuss some preventative ways of rodent-proofing your home and property. Rats and squirrels are known to chew engine wires! If you have a problem with rodents of any kind, we will be happy to inspect, free-of-charge.

Landscape Pest Control in Hidden Meadows

Hearts Pest Management has both traditional and organic methods for eliminating many landscape pests. And, we provide free inspections!

Giant Whitefly on Leaf

You may have pests such as aphids and not even know it because they’re being corralled by ants underneath the leaves of your plants. Ants do this to protect aphids and other scale insects away from the eyes of predators. In exchange for protection, aphids provide ants a sweet liquid called honeydew. Here’s how it works: The ant strokes the aphid’s back and then the aphid releases a drop of honeydew.

Ground squirrels will destroy your landscape and create dangerous holes your family or pets may step in causing injuries to themselves.

Honeydew comes from the aphids’ rear-end; and it is what makes the leaves of your plants curl, change color, and fall off. Other landscape pests we are licensed to treat include a variety of insects such as whitefly and mealybugs, a variety of fungus, black sooty mold and of course, the larger landscape pests – gophers and squirrels.

There's a reason why we have the word "Heart" in Hearts Pest Management. Take it from the Llama - it's because we really do care!

Once you begin a pest management service, your service technician will discuss how preventative pest control can keep your garden and landscape looking healthy and beautiful. He or she will inspect each service and let you know of any changes that can be made, in your landscape, to prevent future pest problems. We offer free inspections and timely service for all Hidden Meadows residents. Please call for more information or to schedule an appointment at 800-986-1006. You can also fill out the form below and a caring Hearts Pest Management representative will get back to you shortly.
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