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Escondido Pest Control

Surrounded by mountains on three sides, with beautiful San Pasqual Valley and Lake Hodges to the south, the City of Escondido is constantly invaded by pests from these protected and untamed areas.

Escondido is considered the center of commerce and the major economic center for inland north San Diego County.  The City has a large urban and suburban population, plus a revitalized downtown district (check out Friday night’s Cruizin’ Grand!).

Escondido is also the hub of a still thriving agricultural landscape that surrounds the city.

Hearts Pest Management has built its' business by understanding the needs of all segments of the Escondido community, including those living on the outskirts in countryside.

Go “Green” the Hearts Pest Management Way!

Hearts makes approximately 2,000 pest control service calls and free pest control inspections per year in Escondido.

Green Pest Control is Here!

Interested in green pest control? You’ll be happy to know that Hearts Pest Management is the number one leader in organic pest control!

Our “Greenthumb” program, treats general pests without the worry of chemical exposure to your family or your pets.

Hearts’ Service Professionals are EcoWise Certified!

Check our menu for "Organic and Green Pest Control" and learn about our "Greenthumb" program: Organic Pest Control

Green means many different things to each of us. For that reason, the program is totally customized to meet your needs.

We offer monthly or bi-monthly maintenance plans at affordable prices. Need a follow-up in-between, especially during Escondido’s hot summer months? No problem and no charge!

The best time to eliminate a pest problem is now! Too often, we have found homes totally ravaged by pests that have not been driven away.

Felicita Park, Escondido, CA - Kumeyaay Prehistoric Village Site

Felicita Park - Escondido has an abundant of wildlife including rats and mice that enjoy its natural areas and local parks.

The reasons are simple:

1) You’re too busy to deal with them.

2) You get the "eibbie-jibbies" and can't stand to deal with them.

3) You know that they pose hazards and don't want to risk getting hurt or infected by them.

4) You are not physically able to reach them where they hide.

5) You have tried and thought it was hopeless.

6) You didn't want to pay to have it treated.

7) You had it treated and the pest company did not solve the recurring problem.

5) You’re concerned about chemicals (You don’t have to worry with organic!)

Hearts pest control service has comprehensive solutions for these problems!

Rats and mice get inside by finding small holes squeeze through.

Rat and Mice Control in Escondido

Lake Hodges changes in character from year to year. Pests are attracted to its' waters. Tall weeds, brush and other protective camouflage form in rainy years, while previously claimed pest harborage locations are destroyed.

Pests, such as rats, mice, bees, opossums, skunks, gophers, coyote and birds are attracted to the water supply and pushed out by receding dry land during rainy years.
Pest populations grow heavily in these years. Then in the drought years, these pest populations are desperately forced to find water, food and shelter elsewhere, often in people's homes.

The situation is no different in the mountains that surround Escondido. These mountains, covered in rich agricultural produce, primarily citrus and avocado, are a rich source of food for pests. Pest populations are always in search of water, food and safe haven from pest predators.

Hearts will help keep spiders and insects, rodents too, out of your home!

As the weather heats up and the landscape dries out, insects, rodents, and wildlife survival places unbearable demands that force pests to find water, food and safe haven in the homes of unsuspecting Escondido residents. Conversely, as temperatures drop, pests search for protection from the elements.

Many pests, such as rats and mice, tend to stay within a close of their nesting sites. Ideally, they will look to make a home, in a hidden and preferably a high location, away from predators but also close to food and water.

All it takes is an open vent, a crack under an eave, a rotted out doorway corner or an uncovered A/C duct to attract these pests. If there is a way in, pests will find it!

Honeybees are essential for pollinating our food crops. Hearts will only treat bee hives if they are very near or inside of the home.

Hearts has designed programs for those other pesky rodents, your gophers and squirrels invading from nearby mountains and canyons.

We provide Escondido residents and business owners inspections for rodents free-of-charge!

Bees and Wasps

When we think of bees, our minds usually turn to pollination. Most Escondido homes have beautiful orange and lemon trees, and other ornamentals, that bees love. The farmers of Escondido rely on bees to help increase their harvest.

We don't usually think of bees as thirsty critters, but they do in fact need abundant water sources, which they find from lakes and streams, but also the moist locations found in leaky irrigation boxes, irrigation line valves and ornamental fountains.

As much as we respect and admire bees, they lack the brainpower to distinguish between a house wall or attic and an old tree trunk. Same thing when it comes to wasps; paper wasps are notorious for building their hive under patio roofs. Yellowjackets tend to make their nest underground which can be dangerous if one accidentally steps on the nest.

Ants can be a nuisance year-round but especially during Escondido’s warm spring and hot summer months!

Hearts will remove bee hives, perform clean-up of honeycomb and remove wasp nests from your property. Ask for our free inspection!

Escondido Ant Invasion

It is not only the larger predators that co-exist with rodents, bees and birds, Argentine ants will ruthlessly pursue food sources found in your home or business.

When ants are unable to get their needs met by outdoor food sources, such as aphid honeydew on citrus trees, they'll begin invading your home for water and food.

If there are decomposing rats and mice in the attic, we often find ants feasting. They top off their dinner by tracking their little feet into the kitchen for water! Yuch!

Now you have a choice to “Go Green” for ant control. Hearts’ service professionals are experts at identifying Argentine ants and other ant species, locating the nest, and treating accordingly. With our Greenthumb program, you can even have the inside treated!

Hearts is able to treat for spiders with our “Greenthumb” program!

Creepy, Crawly Spiders

Black widows, native to the environment, feast on the vast insect populations of Escondido.

We often receive calls about the brown recluse spider. Rest assured, the brown recluse spider is not found in California.

Hearts Pest Management has developed extensive pest control specialties that eliminate all these pests. More importantly, we will create pest barriers so they will not re-enter.

Brown widow spiders are an invasive species which is vastly displacing black widows. Brown widows are less poisonous than black widows but are still toxic to humans.
Your service professional will hunt down widow spiders and destroy any webs and egg sacs he/she is able to find.

It's important to put trash in the dumpsters to keep rats and other pests from nesting.

Commercial Pest Control in Escondido

Urban Escondido has older shopping districts; food stands and establishments are not always well inspected.

Apartment buildings often have frequent turnovers of tenants that may have been accustomed to living with roaches.

The smart Escondido landlord will turn to a pest control professional to maintain the property on a regular basis.

Property managers turn to Hearts pest control service for comprehensive solutions that will increase property value and create good landlord-tenant relations.
Restaurants owners have concerns about pest control as well. At Hearts, we provide restaurants with pest control for roaches, rats and mice, pantry pests, dumpster protection, and general pests.

Aphids are a problem for roses and other ornamentals.

Having a good pest control company to keep your business free of pests is very important in this day and age of online reviews. No business wants to see a write-up from a customer about a frozen roach in a glass of ice water! We can help!

Read more about our commercial pest control services offered by Hearts Pest Management: Escondido Commercial Pest Control

Controlling Landscape Pests

We treat a variety of landscape pests from gophers and squirrels to aphids, white fly, powdery mildew and many other garden pests that spoil the look of your garden and steal your fruit.

Our service professionals will inspect free-of-charge and make recommendations for treating plant fungus, scale insects, sooty mold, mealy bugs, snails, and other plant pests.

Visit our page on Escondido Landscape / Garden Pest Controlfor more information on different landscape pests and prevention.

A Company with Heart

Donna Walker

Donna Walker volunteers as a trail guide for Escondido's Elfin Forest in Harmony Grove.

Hearts Pest Management is fortunate to service the City of Escondido.
Let us demonstrate just what a socially, and environmentally responsible, pest control company can do – differently, and better, for you and your neighbors.

We even have a naturalist on board to write about organic pest control and beneficial insects!

Call today for more information or to schedule a service. Ask about our free inspections. You're also welcome to complete the form below and a caring Hearts Pest Management representative will contact you shortly.



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