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Sandy beaches, perfect weather, blooming flowers, coastal bluffs, and beautiful lagoons make this “Village by the Sea” a wonderful place to live, work, and play. But, if you live or work in Carlsbad, you know pests enjoy the city’s amenities as well!

Hearts Pest Management is pleased to provide both traditional and “Green” pest control for Carlsbad residents and business owners.

Carlsbad Flower Fields

Protected wildlife sanctuaries in Carlsbad are home to rats and mice that often wander into neighborhoods in search of food and shelter…not to mention gophers tearing up your lawn and expensive plants!

Certified Green Pest Control - 1st in Environmental Leadership

You’ll be glad to know there is a pest control company around town that can help. Not just any pest control company but one that has the welfare of your family, pets, and the environment in mind when addressing and treating pest issues.

We are Hearts Pest Management.Hearts IPM certificate

"Green" means many different things to each of us. For that reason, the program is totally customized to meet your needs. We strive to minimize pest problems and exposure to pesticides. Your Hearts professional will provide IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solutions for keeping pests at bay.

Practicing IPM may be something simple like caulking a crack in a baseboard or trimming bushes back a bit. Besides treating your home for pests, your service professional will be there to share his or her knowledge and answer any questions you may to ensure your home is as pest-free as possible.

Hearts was the first pest control company in southern California to achieve EcoWise Certification, an Eco-certification jointly created by California environmentalists and government agencies, now under the guidance of the Bio-Intregral Resource Center.

Through our support of this organization, our pest control company continues its' full commitment to environmental stewardship and green industry leadership.

Enjoy your lovely beach along Carlsbad's walkway and let us take control of those pesky pests!

Our green pest control service called "Greenthumb" is under the guidelines of the EcoWise program, with a heavy emphasis on organic and other reduced risk non-repellent products and baits. We tailor the specific pest control components (some may not involve pesticides at all) to fit your unique situation and requirements.

Check our page on "Organic / Green Pest Control" and learn about our "Greenthumb" program.

Carlsbad - home to Invasive Pests

Overlooking the Lagoon in Carlsbad, CA

Carlsbad has many invasive pests - especially from Argentine ants that plague all Carlsbad homeowners, to a very large rat and mouse population that travel through the canyons and enjoy the local restaurants.

If you live in Carlsbad, you probably prefer a walk on the beach rather than be at home fighting an ant invasion! Just when you think you have the ants under control, another outbreak occurs. We can help!

Hearts service professionals are very knowledgeable on different ant species. This is important because not all ants respond to the same treatment. Go on, go for that walk and let us take care of your pest control problems!

Hearts treats a variety of landscape pests. Did you know that aphids attract ants?

Ant and Spider Control

An ant invasion in the kitchen often leads to people grabbing a can of Raid but doing so can create an ant nightmare! More will come. …

Some ants, Argentine ants for instance, have multiple queens so when they see the Raid can or Borax mixture you’ve created, one or more of the queens will break away and start new colonies elsewhere on the property and in your home.

It takes a professional to get rid of these ants. Hearts service technicians will search out Argentine ant trails, find the nests, and then get rid of the queens.

Certain ant species respond to different types of treatment. For some, baiting rather than spray works best. Other factors to consider, when treating for ants, are the type of food they are most attracted to. Some like sweets; others prefer protein, even grease!

Our service professionals are knowledgeable in all ant species and how to treat according to the type of ant and its food preference. We know how to get rid of ants!

Spiders: Black and Brown widow spiders are notorious for hiding in and under things. These are the two spiders of medical importance; both are toxic to humans.

Black and Brown widows create messy webs and hide in dark corners or under things, like patio furniture.

Hearts Pest Management treats for spiders and removes webs and egg sacs around the perimeter of the home (the first level). Most spiders don’t mean to bite … they get scared too. Spiders only bite if they feel threatened but then, you’re probably not concerned with how the spider is feeling!

Our residential service includes treatment for the outside perimeter, garage, and inside the home when needed. We do our best to keep spiders at bay but remember spiders tend to hide, making it difficult to get to every single one of them.

If you feel you have a lot of spiders, it’s because you have a lot of insects – a spider’s food source. Over time, you’ll see less and less as we treat both the insects and the spiders.

Carlsbad Landscape and Garden Pests

Carlsbad homes and gardens are stunning, with lush gardens. We often encounter large palms and vines overgrowing walls and roof lines. These trees and shrubs act as launching pads for rats and mice seeking harborage to breed and store food away from predators.

Let's change this before it gets worse! Ants and spiders move as fast, if not faster than rodents along these welcome mats for pests.

Pests are everywhere in Carlsbad, and your garden landscape is no exception. Our landscape pest control service may be just the right thing for home and garden. Here are just a few of the landscape pests we treat:

Another great pest control service to maintain an attractive garden and turf is gopher control. Gophers breed year round. Only year round gopher maintenance will keep them from ruining your garden.

Pocket gophers may be cute but they will tear up a yard in no time; plus holes in the ground can become a safety hazard for young children.

A Word on Birds: Carlsbad is home to large migratory and permanent bird populations, especially due to the local lagoon and food sources by the beach.

The birds, while helping to create a special coastal atmosphere we all love, create a potential bird related contamination to our homes with associated health risks and sanitary mess, not to mention, a possible mite infestation.

Carlsbad Commercial Pest Services

Perhaps you´ve seen us around town already; we provide Commercial Pest Control- for general pests including rodent and cockroach pest control services for boutiques, inns, and restaurants.

Hearts provides commercial pest control for a variety of businesses.

We enjoy Carlsbad for its lovely homes, the coastal highway commercial strip and its' many recreational opportunities.

If hospitality is your business, Hearts Pest Management will be a team-player that will help your establishment continues to profit both monetarily and in customer reviews.

Having a reliable pest control service demonstrates ownership responsibility. If your restaurant is dealing with ants, roaches, flies, mice, gnats. We can help!

Plus, while many commercial pest control customers are simply concerned about keeping pests away and ask us to use standard products, we always apply techniques that get it done without noxious odors or complaints.

We provide Carlsbad business owners with free commercial inspections and help you choose a plan that best suit your needs.

Pest Control Service - Employees Make a Difference

David Cole - Hearts Pest Management Field Representative and Supervisor

You will be very pleasantly surprised with the knowledge and skills of our pest control employees and the environmentalist spirit and gentleness with which we do a very tough job, so as to protect you and your family, while attempting our best not to disturb positive elements in the environment.

David Cole, lives in Carlsbad and is a native to San Diego, he came to us with 30 years of experience, 17 of those years he had his own company in Arizona. Ask any question about a pest, Dave will be able to answer it!

Call us today for a free inspection or general pest price quote at 800-986-1006. Refer a friend and receive a Starbucks gift card!


Bed Bug Extermination

Last, but not least, a new problem is surfacing in Carlsbad. Bed bugs.

Bed Bug Bites

While Carlsbad is not an international arrival point or a place where many people congregate and spread bed bugs, there are many young executives and entrepreneurs in Carlsbad who bring home bedbugs from their world travels.

Students also may get bed bugs while traveling or while on campus. Call us for comprehensive bed bug extermination.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide pest control service in Carlsbad. We appreciate the trust you have placed in Hearts Pest Management.

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