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Hearts Pest Management respects the uniqueness of Bonsall, CA and aspires to be a socially and environmentally responsible company for both Bonsall’s residents and business owners. We are southern California’s leader in Green / Organic pest control!

Bonsall, CA – River Village Plaza

The City of Bonsall is situated among rolling hills of natural habitat where a plethora of insects and wildlife abide. Hearts believes all wildlife, including insects, have their place and do wonderful things for the environment but when ants or mice, or even bees start coming indoors, they quickly become pests!

EcoWise Certified

Hearts' service professionals are EcoWise Certified!

Take a look at some of the pest control services we offer in Bonsall:

Just to name a few!

Let us help keep your home and landscape pest-free!


Going "Green" with Hearts

Besides providing Green Pest Control, our service professionals practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management), in other words, we don’t treat willy-nilly.

At Hearts, we target specific pests and are careful about flowering plants where honeybees and other pollinators frequent.

For our Greenthumb and organic pest control program in Bonsall, we recommend a monthly service but we're flexible; you can also choose every other month, it's up to you.

Many of our customers prefer monthly during spring and summer than switch to winter bi-monthly come October.

Ant Control in Bonsall

Hearts Service Professionals are experts at controlling ants.

High temperatures and rainy weather, doesn’t matter which, ants march indoors despite your do-it-yourself treatment attempts. One of the reasons is because of the type of ants. ...

Most likely the infestations is of Argentine ants, invaders from South America. This particular species has multiple queens.

When feeling threatened, one queen will break away from the colony and start another one elsewhere on your property.

We can help! Our service professionals are knowledgeable in different ant species and the best treatment to control these ants.

Gotcha! Female Black Widow caught by one of our service technicians.

Spider Control in Bonsall

Spiders giving you the heebie-jeebies? It's the black and brown widow spiders one should really be concerned about because they are toxic to humans.

Hearts will search out widow spiders and destroy their webs and egg sacs.

Many spiders around the home is a telltale sign you have a lot of insects - spider food. Over time, you'll see less and less spiders with proper pest control.

Rat and Mice Control

Roof rats are great climbers; trees near or touching the roof give them easy access to your attic or crawl space.

Open areas of natural habitat creates a bigger change of rats and mice finding their way into your home. If you hear noises in the attic or the walls, there’s a good chance you have rats.

Rats and mice carry disease that can be transmitted to humans just by breathing in the smell of their urine or feces through air vents.

An infestation of rats or mice is something you don’t want to let continue, otherwise, it can become a real health hazard.

Hearts provides trapping and remediation, exclusions (blocking off any entry points where the mice or rats have got inside), and attic clean-out. We provide rodent inspections in Bonsall, free-of-charge!

Aphids not only cause damage to plants and shrubs, they attract ants!

Landscape Pest Management

Aphids are green in color, depending on the species, with long slender mouthparts that they use to pierce and suck out the fluids from tender parts of a plant, usually the leaves.

Large populations of aphids will cause leaves to discolor, turning them yellowish-brown.

Another way plants are damaged by aphids is from the honeydew an aphid emits from its rear.

Honeydew is a sticky substance that causes black, sooty-looking fungus, to grow on the leaves and stems of plants.

At Hearts, we are able to treat a variety of landscape pests from aphids and mealybugs, to whiteflies and fungus. Landscape inspections are also free!

Please call today for more information or to schedule a service. Ask about our free inspections. You're also welcome to complete the form below and a caring Hearts Pest Management representative will contact you shortly.

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