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We encourage you to explore the wide variety of pest control services offered by Hearts Pest Management in Bonita. We are a growing and distinguished pest control company in Bonita, recognized in the news for best practices and noted for Innovative Pest Management through California's EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Pest Control Customized to Local Micro-climates

EcoWise Certified

Our service professionals are EcoWise Certified in organic pest control.

We will customize your pest control service to fill your unique needs. Factors reviewed include the regional and local micro-climates in Bonita, CA.

Ants are year-round pests but are especially problematic after a heat wave or a few days of rain. We can help!

As you review the pest control services we offer, we will together review how local conditions impact the efficacy of service. Bonita is a coastal town that transitions to inland temperatures mile-by-mile.

On the coastal side of Bonita, where temperatures are moderate, consider bi-monthly service. For our Greenthumb organic pest control plan in Bonita, we recommend a monthly service with a cutback to bi-monthly winter service.

Surrounding landscapes may alter our recommendation. Budgets do vary. Your location in Bonita is only one of many factors we will consider.
For those living or working more inland, where temperatures can become heat intensive, our general recommendation is monthly service, but highly manicured, low maintenance landscapes often do well on bi-monthly service.

For our Greenthumb organic plan in Bonita, we recommend a monthly service. You can learn more about organic pest control on our main page: Green / Organic Pest Control

Pest Control Customized to Your Budget and Scheduling Preferences

Letter from a very satisfied customer regarding our service professional David Rutkes.

Hearts Pest Management EPA Award

We know that budgets vary. Residence or employment in Bonita is just one factor we will review with you when choosing a plan.
Pease visit our page on Residential Pest Control for more information on residential services.
Our pest control customers value the variety of schedules and services we offer.

Pest Control for Assorted Pests and Green Certified Pest Control

The standard pest control service covers ants, spiders, earwigs and many other nuisance insects. For those with special needs or concerns, we have our certified green pest control service with organic and other low-impact options.

You can find complete solutions for rat and mice, and all the mess and cleanup with rat and mice infestations.
We are certified for bee and honeycomb removal, including Africanized honey bees.

Hearts treats for a variety of landscape pests from gophers to scale insects.

Landscape Pest Control - Garden Pest Control

We offer a vast variety of landscape pest control services from gophers and squirrels, to tree and shrub pest treatments and weed abatement.

Garden pest control cannot be avoided to keep your Southern California garden looking great and for keeping those garden and landscape pests from entering your home. Only a company with both structural and landscape pest control licenses can make that happen.

Hearts Pest Management respects the uniqueness of this city and aspires to be a socially and environmentally responsible company in Bonita.

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Please enjoy the local Bonita local service information provided for your area.

Bonita, as the name implies, is a beautiful community of mostly residential properties and assorted commercial properties. Every home and business in this town faces strong potential for pest problems from ants and spiders, bees and birds, rats and mice, gophers and squirrels. These and other pests are frequent visitors. Bonita is considered an older community for San Diego, with structures that may need some repairs that might otherwise stop pest entry. We can stop pest entry and eliminate pests, while protecting your family.  


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Torrance Reviews

Stacy Anderson

Great first impression. I am looking forward to the gopher , spider and ant service. Thank you.

Torrance, CA
April 8, 2019

Joshua B.

We’ve been using Hearts Pest Management for just over a year to help manage our spider issues (on a quarterly basis) and we’re very happy with the service. John H. is our normal technician and he’s been great to work with – he always makes sure to de-web the exterior and has always provided great recommendations including some of their “green” products.

Torrance, Ca.
March 26, 2019