Alpine Pest Control

Alpine, CA is surrounded by the Cleveland National Forest and the Cuyamaca Mountains where temperatures fluctuate from dry and heat intensive summer days to cold winter evenings. Such temperatures can bring about a variety of pests!

Palo Verde Lake in Alpine, CA.

You may have seen our trucks around Alpine, the ones that have a heart on them. That’s us, Hearts Pest Management!
Why choose Hearts for your pest control needs? Because not only do we care about our Alpine customers, we care about the environment as well.
We truly are – a company with “heart.”

Hearts service professionals are EcoWise Certified!

Practicing Integrated Pest Management in Alpine

Our service professionals practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM), in other words, we don’t spray willy-nilly; we treat for specific pests and use the least amount of chemicals to get the job done.

We also provide IPM solutions such as cutting back plants and shrubs, a few inches from your home, to keep out mice and insects and spiders, etc.
Our Greenthumb program treats a variety of general pests and is designed to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Some of our Alpine customers choose to have monthly service during spring and summer, and then switch to every other month during fall and winter. We’re flexible!

Residential Pest Control in Alpine

Home in Alpine surrounded by lots of foliage and chaparral – pest paradise!

Many homes in Alpine are surrounded by native chaparral and local wildlife; this can make it challenging when it comes to pest control.
Mice, rats, scorpions, spiders and insects, make their way indoors where they quickly become pests.

Hearts believes all living creatures have their place but when it comes to making your casa their casa, it’s time for them to go!
To learn more about what we have to offer, visit our page on Residential Pest Control.

Alpine Spider Control

Brown Widow with her spiky egg sacs and orange hourglass.

Black Widow spider with red hourglass.

Black and Brown widow spiders are notorious for hiding in and under things.
These are the two spiders of medical importance; both are toxic to humans, the Black widow more so than the Brown widow.

Hearts Pest Management treats for spiders and removes webs and egg sacs around the perimeter of your home up to the first level.

Ant Control in Alpine

Argentine ants are difficult to control with do-it-yourself methods.

High temperatures and rainy weather, doesn’t matter which, ants will come marching indoors despite your do-it-yourself treatment attempts. One of the reasons is because of the type of ant that’s causing an infestation.

Argentine ants have invaded southern California, creating one of three supercolonies. This species is hard to control with do-it-yourself methods because unlike most ant species that have just one queen, Argentine ants have multiple queens.

When feeling threatened, a queen will break away from the colony and start another one elsewhere on your property.

Hearts Pest Management – A Company with Heart!

Hearts service professionals are trained in identifying different types of ants and will treat according to what works best for that particular ant species.
Besides treating the existing ants, your Hearts professional will search out the source of the ants and find their nests!
Here are some of the services we offer residential customers in Alpine:


  • Home Invading Insects - ants, spiders, earwigs, crickets, and other home invading insects plus
    fleas and ticks.


  • Landscape pests - organics are available for the garden too!
  • Rats and Mice - Trapping, "Exclusion" to stop entry, total clean up and restoration available.
  • Gophers and Squirrels
  • Cockroaches
  • Hive and Honeycomb Removal (Inside attic or within 100 ft. of a home)
  • Mites and Parasites. (Most all rodents and birds have them!)
  • Bed Bug Control - reduced pesticide approaches available.
  • Wasp Treatment and Nest Removal

Rat and Mice Control in Alpine

Roof rats are excellent climbers.

Open areas of natural habitat means more chances of rats and mice finding their way indoors. If you hear noises in the attic or the walls, there’s a good chance you have rats.

Rats and mice carry disease that can be transmitted to humans just by breathing in the smell of their urine or feces through air vents. An infestation is something you don’t want to let continue, otherwise, it can become a real health hazard.

Hearts provides trapping and remediation, exclusions (blocking off any entry points where the mice or rats have got inside), and attic clean-out. We provide rodent inspections free-of-charge!

Please call today for more information about our available services and/or to schedule an appointment. Ask about our free inspections!


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