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Certified Green Pest
Control in San Diego

Pest control in San Diego has needed rethinking and innovation.

Hearts Pest Management brings a new style of pest control - including government certified green and organic pest control for invading ants, spiders and other insects. Many of the products we use are OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed products!

San Diego is where we began providing pest control.

It is where we grew and matured as a regional pest control company, learning from our customers and competitors - and, where we first brought totally new ideas to how pest control should be done in the 21st Century.

Our company was the 1st pest control service in San Diego to be EcoWise Certified and proud to be have been green checked by the Sierra Club.

Take a moment to hear our story

and our satisfied San Diego pest control customers share their year over year satisfaction with Hearts Pest Management.

Eco Wise

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Our pest control services are tailored to the San Diego community and unique micro-climates that impact your pest control plan. Each canyon and hillside has variations in temperature, humidity and pest habitats that impact pest control done in San Diego.

EcoWise Certified

Hearts Pest Management became the 1st southern California pest control company to receive certification from EcoWise Certified.

This government organization was established to train pest control companies to apply pesticides only after careful consideration to environmental impacts.
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Residential Pest Control in San Diego

San Diego gardens are beautiful, but garden pest control can be a challenge.

It is not uncommon for neighbors to peek over a fence to investigate pest control services being conducted. It is not uncommon for neighbors to peek over a fence to investigate pest control services being conducted.
How do our pest control technicians differ from the average technician?

Our pest control technicians are trained to be consultants. While 80% of the job may be routine, it is the other 20% that allows them to distinguish themselves from the average exterminator.

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Commercial Pest Control in San Diego

Discover how we manage pests in commercial environments, from office complexes and the local HOA to sensitive environments, such as research facilities, residential treatment centers, or your local restaurant.

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Landscape Pest Control in San Diego

View our page on:Rose Care and Pest Control

You won't find another pest control company where every employee is required to obtain both a structural AND a landscape license.
white-rosekopie Your Hearts Pest Management Consultant will help keep your roses looking beautiful and pest-free.

That's why we are so good at handling pests in the garden and garden pests that invade homes and businesses.gardenpestcontrolinsandiego1 Your Hearts pest control "consulting technician" is trained to do more than spray and go. He, or she, is trained in many pest control specialties:

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Organic Pest Control in San Diego

Hearts is the only San Diego based pest control company that displays both the EcoSmart and EcoWise symbols. Hearts Pest Management became the 1st southern California pest control company to receive certification from EcoWise Certified.

Client Reviews


Read what others have to say about Hearts Pest Management:

Philip E. Abel

We just had our first visit, from our new technician from Hearts Pest Management, and I must say he is, without a doubt, the best tech we have had to date. His name is Luis, and he did a fabulous job, from introducing himself, and doing a thorough job of treating our property. They are

San Diego, CA

Barbara Gowen

We had Heart’s come out to rid our attic of rats and close off access. David set the traps throughout the attic, not just at the opening and then came out 3 different times that week to remove trapped rats. He was very knowledgeable and informed about how to best get rid of the problem.

San Diego, CA

Tammy Kelley

Speedy response and appointment. We were overwhelmed with ants and needed help. Nothing was working and it needed to end. Next day Jay came out and after reviewing property and pests he was able to get rid of them. We haven’t seen an uninvited guest since. The fact that they care about the environment and

San Diego, CA

Robert Guilfoyle

Hearts has been our pest control service provider for over 10 years. They offer many “green” options as well as humane methods to eradicate pests. I highly recommend Hearts Pest Control.

San Diego, Ca

Brandon and Dana Black

Always responsive, always professional and takes care of any pest problems we’ve had for over 10+ years! Thanks for your service!

San Diego, CA

Garrett Dean

I always get a notice that the serviceman is coming a day prior. The service person shows up and takes care of business quickly, efficiently, and is happy answer any questions I have. I have no problems with insects or other pests.

San Diego, CA

Gregory Mednick

Excellent service by Hearts Pest Technician David. We had a bad flea problem in our outdoor living area & were unable to use this part of our home. David corrected the problem, even though it took a few treatments due to the infestation. We are now using Hearts on a regular maintenance program to ensure

San Diego, CA

Monica Johnson

I first contacted Hearts Pest due to an indoor house cricket issue. They handled it well and now come once a month . No indoor pests. The technicians are courteous, thorough and unobtrusive, I recommend their service.

San Diego, CA 92128

Ms. H

Hearts is Eco-wise certified and offers safer, organic products and solutions. They have an amazing staff who take their time to assess and correct the problem and also give you suggestions and advice. They take their time- NOT just “splash and dash” a bunch of toxic chemicals all over. I found out that they are

San Diego, CA

Brianne Vangorder

We haven’t had any ants since you treated our home.

San Diego, CA

Megan Kajitani

We’ve had a tricky case of tiny, relentless ants and David and the others at Hearts have been so gracious and generous in coming back and checking in to make sure the green treatments were effective. I so appreciate the warm customer service and follow-up—as well as the green option, which is why I called

San Diego, CA

Jim Carroll

A Technician showed up the same day. We were very pleased that we could get service almost immediately to deal with a disgusting and distressing and expensive problem that seemed to pop up overnight. We were relieved that Hearts Pest Management consultation was friendly and informative. We resolved our rat problem in the garage and

San Diego, CA
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Pest Behavior & Solutions

A leader in "Green" Pest Control
- A company with "Heart"

EcoSmart products are beginning to take hold in the industry, but we also use other products with minimum-risk" and "reduced-risk" labels from companies such as Nissus.

We are constantly checking new products listed with OMRI labels (Organic Materials Resource Institute)

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Ants & Spiders

"We live on one gigantic ant hill!" Ants are a year round pest, entering homes and businesses in search of water, sugars or proteins.

Many homeowners attempt DIY ant control until they realize ant control is a never-ending and messy job, often without results. Do you really want to tackle ants and spiders when you wake up in the morning? Hearts has a pest control service that was designed for San Diego homes, businesses and landscapes.

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Bee Control

Our company offers comprehensive control of bees, including removal of the hive and honeycomb from structures in which they are living, such at attics and wall voids.

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Mice & Rat Control

Even in San Diego it is possible to control Mice and rats. We offer a very comprehensive rodent control service, start to finish, trapping, baiting (exterior only), complete exclusion to eliminate access.

We are one of very few companies in San Diego that actually clean up, decontaminate and restore areas damaged by rats and mice, without subcontractors.

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Bed Bug Control

Our technicians have received formal training and have had lots of experience in home and commercials environments battling the "pest of the 21st century," bed bugs, that are invading San Diego and every other cosmopolitan city with a fervor.

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Gopher Control

Gopher control can be easy when you call a pest control company with the proper landscape license and access to restricted products that are designed to use by a professional.

We also have lowing toxicity risk products available. Finally, it takes a good, observant technician to find and treat all the required areas to maximize control.

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We combine our expertise in bird control with our experience in exclusion and decontamination for a complete solution from bird damage (click above or on images to view our page on birds).

We will take all the time that is required, all the safety precautions required, all the communication required, to get the most messy, most upsetting, most emotionally troubling pest control jobs done with excellent results and customer satisfaction.

Preserving the environment is paramount. We can often protect your environment from pests while reducing or eliminating pesticide previously used or abused.

Learn more about how we hire, train and care for our technicians and you will understand why they are the best!

We look forward to your call: 800-986-1006

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Free Pest Control Inspections in San Diego

We provide free inspections in San Diego for complex pest control situations caused by:

We help those with infestation issues arising from hoarding.
We have complete pest control solutions you expect from professionals that inspect,
consult and educate.

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