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Pest control in Orange County changed forever and for the better when Gerry Weitz purchased a small company called Hearts Pest Management. Unlike most pest control companies with inbred industry management, Gerry brought external expertise, passion and compassion from years of human resources and technology management with Fortune 50 companies.

This outside-the-box pest control evolved into an innovative and environmentally focused certified green pest control business practice.

Video Testimonial Reviews and Hearts Pest Management Profile

Shortcut to what Hearts Pest Management is really about by listening to our pest control company profile video, with reviews by three of our pest control company customers from coastal, inland and commercial settings.

Hearts believes that by providing superior training and benefits, its’ “consulting pest control technicians” will rise to the occasion. Advanced education and certification, including green pest control certification is mandatory far beyond industry standards. We even subsidize 50% of higher education. We want to be known as great communicators and we invest in our employees to be sure they communicate well.

Learn more about how we hire, train and care for our pest control staff, and you will understand why they are the best!

Hearts provides full-feature customized and green pest control solutions. We do not treat all our customers the same. Just the opposite is true. You are all unique and special in your own right.

Hearts Pest Management is the 1st EcoWiseCertified company in southern California. We are at the leading edge of integrated pest management and organic pest control. Hearts Pest Management is THE pest control company that Orange County needs for the 21st century.

Hearts IPM certificate
1st EcoWise Certification in Southern

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Orange County is a vast region with diverse landscapes and micro-climates. Each canyon and hillside has variations in temperature, humidity and pest habitats that factor into pest control.

Specific communities have unique problems due to business, culture, population density and generational mix. Coastal communities such as Newport Beach and Laguna Beach have very different problems from more congested coastal towns such as Huntington Beach. These towns are totally different from an urbanized, tourist center like Anaheim or other inland communities such as Yorba Linda or Mission Viejo. We take all this into consideration when planning your service.

Harvester Ant Tunnel

California Seed Harvester Ant Nest

Ant Control

“We live on one gigantic ant hill!” with ants entering our properties in search of water, sugars or proteins.

It doesn’t matter what time of the year. Ants come indoors looking for water in the summer and spring then march in during winter and fall to get away from the water!

Most people make DIY (Do It Yourself) attempts to solve pest problems, but soon realize that pest control can be an unpleasant, nasty and perpetual job.

We treat for a variety of pests – Let us help!

Whether it’s ants and spiders, rats or mice, roaches, bed bugs, even bees and birds, can be recurring problems. DIYers make matters worse by exposing themselves to pesticides and ultimately expending more money due to improper pest treatments.

It is not uncommon for DIYers to damage the environment with improper pesticide handling. None of us want that!

Let us take that burden off your shoulders. We are licensed and safeguarded to deal with pests and pesticides. We can provide you with peace of mind, letting you sleep better and feel far more comfortable in your home or place of business.

Bee hive inside of a mantel where evidence of rats were also found. The rats went after the honey!

Bee hive inside of a mantel where evidence of rats were also found. The rats went after the honey!

Hearts Pest Management Consultants

How do our pest control technicians differ from the average technician?

They are trained to be pest control consulting technicians.

They understand that while 80% of the job may be routine, it is the other 20% that allows them to distinguish themselves from the average exterminator. They are not simply about killing the pest.

Duc Phan - Field Consultant

Duc Phan – Hearts Pest Management Field Consultant

They are trained to inspect on every visit to your property, not just for the pest problem presented by the homeowner, but also potential pest control issues that may arise, due to such factors as weather, irrigation, proximity of you property to a neighbor’s infestation, and so on.

Residential PestsCommercial PestsLandscape Pests

Click on the images below to learn more about how we meet the pest control needs of your family, both inside and outside your home.

Hearts has both traditional and organic programs to treat for general pests.


hotel 1
Hotels have a variety of pests they deal with from general pests such as ants and spiders, to roaches and bedbugs. We treat all of them!

You won’t find another pest control company where every employee is required to obtain both a structural AND a landscape license. That’s why we are so good at handling pests in the garden and those garden pests that invade homes and businesses. Click on the image to read more.

We will keep your roses and ornamental plants looking healthy with our landscape pest management program.


Examine our several pest control specialties

Organic Pest Control

Hearts Pest Management was the 1st company in southern California that took an interest in and pursued the EcoWise Certification. This is a government sponsored organization that was set up to train pest control companies to apply pesticides, only after careful consideration to environmental impacts.

We are constantly investigating new eco-focused products. More companies now display the EcoSmart product logo, but few companies and technicians understand how to use them wisely and effectively. We now have a list of “minimum-risk” and “reduced-risk” labels from companies such as Nissus, Bell and Wise Solutions. We are constantly checking new products listed with OMRI labels (Organic Materials Resource Institute)

Mice control and rat control, rodent exclusion and cleanup

In Orange County, while it can be difficult to control mice and rats, but it can be done. We have a very comprehensive program, start to finish, trapping, baiting (exterior only), complete exclusion to eliminate access and here you will find one of the very few companies in Orange County that will actually clean up the mess left over, taking into consideration mites and parasites.

Commercial Vac Operation

Mites and Parasites

Enter the unknown world of mites and parasites, those small but nasty and voluminous creatures that can invade anything. Bed bugs are not the only pest in this category. When we clean for
rats, mice and birds, we are also analyzing the situation for potentially harmful mites and parasites.

Bee control

Our company offers comprehensive control of bees, including removal of the hive and honeycomb from structures in which they are living, such at attics and wall voids.

Mold is growing on honey leaking through wall after bee removal. Always remove the honeycomb and thoroughly clean the residue.

Mold is growing on honey leaking through a wall after the bees have been removed. It’s important to remove the honeycomb, and thoroughly clean any residue.

Honeycomb inside of a wall. This customer needed us to clean it out and block off the access points.

Honeycomb inside of a wall. This customer needed us to clean it out and block off the access points.

(left) This homeowner chose not to cut into the wall to remove the honeycomb; the result is leaking honey and mold.

(Right) Homeowners often can’t imagine how deeply bees will nest in the crevices of a structure, especially in an attic or wall. In this photo, the wall had to be cut in order to get to and clean out the honeycomb.

Gopher control

Gopher control can be easy when you call a pest control company with the proper landscape license and access to restricted products that are designed to use by a professional. The task also requires a good, observant technician to find and treat all the required areas for maximize control.

Bed Bug control

Bed bug feces on a mattress and close-up of a bed bug.

Our technicians have received formal training and acquired extensive experience in home and commercials environments battling the “pest of the 21st century,” bed bugs, that are invading Los Angeles.

Bird control

We combine our expertise in bird control with our experience in exclusion and decontamination for a complete solution from bird damage.

Decontamination – Cleanup – Restoration

We will take all the time that is required, all the safety precautions required, all the communication required, to get the most messy, most upsetting, most emotionally troubling pest control jobs done with excellent results and customer satisfaction.

Call today for fast, effective, caring pest control service in Orange County.

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