Pest Control in Yorba Linda

Yorba Linda, CA – The “Land of Gracious Living,” a suburb in Orange County, has consistently been rated as one of the most desirable places to live in the U. S. …

With that being said, even the best places suffer from invading pests. Hearts Pest Management provides residents of Yorba Linda with pest control that is second to none. How? – By putting safety and the well-being of home and family first.

Yorba Linda, CA

We are pest control with a difference. Hearts offers Yorba Linda residents and business owners a variety of pest control services; our maintenance plans include basic or green pest control methods as well as IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solutions.

Former President Richard Nixon’s birthplace is in Yorba Linda.

Residential Pest Control in Yorba Linda

Here are some of the many services Hearts Pest Management provides in Yorba Linda:

  • Ants, spiders, earwigs, fleas, ticks, crickets, roaches and other home invading insects.
  • Landscape Pests - organics are available for the garden too!
  • Rats and Mice - Trapping, "Exclusion" to stop entry, total clean up and restoration available.
  • Gophers and Squirrels
  • Bedbugs (Yes, bedbugs! You’d be surprised at how many hotels have them and then people end up bringing bedbugs home from their vacation).
  • Hive and Honeycomb Removal (Inside attic or within 100 ft. of a home).
  • Mites and Parasites. (Most all rodents and birds have them!)

Pocket gophers may be cute but they will tear up a yard in no time!

Visit our main page on Residential Pest Control for more information on our residential maintenance program.

Green Pest Control

EcoWise Certified

Our service professionals
are EcoWise Certified in
organic pest control.

“Go Green” with Hearts and see just what a difference we can make for both your home and the environment!

Orange County’s ever increasing environmental awareness has Yorba Linda residents demanding more in the way of green products and services.

Our service professionals employ a variety of common sense techniques to control pests effectively, providing prevention-based pest control that minimizes the need to use harmful pesticides.

People want safer ways of controlling ants and spiders and other pests without worrying about their families or pets being exposed to chemicals.

Visit our page on Green / Organic Pest Control for more in-depth information on our organic pest control program.

Our Greenthumb maintenance plan takes care of general pests such as spiders, ants, earwigs, water bugs, and outdoor fleas. We have both monthly and bi-monthly services available.

Ant Control in Yorba Linda

Hearts can keep your home from being overrun by ants with either our basic or green program.

Ants are very social creatures and they do do good outdoors where they aerate the soil and eat decomposed matter but, because they are social, when they find an easy food source, they share the location with the entire colony. Next thing you know you’ve got trails of ants in the bathroom, the kitchen, maybe even the bedroom.

You may have heard of the notorious Argentine ants, invaders from South America; this species is different than other ant species in that they have more than one queen in a colony, we’re talking multiple queens!

The most effective pest control for Argentine ants is to find and treat the nest. Queen ants must be eliminated to properly eradicate a colony. Hearts Service Professionals are experts at identifying and treating all ant species, including these invaders.

Landscape Pest Control

Mealybugs are responsible for damaging leaves, making them turn colors, curl, and fall.

Our approach to Landscape and Garden Pest Control is to first examine every non-pesticidal way to manage outdoor pests. At that point, we review with you our best suggestions for treating particular pests and landscape issues.

Aphids and other scale insects damage leaves of plants and shrubs.

We utilize the newest pesticide products on the market that have undergone comprehensive and environmental research - including many organic solutions; and, we explain how and what we will do to manage your landscape pests.

Hearts offer an amazing variety of landscape pest control services from garden pests to gophers and squirrels – and we offer free inspections!

Spider Control in Yorba Linda

Garden Orb-weavers are beneficial in ridding gardens of landscape pests.

Hearts not only treats for spiders, we will remove webs up to the first level and even get the brown widows under your patio furniture!

Black and Brown Widowspiders are toxic to humans and both like to hide. They don’t want to be found and only bite when threatened or accidently touched.

The large webs you see in the garden are orb-weavers; beneficial spiders that catch and feed on garden pests.

Most people have an aversion to spiders … not to worry; your service professional will eliminate spiders around the perimeter of your home and destroy any egg sacs found on the premises.

Yorba Linda Rat Control

Rats and Mice can squeeze into the smallest of places. Often a garage will become an easy target for nesting rats and mice because of the small gap under the garage door.

Notice the greasy mark by this entrance point; it’s called a “grease rub.” Evidence rats and mice have been going in and out for some time. The grease is from their bellies.

Attics are a common area for roof rats getting into via trees touching or very near the roof. Roof rats are great climbers and jumpers!

Hearts provides complete service for rat and mice control from trapping and exclusion (blocking off access points) to full clean-outs as well as a monthly baiting service.

If you have rats or mice in the home, just breathing in polluted air from their urine and feces through vents can cause disease! Don’t delay! Call for a free rodent inspection!

We are a “Company with Heart!"

An Environmentally Conscientious Company

Hearts Pest Management aspires to be a socially and environmentally responsible company for Yorba Linda residents and business owners. We have both residential and Commercial Pest Control. Let us help you today!

Please call for more information about our Greenthumb program or to schedule a service. Ask about our free inspections!


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