Pest Control in Tustin, CA

Pest Control in Tustin, CA

Old Town Tustin, CA

Hearts Pest Management is pleased to be providing pest control services for residents and business owners in Tustin.

As the demand for healthier alternatives to pest control become higher, you can be assured that Hearts provides new technology and sustainable solutions in meeting the pest control needs of individuals, families, and businesses.

Green / Organic Pest Control

Hearts Pest Management is an award winning, socially and environmentally, responsible company in Tustin.

We are the only pest control company in southern California to receive an award for Innovative Pest Management from the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency.

We are EcoWise Certified for Organic Pest Control!

What better way to deal with common insects like ants and spiders than by going to the leader in Green Pest Control?

Our “GreenThumb” maintenance plan takes care of other pests besides ants and spiders, such as earwigs, outdoor fleas, and those big ugly water bugs that often wander indoors – we can help!

For more information on out the green / organic pest control program works, visit our main page: Green / Organic Pest Control

Our pet-friendly pest control methods will help ease your mind about having pest control in your home.

A Happy Customer

Take a look at what one of our customers said recently about Hearts Pest Management’s customer service:

"Love Hearts Pest Management! I’ve had a few issues, all different and all at different times, and the staff at Hearts always helped me resolve it.

Even when I thought I had tried everything to get rid of an ant problem one time, and a rodent problem another time, the guys at Hearts were able to resolve the issues with a level of expertise and knowledge that you can’t really understand until you see them at work."

Residential Pest Control in Tustin

Let Hearts Pest Management help keep your home and landscape free of pests.

Mosquitoes and the Great Outdoors

Whether you are enjoying your patio lounge chairs or hosting a backyard barbecue, there will always be an ample amount of pests ready to nibble on your treats – or you. Got mosquitoes doing the nibbling? Or shall we say sucking you dry?

The mosquito (Aedes aegypti) has been found all throughout the southern and western states.

Hearts has mosquito control to help keep you free from these flying, Zika virus, carrying pests.

Not only will your Hearts service professional treat for existing mosquitoes, he/she will provide a free inspection to check on areas of your yard where they may be laying eggs and treat those areas as well. Mosquito Control and the Zika Virus.

Ant and Spider Control

We can help you with ant control all-year-long with our green or traditional maintenance programs. Whether you have company coming to stay a few days or just hosting a backyard barbecue, you can rest assured that ants and other pests will not be become “uninvited” guests!

This Argentine ant not only likes sweets but protein too!

Hearts Pest Management Service Professionals are able to identify Argentine ants and other ant species to ensure the most effective ant control is provided.

Many of our customers first try “Do-it-Yourself” methods but these tactics don’t work well on Argentine ants. The reason is because this particular species has more than one queen. When threatened, one or more of the queens will break away and start new colonies elsewhere in and around your home!

False Widow Spider

For spider control, we will treat both spiders and their food source – the insects. Your service technician will hunt down black and brown widow spiders, remove their eggs sacs and dust down their webs.

It’s important on your part, as a customer, to follow some of the suggestions your technician may provide upon inspection of your property.

He may suggest trimming plants and shrubs several inches away from your home; lots of foliage means lots of spiders and other critters, including rats. Visit our page for more information on out ant and spider treatments: Ants and Spiders

Tustin Landscape Pest Management

Argentine ant receiving honeydew from an aphid.

At Hearts, you can rely on our landscape pest control team knowing that they have years of experience. All of Hearts’ technicians are educated and trained in a variety of landscape pest to include an integrated pest management approach as well as prevention.

Did you know that ants are both inside and outside pests? They do have their job of aerating the soil and eating decomposed matter but ants can become garden pests too.

How? By protecting aphids from the eyes of predators in exchange for sweet honeydew; the leaves of your plants become saturated with honeydew which eventually causes them to curl, discolor, and fall.  Hearts has been a leader in environmentally friendly pest control long before going “Green” became so popular.

Our protocols for the treatment of landscape pest such as aphids, whitefly, scale insects, fungus, and black sooty mold, have been in place for several years while other companies have raced to try and catch up to organic solutions rather than traditional pesticides.

We offer full rodent remediation including attic clean-out if necessary.

We are the experts! And, out landscape pest control inspections are free-of-charge! Landscape and Garden Pest Control

Rodent Control in Tustin

At Hearts Pest Management, we have created a very intensive rodent remediation service under EcoWise guidelines to stop rats and mice from entering your home. Our service also includes a combination of trapping, cleanup, and decontamination.

If you have rats in the attic, it’s important to take care of the infestation as soon as you notice it, reason being is that just breathing in the smell of rat feces and urine can transmit diseases to you and your family.

Visit our page on Rat and Mice Control to learn more about our rodent control services.

Restaurants and other food establishments have special needs for pest control that we can provide.

Commercial Pest Control for Tustin Business Owners

Hearts Pest Management provides comprehensive commercial pest control for both single and multi-site businesses across southern California.

Our service includes preventive measures and IPM solutions for controlling commercial pests, from restaurants and hotels to medical facilities, schools, and office buildings.

Hearts has both the experience and knowledge to keep your facility free of rodents, ants, roaches, and much more.

Let us help protect your business, employees, and patrons from pests. Call us for a free inspection! Commercial Pest Control

Please call for more information or to schedule an appointment. You can also fill out the form below to request an inspection or additional information about our available services.

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