Pest Control in Newport Beach

Pest Control in Newport Beach

Are you looking for a better pest control company? One that gives you the option to be “Green?” Look no further! Hearts Pest Management has a wide range of pest control services to meet your needs in Newport Beach.

Beautiful Newport Beach, California

Green Pest Control in Newport Beach

Our Green / Organic Pest Control is popular with both pets and their two-legged friends.

At Hearts Pest Management, we believe in moving towards a smaller footprint for our planet and we strive to reflect that movement in every step we take.

That’s why we are southern California’s number one company in organic pest control. We care about the welfare of you, your family, and your pets!

Every single one of Hearts’ service professionals are required to obtain EcoWise certification, a program for ecology-conscious pest management providers.

Got ants? We can help! We have both traditional and green ways of treating for ants.

We started practicing Green / Organic Pest Control long before it became popular, and – we are the only company in southern California that has received an award from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for Innovative Pest Management.

Ant Control in Newport Beach

There will always be an ample number of ants come spring and summer, but did you know that ants are year-round pests in southern California?

Spiders are more prevalent on the coast than inland.

Ants may march indoors looking for food and water during warm weather but in winter and fall, they march in to get away from the water – rain!

We can help you with Ant Control all-year-long with our green or traditional maintenance programs.

Whether you have company coming to stay a few days or just hosting a backyard barbecue, you can rest assured that ants and other pests will not be become “uninvited” guests!

Spider Control in Newport Beach

Does it seem like you’re constantly knocking webs down on your patio or doorstep? It’s because of a behavior spiders have called “ballooning,” especially in coastal towns.

We provide an array of residential pest control services for Newport Beach homeowners.

Young spiders climb high on the edge of a roof, fence, or tree, then let out a single strand of thread so wind from the ocean’s currents can carry them to new territory, sometimes a neighbors’ yard and other times, way out to ships at sea!

Your Heart’ Service Professional will hunt down spiders, especially the toxic brown and black widow spiders, and remove any webs and egg sacs they find.

Residential Pest Control in Newport Beach

Hearts Pest Management is the “Residential Expert” in pest control and pest prevention.

Let us help keep your roses and gardens looking healthy and beautiful!

Our service professionals know what it takes to keep your home free from those bothersome pests; roaches, ants, rodents, spiders, fleas, ticks, earwigs, and so much more.

Preventing pests from entering your Newport Beach home is probably the single most important IPM step in ridding unwanted pests. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques are a method we implement in preventative pest control. Our service professionals will provide tips on how to keep pests from entering your home.

Black sooty mold is a result of ant and aphid activity.

Sometimes, an IPM tip may be as simple as trimming shrubs and plants away from the edge of your home. For more information on what we have to offer, please visit our main page: Residential Pest Control.

Landscape Pest Control

Landscape pests such as aphids, mealybugs, and white flies not only make plants look unsightly, they can damage the leaves and stunt any new growth.

Many of the landscape pests can be treated with our green pest control program. But before we do anything, we first inspect your property, free of charge! Landscape and Garden Pest Control

Restaurants have their own unique pest issues compared to other types of businesses.

Have you noticed ants on your plants, especially your shrubs? Look underneath a few leaves and you’ll find ants herding aphids away from above the eyes of predators. In exchange for protection, aphids provide the ants a sweet substance called “honeydew.”

Commercial Pest Control for Newport Beach Businesses

Commercial pests include, depending on the type of business, flies, ants, rodents, bed bugs, and roaches.

If you own your own business or manage one, you understand how a good pest control company is an important asset to your business and your reputation.

All it takes is a couple of negative reviews because one of your customers found a roach on the floor, or worse yet, frozen in their ice cubes – a true story!

Hearts provides pest control for restaurants, coffee shops, retail establishments, hotels, daycare centers, organic food manufacturers, and much more!

Plus, we offer FREE, no pressure, inspections and proposals. Our service professional will sit down with you to determine your needs and provide recommendations to keep your establishment as pest-free as possible.

Rat and Mice Control

Rats and mice, like spiders are greater in numbers on the coast than inland. At Hearts, we have created a very intensive rodent remediation service, under EcoWise guidelines, to stop rats and mice from entering your home or business.

Roof rats will often use any tree limbs touching your home to climb up and onto your roof.

Not all pest control companies provide complete clean-outs of attics and crawl spaces – we do! Our service includes a combination of trapping, cleanup, and decontamination.

We offer FREE rodent inspections!

If you hear noises at night be it in the ceiling or walls, you may have rats. Don’t let an infestation get out of hand; just breathing in the smell of urine and droppings can create disease. Rat and Mice Control

Please call today to talk about the variety of pest control services we offer in Newport Beach, from ant and spider control to rats, mice, and gopher control! Ask about our free inspections!

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