Pest Control in Los Alamitos, CA

Pest Control in Los Alamitos, CA

Hearts Pest Management is currently servicing the good people of Los Alamitos, CA! If you live or work in Los Alamitos, you now have better options for pest control – You get to choose what’s best for your home, your family, and your pets.

Los Alamitos, CA – “The Little Cottonwood”

Green / Organic Pest Control with Hearts’

People with pets, young children, and/or elderly family members often opt for our Green / Organic Pest Control program for a few reasons.

1. Customers needn’t leave their home and can have their inside treated at any time. 2. Animals also do not need to be kept inside for hours after treatment but can play outdoors once their service technician leaves the property. 3. Sensitive individuals are able to take advantage of our organic pest control products without worrying about pesticides.

Our green program treats for general pests like ants and spiders using a variety of botanical oils. It works best on a monthly maintenance plan during spring and summer with the option of switching to every other month during the winter.

Hearts’ service professionals are all EcoWise Certified!

We do however, have traditional pest control or “basic” pest control which does utilize chemicals to control general pests. It is offered monthly, every other month, or quarterly. We also have a one-time service but encourage customers to get on a maintenance plan because, in southern California, pests are year-round!

Whether you “Go Green” or choose our basic traditional pest control plan, our service professionals practice IPM—integrated pest management — a way of dealing with pests by utilizing the least toxic solutions and minimizing application to areas necessary for controlling specific types of pests.

IPM is also pest prevention with methods that keep health and environmental risks as low as possible while at the same time save you money!

Ant and Spider Control

Why is this ant wearing a cowboy hat? Because she herds aphids!

Ants are not just indoors pests but outdoors as well. Have you ever noticed ants on your plants? That’s because the ants herd aphids and corral them underneath leaves away from the eyes of predators. They do this in exchange for honeydew aphids emit.

It’s important to check for ant nests and trails on the outside of your home in order to do an effective job of keeping the ant trails from coming inside of your home. Your Hearts’ service professional understands ant behavior and will help keep your home free from being overrun with these pesky pests.


Got spiders? Unlike ants, spiders are solitary and often hide; if you have a lot of them, it’s because you also have a lot of insects – spider food.

We treat for both spiders and their food source. We also remove egg sacs and webs up to the first level of your home.  The main spiders of importance, to control in Los Alamitos, are the black and brown widow spiders. If spiders are a problem, your service tech will hunt them down! Take a look at our main page on Ants and Spiders.

A Word on Bees in Los Alamitos

Bees will pollinate and they deserve our love for it. Is there a more beneficial species than bees? But they can be dangerous when they establish a hive in close proximity to humans.

Hearts’ will not treat for bees unless they are a threat and/or making a hive in or near your home.

Bees often seem very docile, but like ants, they can send signals that change their collective behavior in seconds. We can assist with bee removal whether they are in the yard or if the bees are in your attic or walls. Hive and Honeycomb Removal

If you see them going in and out of a hole or small crevice, they could very well be creating a hive but if the bees have just recently arrived, and are hanging out in an exposed area, they're probably just swarming and will find a better location to actually nest.

A perfect example of bees swarming – the queen is resting for a few days and will soon move on to better grounds.

We provide free bee inspections; please note: We do not provide live bee removal. This is why we only treat if necessary.   Very few companies actually do “live” removal although sometimes, a local beekeeper may agree to it but if the bees have created honeycomb in your attic, you’ll need pest control to remove the mess and perform an exclusion.

Rodent Control – Rats, Mice, Gophers, and Squirrels

You might be thinking, “Rats and mice are only a problem in unsanitary environments.” While that may sometimes be true, rodents are often an issue for newer buildings and homes. Part of the problem is living so close to natural areas where there’s wildlife; canyons, and fields.

Another is due to construction; workers may leave gaps around the plumbing and other areas where mice can squeeze their way indoors. Rats will chew until the hole is big enough for them to get inside as well.

Pipe in wall

A small gap or hole near pipes is just one of many access points for rats and mice to enter your home.

Hearts provides complete rodent remediation services. If you have rats or mice in the attic, crawl space, or walls, we trap, clean-up any urine and feces, and perform an exclusion – block off access points where they made their way indoors. Rat and Mice Control

Outdoors, we suggest a monthly rodent plan, especially if you do live near a field or canyon. Did you know rats eat snails? And dog poop? Yep, they both attract rats. While we can’t help you with the dog poop, we can provide a snail service! Snails

For gophers and squirrels, we provide monthly inspections and baiting. It’s important to get a handle on any gopher and/or squirrel problems because they can and will tear up your landscape in no time!

We provide free rodent inspects, be it rats and mice, or gophers and squirrels. Moles too but Southern Californians don’t get moles very often.

Landscape Pest Control

Whiteflies under a leaf.

Besides structural, Hearts Pest Management is licensed for Landscape and Garden Pest Control. We’ve already mentioned some landscape pests above such as aphids, gophers and squirrels, rats and snails. We also treat for whitefly, mealybugs and other scale insects, fungus and black sooty mold.

First, we like to do a complete inspection of your property, plants and shrubs. Your Hearts’ service professional will map out a plan of action to keep your garden landscape looking healthy again.

The inspection is free-of-charge. Don’t wait until your shrubs and plants become severely damaged. …

Commercial Pest Control in Los Alamitos

Commercial Pest Control is an integral part of any business but especially in the food and beverage industry where rats and mice and roaches are a constant pest problem.

Restaurants require pest control for a variety of pests from flies and roaches to rodent control!

At Hearts, we provide both traditional and organic pest control for restaurants, hotels, schools and daycare centers, apartment complexes, medical buildings, offices, retirement centers, and much more.

With today’s social media, everyone is a critic and they love to voice their opinions online. It used to be just word of mouth….now a few bad comments can turn into several, reaching a much larger population.

Let us help you keep your good name. We know how hard you’ve worked to keep and manage a business! We’ll inspect for free and tailor a pest control plan to meet, not only your needs but budget too!

Call us today 800-986-1006 for more information and to schedule service. You may also fill out the form below and a caring Hearts customer service representative will get back to you shortly.

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