Pest Control in Laguna Hills

Pest Control in Laguna Hills

Beautiful Laguna Hills, CA

Hearts Pest Management is your pest control expert in Laguna Hills.

If you’ve been looking for an eco-friendly company, with the health of your family and pets in mind, look no further!

At Hearts, we have a wide range of pest control services to provide both residents and business owners in Laguna Hills, including “Green Pest Control.”

Laguna Hills, where country meets beach. From horse enthusiasts to beachcombers, Laguna Hills residents get to experience a laid-back lifestyle, within minutes from the beach, along with a mild Mediterranean climate.

There are other residents in Laguna Hills enjoying themselves – pests! Ants and spiders, gophers, rats and mice, and a plethora of landscape pests such as white fly and scale insects.

Green Pest Control

Hearts’ Service Professionals are EcoWise Certified!

Many pest control companies spray pesticides everywhere to try and gain control over pests in your home, whether there is a need – or not! Unfortunately, this approach leaves chemicals in areas where your family and pets can be exposed.

At Hearts, we offer a natural, (IPM) Integrated Pest Management approach, while determining the most effective, safest combination of products, methods, and application techniques to manage your individual pest problems.

We treat only where and when necessary and use preventative strategies to keep your home as free of pests as possible.

Our Green / Organic Pest Control products have a low environmental effect and are designed to rid your home of invading pests such as ants, spiders, earwigs, and water bugs.

Of course, we do have traditional products if you prefer, however, even with our traditional program, we are still careful as to where and how much product is applied.

We have a variety of residential services in Laguna Hills.

For both programs we provide preventative IPM suggestions.

Sometimes it’s as simple as trimming plants twelve inches away from the side of your house.

This helps keep away ants and other insects from coming indoors.

Residential Pest Control in Laguna Hills

Our Residential Pest Control service include target-based pest management; we treat according to type of pest activity and practice prevention by utilizing IPM methods.

Duc Phan is your Hearts’ service professional in Laguna Hills

Our service professionals make every effort to communicate with you about potential pest issues and also keep you apprised of current pest activity around your property.

Whether you choose a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly maintenance plan, our guarantee is always the same … should you encounter unwanted pests, just call us; any follow-ups between services are at no charge!

Commercial Pest Control

If you own or manage a business, we understand your reputation is at stake; because we know how important pest control is in a commercial environment, we make it our goal to keep your establishment as pest free as possible.

Did you know some ants prefer protein over this sweet orange?

Check out our main page: Commercial Pest Control We provide pest control services for schools, daycare centers, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, and much more!

Ant and Spider Control in Laguna Hills

Ants: The most common ant species found in and around the home is Argentine ants, invaders from South America. Argentine ants have built a super colony in southern California and are very hard to control with Do-it-Yourself methods.

Most ant colonies have just one queen; Argentine ants have multiple queens. When threatened, one or several queens break from the colony and start a new one elsewhere on your property!

Note the visual differences between brown and black widow spiders.

Hearts service professional are experts at identifying these and other ant species to determine the appropriate type of treatment.

Spiders: Brown widows are invasive spiders that are slowly displacing black widows. They are less toxic and will bite when disturbed.

You may have noticed these widows with their spiky, cream-colored egg sacs underneath your patio furniture.

Black widows prefer darker spaces like corners in the garage, under a trashcan lid, and in closets.
Hearts treats for spiders and their food source – insects. Your service professional will also remove any webs and egg sacs he finds.

Spiders are tricky though, because the do hide. If spiders are abundant and become a nuisance, it might be that you need a monthly service rather than every other month.

Let us help keep your garden beautiful and healthy!

Our maintenance plans are flexible; you can switch the frequency between monthly or bimonthly at any time.

Visit: Ants and Spiders for more on ant and spider control.

Landscape Pest Management

Whiteflies are just one of many landscape pests in Laguna Hills. Your beautiful hibiscus trees often become infested with whiteflies, aphids, and mealy bugs. If you notice a powdery substance on the leaves of your trees or plants, it´s a sign you have whiteflies.

Gophers cause damage to landscapes

Gophers will destroy your prized plants as well as your lawn!

Hearts Pest Management can identify various landscape pests including whitefly and treat as necessary. We provide landscape inspections free-of-charge for both residential and commercial properties.

For a full list of the type of landscape pests we treat, visit our main page: Landscape and Garden Pest Control.

Gophers and Squirrels cause a lot of damage to gardens and landscapes, sometimes at considerable cost!

We provide gopher and squirrel control to keep them from destroying your prized plants and ruining your grass.

Rodent Control in Laguna Hills

Hearts will take care of any rodent problems you may have whether it’s rats, mice, gophers or squirrels. If you hear noises in your attic, crawl space or walls, most likely you have rats.

Hearts provides full rodent remediation services, including exclusions.

We provide full rodent remediation service: trapping, exclusion (blocking off access points where the mice or rats have entered) and clean-out of the attic if needed.

Our rodent inspections are free-of-charge!

Rats and Mice, as you well know, carry various diseases, including fleas and mites.

Just smelling their urine and feces through air vents in your home can cause health problems.

Don’t let an infestation cause damage to your home or your health! Call us for a free inspection! 800-986-1006.

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