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Hearts Pest Management is pleased to provide The City of La Habra residents and business owners with a variety of pest control services; from ants and spiders to gophers and rats, plus much more!

La Habra, California

Why choose Hearts for your pest control needs? Because not only do we care about our La Habra customers, we care about the environment as well. We truly are – a company with “heart.”

You may have seen our trucks around town, the ones that have a heart on them. That’s us! Hearts Pest Management!

We realize how lucky we are to service your community in La Habra, so we try our hardest to make you happy with our wide array of pest control services. We also service nearby La Habra Heights!

“Go Green” – with Hearts Pest Management!

Whether you choose standard pest control or take advantage of our Greenthumb program with organic solutions to controlling pests, we will design a plan fit for your lifestyle and budget.

Hearts Pest Management EPA Award

Going Green with Hearts

What better way to deal with common insects like ants and spiders than by going to the leader in green pest control?

Hearts Pest Management is the one and only pest control company in La Habra and southern California recognized by California’s EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as a leader in Integrated Pest Management.

Our service professionals are EcoWise Certified!

They employ a variety of common sense techniques to control pests effectively by providing prevention-based pest control. This minimizes the need to use pesticides and by administer organic products.

Watch a video by Hearts’ owner, Gerry Weitz, on our main page about Green / Organic Pest Control.

For our green pest control program, we recommend a monthly maintenance plan with the option of every other month during winter. Yes, there are still pests during winter, as you well know, when all of a sudden you have an ant attack after it rains.

The two spiders of medical importance in La Habra are the Black and Brown Widow Spiders

Spider and Ant Control in La Habra

Spiders: If you have young children and/or pets, you’ll want to beware of black and brown widow spiders because they are both toxic and can cause severe reactions to humans.

Hearts not only treats for spiders, we will remove webs up to the first level and even get the brown widows under your patio furniture for you!

It’s good to remember that seeing spider webs, a few days after treatment, is not uncommon; spiders hide.

We get as many as we see but if you haven’t had pest control for a while, it may take a couple visits to get them under control. Our follow-up services are at no charge!

Argentine ants like sweets and proteins.

Ants: One of the most frustrating things that can happen is to wake up to an ant invasion in your kitchen or bathroom! Not only do ants go after your food, they’re actually spreading bacteria on your counters. …

Did you know … some ant species prefer sweets while others like protein, even grease?

Ants are year-round pests in La Habra but are especially problematic after a heat wave or a few days of rain.

This is often why it’s hard to control ants with Do-It-Yourself methods, not to mention how Argentine ants have multiple queens and start colonies all over your property when feeling threatened!

We can help! Our service professionals are trained in identifying various ant species and providing treatment according to their likes and dislikes.

Your technician will also search out ant nests to determine where they are coming indoors.

Here are some things you can do to keep ants and spiders at bay:

  • Use caulk to seal cracks and gaps, especially in baseboards.
  • Trim shrubs and plants about 12 inches back from the house.
  • Keep kitchen counters and cabinets clean and free of crumbs.
  • During heavy ant season, place pet food bowls on top of a baking pan filled with ½ inch of water.
  • Sweep often, especially in summer and fall; and use the broom to knock down any webs on outdoor lights and patio furniture.
  • Check the children’s rooms, frequently, for crumbs and food wrappers.
  • Vacuuming once a week is also good for a variety of pests that just might be lurking about in the carpet.

Hearts provides a variety of residential pest control including landscape pests.

Gophers may be cute but what they do to your lawn isn’t so cute!

Sometimes, however, it doesn’t matter how clean you keep your home, the ants are going to come no matter what. We can help!

Hearts has both standard and green methods of ridding your home of ants and spiders.

For more information, please visit our page on Ants and Spiders.

Residential and Landscape Pest Control in La Habra

Our residential pest control will help keep your home free of ants, spiders, earwigs, crickets, fleas, and other invading pests.

Did you know that ants are pests both inside and outside the home? Ants have a behavior called “farming” in which the protect aphids, plant destroying insects, in exchange for honeydew aphids excrete.

Mealybugs, ants, and aphids – all on one leaf. Note how the leaf is already starting to curl.

Mealybugs are plant eaters and damage leaves – and yes, that’s mealybug pooh.

Hearts treats a variety of landscape pests such as aphids and whiteflies, scale insects, mealybugs, snails, fungus, powdery mildew, and rodents.

Gophers and Squirrels cause damage to your lawn and prized plants!

Your Hearts service professional is a consultant when it comes to treating landscape pests.

He or she is trained to do more than “spray and leave” but instead, inspect your garden each service and keep you apprised of any landscape issues.

Hearts provides free landscape inspections to La Habra residents and business owners!

Your technician will also provide preventative tips on how to keep your home and garden looking healthy, beautiful, and pest-free.

You can read more about mealybugs on our page Scale Insects and Mealybugs.

Rat Control in La Habra

Here’s a perfect example of a tree touching a rooftop; one can just imagine a roof rat scurrying up the trunk of this Palm tree and onto the roof!

Rats will chew their way indoors via small holes or gaps, especially near pipes and air conditioning units.

If you hear noises in the attic or walls of your home, there’s a good chance you have rats. Roof rats are excellent climbers and often use trees to obtain access to the roof.

Rats and mice carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans just by breathing in the smell of their urine and feces through air vents.

An infestation is something you don’t want to let continue otherwise it can become a real health hazard.

Hearts provides trapping and remediation, exclusions (blocking off any entry points where the mice or rats got inside), and attic clean-out.

We provide rodent inspections in La Habra, free-of-charge!

Please call today for more information about our available services and to schedule an appointment. Ask about our free inspections!


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