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Green Pest Control is Here!

Hearts Pest Management provides “Green,” organic pest control for Huntington Beach residents and business owners. We are southern California’s one and only EcoWise Certified pest control!

Seaside City of Huntington Beach, CA

Going Green in Huntington Beach

Hearts' service professionals are EcoWise Certified in organic pest control.

At Hearts Pest Management, we are known for our organic “Greenthumb” program that keeps pests from coming inside your home. With green pest control, you can have the inside of your home treated whenever you feel the need, without worrying about the safety of your family and pets.

Your Hearts service professional will go over different service plans and products with you during his/her first visit. We have monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly (quarterly is non-organic) maintenance plans to fit every budget.

Hearts practices IPM (Integrated Pest Management) during each service. This means your technician not only treats for pests, but looks for the source and then makes recommendations on how you can keep pests outdoors where they belong.

Ant and Spider Control in Huntington Beach


Is Huntington Beach a beach town or an ant hill? The answer is both! Argentine ants have built three super colonies across the world – lucky southern California is one of them.

It’s important to know what types of ants are invading your kitchen and bathroom in order to get the most effective treatment. Some ants prefer sweets, others protein; and depending on the time of year, their tastes may be for both or they may switch!

Did you know some ants prefer protein over sweets?

Your Hearts service professional can identify different ant species and treat accordingly. He/she will also search out any ant nests on your property to get to and treat the source.


Gotcha! Hearts' Service Professionals are experts at finding Black widow spiders.

If you live or work in Huntington Beach, you probably notice a lot of spider webs. This is because spiders are more common in coastal cities and towns.

Here’s why; spiders have a behavior called “ballooning” in which a young spider climbs high, then lets out a single strand of silk, and the ocean currents sail them into other neighborhoods, even other towns.

Some spiders are beneficial, like your garden orb-weavers. Orb-weavers take care of many garden pests by catching them in their large, intricate webs.

However, the two spiders of medical importance in Huntington Beach are the notorious black and brown widow spiders. If you have a lot of spiders, it’s because there are lots of insects around your home – their food source.

Field crickets are accidental invaders; they live outdoors but may occasionally wander indoors.

Hearts will eliminate spiders and their egg sacs as well as de-web around the perimeter of your home.

Remember, you’re on the coast where ballooning occurs so it’s not uncommon to see webs again a few days after treatment – spiders hide; it’s important we work together and sweeping at least once a week, including the eaves, will keep spiders at bay.

Indoor / Outdoor Pests

We can help!

Deer mouse destroying furniture

Rats and mice often use upholstered furniture or pillows for nesting material.

Sometimes insects and other critters wander indoors through open windows, small holes in screens or gaps underneath doors and cracks in baseboards. These pests are “outdoor” pests. In other words, they don’t set up home inside your home.

Indoor pests may come from outside but nest inside. They are opportunists; food, water, and shelter that are easily accessible are their main goal. Ants will nest in walls.
Rats and mice enjoy the shelter of an attic or crawl space, especially if there are cardboard boxes with papers or stuffed furniture to use for nesting.

Downtown Huntington Beach – Hearts provides commercial pest control!

Roaches, bed bugs, pantry pests, fleas and mites, are just some of the pests that have no problem living indoors just as long as there is something to feed on, including humans!

Commercial Pest Control in Huntington Beach

You’ve worked hard to create your own business. Don’t jeopardize your good name just because of a few pests. In today’s social media frenzy, people get “Yelp Happy.”
All it takes is one customer who sees a roach and decides to write a review. Everyone is a critic now. Let us help you keep pests at bay.

Here are some of the pests we treat that have become a problem for commercial customers:

  • Pantry Pests
  • Rats and Mice
  • German and American Roaches
  • Water Bugs (Oriental Roaches)
  • Bed Bugs
  • Gnats and Flies
  • Ants

Let us help you keep your home or business as pest free as possible!

We have a program that meets your concern for the well-being of both your customers and the environment. We do this by providing products with a "Green Approach" that values a sustainable earth.

Your Hearts Pest Management service professional will tailor a pest management plan to fit the needs and budget of your business.
We offer commercial inspections free-of-charge for Huntington Beach business owners!

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