Pest Control in Garden Grove, CA

At Hearts Pest Management, we specialize in customized pest control to meet your needs, not ours!

We have a wide range of pest control services for Garden Grove residents and business owners. We do pest control differently…

An Environmentally Conscientious Pest Control Company

We are EcoWise Certified in Organic Pest Control!

You’ll find that we treat only where and when necessary. Our service professionals are trained in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions for alternative strategies to keep pests from invading your home.

Utilizing IPM methods, rather than relying totally on the use of chemicals, is not only better for your family or business but the environment as well.

To learn more about our green program, please visit our main page on Green / Organic Pest Control.

Residential Pest Control in Garden Grove

Hearts offers a variety of pest control service for homes in Garden Grove.

Many of our Garden Grove customers with sensitivities to products or have young children and pets, will often choose our “Greenthumb” Residential Pest Control program.

This treats ants, spiders, earwigs, big water bugs, and outdoor fleas.

Here are some of the other residential services we offer Garden Grove homeowners:

Just to name a few!

Restaurants have special needs when it comes to pest control from keeping rats and mice at bay to roaches and ants.

Commercial Pest Control

Hearts provides a variety of commercial pest control services for business owners in Garden Grove.

We know how hard it can be to keep your free from pests.

Your Hearts’ service professional will inspect, free-of-charge, and come up with a game plan that is affordable and successful in keeping pests from ruining your business reputation!

Commercial Pest Control is so important; the last thing you need is a customer complaining online giving you a bad review! We can help!

Ant and Spider Control in Garden Grove

Red Imported Fire Ants

Some ants prefer sweets while others prefer protein and even grease!

Got ants? Spiders giving you the heebie jeebies?

Our service professionals are experts at identifying both ant and spider species to provide you with the best treatment options.

Gotcha! Female Black Widow caught by one of our service technicians.

Certain ants like the invasive Argentine ant have multiple queens which is why they’re so hard to control with do-it-yourself methods.

Spiders, such as the brown and black widows love to hide; your technician will hunt them down and remove any webs and egg sacs for you.

Visit our page devoted to Spider Control, for preventative methods in keeping spiders from coming indoors.

Let Hearts Pest Management help you keep your shrubs and plants looking green and healthy!

Landscape Pest Control for both Residential and Commercial

Landscape pests include a variety of insects and fungus from whiteflies to sooty black mold.

Ever wonder why there are ants on your plants? In one word - aphids. …

Aphids cause leaves to discolor and turn brown.

Aphids form a relationship with ants by providing them with sweet liquid called “honeydew” in exchange for protection from predators.

Check the underside of your yellowing, deformed leaves, and you’ll probably find ants “farming” aphids.

The underside of a leaf is like a corral for aphids – away from the eyes of hovering predators.

Visit our page on Landscape and Garden Pest Control where you’ll find more information on all sorts of landscape pests including gophers and squirrels.

Can you see why Hearts is a different kind of pest control company in Garden Grove?

Our mission is to provide your home or business with the best pest control service possible while at the same time, considering the safety of your family and pets, employees and customers.

Call today and ask about our free inspections! You may also fill out the form below and a caring customer service representative will get back to you within a timely manner.

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