Pest Control in Fullerton, CA

Fullerton, CA circa 1940’s. Founded in 1887.

Pest Control in Fullerton, CA

Welcome to Hearts Pest Management!

We have an amazing array of pest control services from residential to commercial pest control and landscape pest control maintenance.

Hearts is dedicated to practicing responsible pest control with the health of both you and your family, as well as the environment in mind.

A Pest Control Company with a Difference

Go Green with Hearts! We’re EcoWise Certified!

Hearts has a way of dealing with pests, unlike other pest control companies you may have tried, by utilizing the least toxic solutions and minimizing application to areas where it targets specific types of pests.

This method is called IPM -Integrated Pest Management; one of many IPM solutions that is prevention-based pest control.

Our service professionals employ IPM solutions on a regular basis when you have Hearts Pest Management as your pest control service provider.

Visit our page on Green / Organic Pest Control for more information on our GreenThumb maintenance program.

Residential Pest Control in Fullerton

Hearts provides Fullerton residents with a full range of residential services from ant control to managing landscape pests.

Hearts provides a variety of pest control services for residents in Fullerton.

We offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly maintenance plans. You choose! Other plans such as landscape pests and rodent control can be tailored to meet your needs.

Your home is your castle and a place where you should be able to feel safe from annoying pests. Our staff, both in office and out in the field, take special care to ask and listen to your concerns to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Factors your service professional will consider include; pest prevention, family safety, size of your property and treatment areas as well as budget. We have the right plan for you! Residential Pest Control

Some ants like sweets – some like protein.

Ant Control

Did you know that different kinds of ants prefer protein over sweets? And some ants like both? Our service professionals are able to identify various ant species from odorous house ants and grease ants to the infamous Argentine ant.

It’s important to understand what species is causing an infestation in your home to ensure the most effective ant control is provided. Depending on your preference, we have both traditional and organic pest control for treating ants and other insects.

Visit our page: Ant Control where you’ll find information on our ant treatments.

Spider Control

Despite the many eyes of a spider, it doesn’t see very well but can sense a disturbance, sometimes from the feel of their tiny body hairs.

Spiders will only bite if threatened; could be getting caught between you and a wall or door, even your sheets.

Spiders don’t come after you and bite on purpose, even the hunters like wolf spiders, they’re more interested in hunting insects; still, the most important spiders to be aware of are the brown and black widow spiders.

Since widow spiders hide, you never know where they might be - it’s a good idea to get rid of them by having a regular pest control service.

Hearts not only treats for spiders, we also remove any webs and egg sacs we find. Plus, your service technician will provide preventative tips to keep spiders from entering your home.

For more about spiders, visit our page on Spider Control.

Landscape Pest Management

Mealybugs are often responsible for damaging leaves, making them turn colors, curl, and fall.

Landscape and Garden Pest Control is an important part of maintaining a health landscape and lawn. Aphids, whitefly, fungus, sooty mold, mealybugs, snails – we treat them all! Many of which can be treated with our green pest control products.

If you have landscape pests, it’s important to get pest control treatment right away, otherwise, you’ll lose your prized plants and shrubs, and money too.

Before we treat for landscape pests, your service technician will do a thorough landscape inspection, free-of-charge to determine your needs and inspect for any preventative measures. Let us help keep your property and garden landscape looking healthy.

Commercial Pest Control in Fullerton

We have a program that meets your concern for the well-being of both your customers and the environment. We do this by providing products with a "Green Approach" that values a sustainable earth.

Downtown Fullerton. Hearts provides commercial pest control for a variety of food and beverage businesses.

Many commercial pests can be prevented. Your Hearts’ service professional will inspect your place of business during each service and provide IPM solutions to prevent future pest infestations.

Our commercial inspections in Fullerton are free. We want to provide your business with the best pest control possible to keep your good name, and your customers and employees free from unnecessary pesticides.

Check out our main page on Commercial Pest Control for a list of types of businesses we help keep pest free and how we do it.

Rodent Control - Inside and Out

Gophers and Squirrels will tear up your yard in no time! We provide a monthly inspection and baiting service to keep gophers and squirrels at bay. Rats and Mice may start out as outdoor pests but soon can become indoor pests should they find a small hole or gap to chew through.

Rats are attracted to snails. We have snail control too!

Roof rats are very common in southern California; these great climbers will use tree branches to access your roof and make their way inside.

We provide full rodent remediation services to include indoor trapping and attic clean-out as well as monthly rodent baiting or bi-weekly trapping but first, we like to inspect your home and check for any entrances where mice or rats got inside or are nesting elsewhere around your property.

All rodent inspections are free of charge!

Pest control, like any kind of business, is a joint venture between the company and the customer. At Hearts, we like to consider it a relationship; we want you to feel you are receiving the best service possible and by a company who really cares!

Call us today 800-986-1006 for more information and to schedule service. You may also fill out the form below and a caring Hearts customer service representative will get back to you shortly.

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