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Costa Mesa Pest Control

Costa Mesa, circa 1950’s

Hearts Pest Management is the “Residential Expert” in pest control for Costa Mesa residents.

Let us keep your home free from bothersome pests such as ants, spiders, fleas, rats and mice, and so much more.

At Hearts, we offer more than 18 years of experience in providing both residential and commercial pest control in Costa Mesa other Orange County cities.

We have a variety of pest control services and we offer FREE, no pressure, inspections and proposals. Our pest control maintenance programs ensure that your home or business is kept as pest-free as possible!

Both our traditional and organic pest control services treat for general pests such as ants, spiders, earwigs, water bugs, and outdoor fleas. Our basic service is offered monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

We are EcoWise Certified for Organic Pest Control!

Our green program is best on a monthly or bimonthly basis. You can choose the frequency! Many of our customer prefer taking advantage of our spring / summer monthly green pest control and switch to our winter bimonthly come October. Residential Pest Control

Organic / Green Pest Control

Our green program is our most popular pest control plan, especially for families with young children and/or pets. We also recommended using green / organic pest control for individuals sensitive to chemicals. Green / Organic Pest Control

We also practice IPM—Integrated Pest Management—a way of dealing with pests by utilizing the least toxic solutions and minimizing application to areas necessary for controlling specific types of pests.

Practicing IPM is also preventative pest control with methods that keep you and your family’s health and environmental risks as low as possible. What exactly is IPM?

Hearts has an array of residential pest control services to keep your home looking beautiful and pest-free.

IPM can be something as simple as trimming shrubs and plants 12 inches away from the sides of your home. This helps keep insects and spiders from easy access to the foundation.

Another IPM solution to prevent rats from climbing onto your roof is to remove or trim back any branches that are touching the roof. Branches act like bridges for roof rats; onto your roof and into your attic or crawl space!

Your Hearts’ service professional will give you these IPM tips as he or she inspects your property during your pest control service.

Costa Mesa Ant Control

In California, most of the ant problems are related to the invasive Argentine Ant. Argentine ants This species has multiple queens which is why they're so hard to control with Do-it-Yourself methods.

When Argentine ants feel threatened by a can of Raid or the Borax mixture you've created, one or more of the queens will break away and start new colonies elsewhere on your property. Our service professionals are trained in identifying and treating various ant species including these invasive ants.

Argentine ants like both sweets and protein whereas some species prefer one or the other.

Here are a few tips to help with the ants until we can be of service:

  • a. Use a combination of vinegar and water to spray and wipe them up. This helps remove the pheromones they leave behind.
  • b. Check for tiny holes and cracks in areas where you find ants i.e. baseboards, along grout by sinks or tubs and caulk these areas.
  • c. Place pet food bowls in a shallow baking pan filled with water, the ants won't cross over to the food.

Garden and Landscape Pest Control

Are you having problems with landscape pests such as whitefly or aphids? There are numerous landscape pests that can damage your plants and trees. Landscape and Garden Pest Control

Aphids being “corralled” by ants in exchange for honeydew.

We treat for aphids, whitefly, fungus, sooty mold, mealy bugs, snails, and much more. Our approach to landscape pest control is to first perform a physical inspection to properly identify the pests.

We utilize the newest pesticide products on the market that have undergone comprehensive and environmental research - including many organic solutions and, we explain how and what we will do to manage your landscape pests.

We offer an amazing variety of landscape pest control services from gophers and squirrels, to tree and shrub pest control – our landscape inspections are free-of-charge!

Spider Control in Costa Mesa

Spiders are year-round in southern California and often created unsightly webs around your home.  At Hearts, we not only treat for spiders and remove any webs and egg sacs we find but we also treat their food source – the insects.

Got Spiders? We can help!

Treatment for spiders can be tricky because they hide. If you have a lot of spiders, it's because you have an abundance of insects.

Our service professionals will hunt down dangerous spiders such as the toxic black and brown widows.  Did you know brown widows like to hang out underneath patio furniture? They’re easy to spot with their striped legs and cream-colored spiky egg sacs.

We’ll even get these widows if you turn your patio furniture on its side before we come treat.Visit our page on Spider Control for more information.

Rodent Control – Gophers, Rats and Mice, and Squirrels

If you have indoor rats and mice, we usually do trapping and then an exclusion (blocking off entry points). Outdoors, we provide either monthly rodent baiting service or every other week trapping.

For more information on rats and mice, take a look at our main page to learn how we treat your existing problem and prevent any further infestations: Rat and Mice Control

Rats and mice can squeeze or chew their way through the tiniest holes around your home and in your roof.

Gophers and Squirrels can tear up your yard and ruin prized plants in no time! As soon as you see a problem, call us right away before it becomes a real infestation. All of our rodent inspections are free-of-charge.

Sometimes, when a customer calls, he or she wants to know the price of our rodent services but there is no way possible to tell, until our service professional inspects your home and landscape.

Each property is different and as mentioned, the inspection is free. At that time, your service technician will provide you with a written estimate; if you are ok with the price, he can start treatment right away!

Commercial Pest Control for Costa Mesa Businesses

Hearts provides pest control for restaurants and other commercial establishments.

For commercial accounts such as restaurants, hotels, retail shops, schools, and offices, we provide an inspection, free of charge.

Our service professional will determine your needs and give you a written estimate. When it comes to pest control in a business environment, it’s very important to have a company who understands the importance of keeping it as free of pests as possible.

Many commercial pest can be treated with our green program so you can rest assured your customers and employees are protected from harsh chemicals. Please visit our page on Commercial Pest Control, for more information on how we treat and all the different type of businesses we help.

Our website is meant to be very informative, with many pages dealing with ants, spiders, rodents, landscape pest, gophers, and much more. For pricing and treatment options, and for availability, please give us a call. Ask about our free inspections!

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