Pest Control in Capistrano Beach, CA

Pest Control in Capistrano Beach, CA

Welcome to a different kind of pest control company! Right in your coastal town of Capistrano Beach, 92624!  We are an environmentally conscientious pest control company – Hearts Pest Management. There’s a reason why we have the word “heart” in our name; we’re a pest control company with “heart.”  For you, your loved ones, and the environment.

Beautiful Capistrano Beach, CA

Our motto is, “First, do no harm.” This is why we utilize the newest pest control products on the market that have undergone comprehensive and environmental research - including many organic solutions.

Understanding IPM and Green Pest Control

Hearts is EcoWise Certified in organic pest control applications to protect you and your furry ones.

You may have heard the term “IPM” by some pest control companies but what is IPM? It stands for Integrated Pest Management but what does that really mean?

IPM is a way of dealing with pests by utilizing the least-toxic solutions and minimizing pesticide problems for not only people but the environment as well. The word “integrated” is used because it brings together – integrates, a wide range of biological, organic, and preventative options for pest problems.

Good science. Good sense. Good pest control – Hearts Pest Management.

“Management” applies to the fact that one can only “manage” pests; you can’t eliminate them entirely, no matter what the advertisement says.

Hearts Pest Management has a variety of residential pest control services for Capistrano Beach.

Hearts Pest Management practices IPM on a regular basis and, we are the only company in southern California to receive an award for Innovative Pest Management practices by the EPA – California’s Environmental Protection Agency.

At Hearts, our focus in using IPM solutions isn’t just for insects and spiders but landscape pests and fungus issues as well as wildlife such as rats and mice.

We were “Green” before it became popular in the pest control industry. Our service professionals are EcoWise certified and trained in managing all sorts of pests using Green / Organic Pest Control solutions.

Now, you don’t have to worry about your loved ones being exposed to harmful pesticides with our “Greenthumb” maintenance plan.

Residential and Landscape Pest Control

Damage to leaves as the result of landscape pests.

Hearts provides Landscape and Garden Pest Control for Capistrano Beach residences. You spend a lot of money on your favorite trees, shrubs, and plants. Let us help keep them pest free.

Certain trees and shrubs are susceptible to specific insect damage. For example, whiteflies tend to infest hibiscus trees; rose worms and snails effect your roses, aphids and other scale insects show up on many of your other plant leaves, all leaving your garden landscape damaged and even preventing growth.

If you prefer, we’re able to treat most landscape pests with our organic / green program but first, your Hearts’ service professional will inspect your property, free of charge.

Our general pest maintenance plan, be it traditional or organic, takes care of nuisance home invading pests such as ants, spiders, water bugs, and earwigs (pincher bugs).

For a complete list of residential services, visit our main page: Residential Pest Control.

Ants are a year-round pest in southern California, not just in the summer.

Ant and Spider Control in Capistrano Beach

Ants and spiders are first and second on the list of the most annoying, and scary of pests. Did you know that ants on your counter could very well be leaving traces of salmonella? And the two spiders of medical importance in Capistrano Beach? Black and brown widows.

Your Hearts' service technician will find their hiding spots and eliminate them and their egg sacs.

Ants and spiders are our bread-and-butter of pest control. We take into all accounts of an ant invasion before treating such as, where are the trails leading to outside? Is there a nest we can eliminate? What are the ants going after, grease or sweets, or water, or all of the above?

Got spiders? We can help!

Living on or near the coast in Capistrano Beach, you may notice more spider webs than your inland neighbors. Interestingly, this is because of a spider behavior called “ballooning.”

Young spiderlings climb high on a house or fence, then let out a single strand of silk to let the ocean winds carry them to new neighborhoods.

Most of these spiders are pretty harmless but black and brown widows are toxic and will bite if threatened. Many times, they’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Your Hearts’ technician will hunt down these widow spiders and remove their webs and egg sacs.

Rodent Control in Capistrano Beach

Rodents – gophers, squirrels, voles and moles and rats or mice, require a monthly baiting service to maintain. We do, however, offer outdoor trapping for rats on a more frequent basis than the monthly baiting service.

Roof Rats Climbing down a wire or rope, one after another.

Roof rats are very common in coastal towns and they’re great climbers.

It’s important to make sure your landscape doesn’t attract rats. Some of the preventative ways to keep rats at bay are to trim any tree branches touching your roof and ensure there isn’t any debris piled in the yard where they can nest build a nest.

Another thing you can do is clean your yard of dog feces on a regular basis (rats are attracted to dog poop!) and, if you have a lot of snails, you may want to add a snail service to your pest control plan – rats eat snails.

For Indoors, if you find there are mice or rats in your attic or crawl space, we provide full trapping, rodent remediation, and clean-out! Visit our main page on Rat and Mice Control to see all we have to offer!

Commercial Pest Control in Capistrano Beach

Hearts Pest Management is a full service company with over 18 years of experience in providing commercial pest control for Capistrano Beach and the surrounding cities.

We can help your restaurant or other type of business with our Commercial Pest Control plan.

We offer a variety of Commercial pest control services and FREE, no pressure inspections. Our commercial maintenance programs ensure your business interests are pest free!

Here are just a few of the types of commercial businesses we provide pest control: medical offices, retirement centers, restaurants, retail shops, churches, schools, warehouses, universities, and hotels.

Visit our main page for more information at: Commercial Pest Control.

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