Pest Control in Buena Park, CA

Why choose Hearts Pest Management for your pest control needs in Buena Park? To be direct, because we are unlike any other company! We not only care about the impact pest control has on the environment but we also care for the health and welfare of your family and your pets!

Beach Boulevard is Buena Park’s E- Zone for tourists and residents alike.

Hearts Pest Management is THE industry leader in innovative pest management backed by California’s EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the only company licensed in both structural and landscape pest control.

Hearts Pest Management’s Service Professionals are EcoWise Certified!

We have a wide range of pest control services to meet your needs in Buena Park; from ants and spiders, to gophers and rats, we provide Buena Park residents and business owners’ pest control with a “difference.” …

An Environmentally Conscientious Pest Control Company

At Hearts, we specialize in “Green Pest Control” to keep ants and spiders, and other insects from invading your home. We still practice traditional pest control but treat only where and when necessary. To learn more about our green program, please visit our main page on Green / Organic Pest Control

Many of our Buena Park customers with sensitivities to products, or have young children and pets, will often choose our “Greenthumb” Residential Pest Control maintenance plan to take care of their pest control needs.

Got Ants? Ant Control the Hearts Pest Management Way

Did you know – some ants prefer protein over sweets while others like both?

In Southern California, we have ants all year round. Your Hearts’ service professional understands the behavior of different ant species and what attracts them. For instance, some ants prefer protein over sweets, others like them both, and then there is the time of year when an ants’ preference may switch!

Hearts not only treats for current ant infestations but searches for any ant nests surrounding your home. We have both traditional and organic methods for eliminating ants as well as some preventative techniques on our page on Ant Control.

Commercial Pest Control in Buena Park

Hearts provides a variety of commercial pest control services for business owners in Buena Park. We know how hard it can be to keep your restaurant, hotel, amusement park, retail store, and even your office kitchen, free from pests.

Restaurants are constantly battling pests from roaches and rats to flies and ants. We can help!

Today’s patrons are “review happy” and sometimes one bad review can make all the difference in the success of your company.

Sanitation is most important for staff to maintain in order to keep pests away.

Your Hearts’ service professional will inspect, free-of-charge, and come up with a game plan that is affordable and successful in keeping pests at bay.

Commercial Pest Control is so important; the last thing you need is a customer complaining about a roach in their glass of ice water! That actually happened! We got a call from a new restaurant that had roaches behind their freezer; the result was frozen roaches in ice!

Rats and mice are pests for just about any and every business. If you have a dumpster, you’ll find evidence of rats, if you have food left out or crumbs under the stove and on the floor, you may as well be inviting rats and mice to make your business their business.

We provide full rodent trapping, remediation, and clean-up for both residential and commercial customers!

Spider Control in Buena Park

Hearts has organic pest control solutions even for spiders!

Spider treatment is available with our green pest control program. Your technician will treat for spiders and remove any webs and egg sacs (up to the first level). He or she will also check and advise you of any hiding places where black and brown widows may frequent.

Tips on preventative methods to keep spiders from coming indoors can be found on our page Spider Control.

Hopefully, you can see why we’re a different sort of pest control company. Our mission is to provide your home or business with the best pest control possible, while at the same time, considering the safety of your family, pets, employees, and customers.

Call today at 800-986-1006 and ask about our free inspections! You may also fill out the form below and a caring customer service representative will get back to you within a timely manner.

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