Pest Control in Brea, CA

Hearts Pest Management is pleased to service Brea, California!

Hearts Pest Management is a unique pest control company in Brea. Why?
We specialize in Green / Organic Pest Control and put the health and safety of your family, and pets, above all else.

At Hearts, we are recognized for best practices and green formulated services.
Hearts is the only company, not only in Brea, but in southern California, where you will find EcoWise Certified Service.


EcoWise Certified Pest Control

EcoWise Certified was implemented by our California environmental and water resource governmental agencies in conjunction with the Bio-Integral Resource Center.
This special certification and training exposure, combined with our strong company values, means that you receive the most current and progressive pest control service you will ever find.

Hearts Service Professionals are EcoWise Certified!

Your Hearts service professional doesn’t “spray” willy-nilly. He or she “treats” using EcoWise products that target specific pests.
Like many of our Brea customers, we care about the environment and beneficial insects such the honeybee, and ladybugs too!

Residential Pest Control in Brea

Ants and spiders are a constant pest here in Southern California. Just like people who have come from afar to live in sunny California, so has many an insect.

Hearts provides a residential program that will keep your home looking beautiful and pest-free!

For example, Argentine ants are non-native ants that have built a super colony right here in California, lucky us!
That’s why you see them in the summer looking for water and in the winter crawling indoors to get away from the water – rain.

This species, unlike other ant species, has multiple queens.
When Argentine ants feel threatened by the Windex bottle or borax solution, one of the queens will break off and start a new colony elsewhere on your property!

It really takes a professional to control these invaders. …

Hearts treats for Black and Brown Widow spiders which can be toxic to humans

Did you know ants are a landscape pest too? They protect aphids from predators in exchange for aphid honeydew.

When it comes to spiders, the two species of medical importance in Brea are widow spiders; brown and black widows. Both are toxic to humans.
You know the Daddy-longlegs you see indoors? Those are actually called “Cellar spiders.” Their mouth parts are so small; they can’t even penetrate human skin.

Hearts treats for spiders and removes webs and egg sacs below the 2nd story of your home. We’ll even get the ones under your patio furniture! For more information on what we offer, visit our page on Residential Pest Control.

Landscape Pest Control in Brea

Brea is known for their art program and sculptures throughout the city like these “Dancing Deer.”

Hearts has customized solutions for your garden pest control. Brea homeowners want pests to go away without harming their children, pets, or garden plants and shrubs.
That’s why we chose to focus on “Green Pest Control!”

We offer an amazing variety of landscape pest control services from gophers and squirrels, to tree and shrub pest treatments, to weed abatement – and, we offer free inspections!

Our approach to Landscape and Garden Pest Control is first to examine every non-pesticidal way to manage these outdoor pests.

Gophers can destroy a lawn in no time, not to mention your prized plants! We can help!

Then we review our best choices from traditional and the newest pesticide products on the market - including many organic solutions, using current and comprehensive industry and environmental research findings.

Here is a list of just a few of the other types of pest control services we offer at Hearts:

Not too bad, right?

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