Pest Control in Whittier, CA

Hearts Pest Management is the City of Whittier’s’ number one pest control company in organic pest control. We know what it takes to keep your home free from bothersome ants, spiders, fleas, gophers, rats and mice, and so much more, while at the same time, keeping the health and welfare of your family and pets in mind. Whittier, CA - Legg Lake

Going Green with Hearts Pest Management

Hearts Pest Management cares about beneficial insects; that’s why we practice “Green Pest Control.”

Our Greenthumb maintenance program differentiates itself as one where you take charge of the type and frequency of your pest control. We will, however, provide guidance without taking away your right to decide what is best for your family, your health concerns, and your employees or tenants. Read our page on Green / Organic Pest Control for more in-depth information on Green Pest Control. Hearts Pest Management is the one and only pest control company in Whittier and in southern California, recognized by California’s EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as a leader in Integrated Pest Management. Our service professionals are EcoWise Certified in organic pest control. See what a difference we make!

Residential Pest Control in Whittier

Whittier neighborhoods have beautiful tree lined streets with a mixture of historic, older homes and new contemporary homes.

We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) by using a variety of methods other than pesticides. First, we inspect your property and check for current pest issues and potential problem areas that may need “exclusion” – block off any access points.

Gophers not only make your landscape look unsightly, the holes they make can be a hazard to your health should you or a family member accidently step inside of one!

We also will sit down with you and discuss habitat modification that will help deter pests from your entering your home. Making a few changes reduces the reliance on pesticides and minimizes harmful effects on the environment. Here are just a few of the services we offer Whittier residents (and business owners!):

Honeybees are an essential part of our environment. Hearts’ treats bees only when necessary.

A Word on Bees

Note: Hearts will remove a hive and honeycomb ONLY if it is a threat to the welfare of one’s family and the structure of the home, and if it’s within 100 ft. of the house. Why? Because we care! Bees are important to our food production besides providing us with gooey and delicious honey!

Whittier Ant Control

Did you know ants are a landscape pest too? They protect aphids from predators in exchange for aphid honeydew.

Got ants? We can help! Ants are a year round problem in Whittier and here’s why: Argentine ants, an invasive species from South America entered North America during the 1890’s via cargo (coffee) ships. Argentine ants must’ve decided California is the “place to be” because this particular ant species enjoyed our climate so much, that they made California their home and created one very big supercolony. There are three supercolonies of Argentine ants in the entire world we’re one of them! What makes this species special is that they have multiple queens. Most ants have just one queen per colony. This makes treating Argentine ants on your own difficult because as soon as you think you have them under control, another trail appears out of nowhere. Hearts Pest Management Service Professionals are able to identify Argentine ants and other ant species to ensure the most effective ant control is provided. Depending on your preference, we have both traditional and organic pest control for treating ants.

Female Black Widow Spider

Whittier Spider Control

Hearts Pest Management treats for spiders and removes their webs and egg sacs. Typically, your service professional will treat around the perimeter of the home (the first level), and the garage if available. Treatment inside is also available and can be done organically. Most spiders don’t mean to bite … they get scared, just like you. Spiders only bite if they feel threatened but then, you’re probably not concerned with how the spider is feeling just getting rid of it! We do our best to keep spiders at bay but remember spiders tend to hide, making it difficult to get to every single one of them. The two spiders of medical importance, as you may already know, are the Black and Brown Widows spiders. If you’re finding a lot of spiders indoors, it’s because you have a lot of insects – the spider’s food source. Over time, you’ll see less and less as we treat your home for both spiders and insects.

Commercial Pest Control in Whittier

Hearts provides a variety of commercial pest control services for business owners in Whittier.

Sanitation is most important for staff to maintain in order to keep pests away. Above is a sure case for attracting roaches!

If you are a business owner in Whittier, you know how hard it can be to keep your establishment pest-free and in this day of online reviews, pest control has become a major concern. It’s not just by word-of-mouth; your reputation can be plastered all over the internet, good and bad. The last thing you want is for a customer to see a roach on a plate or a mouse run under the table! You can believe these situations have happened…one patron of a restaurant had a roach in a glass of water that had become frozen inside the ice cube! Hearts Pest Management can help you keep your good name. … Here are a few of the pests we treat for commercial customers: Rats and mice, roaches, bed bugs, ants, flies and drain flies, dumpster pests, and much more. Please visit our Commercial Pest Control page and let us know if you’d like to schedule an inspection free-of-charge! Hopefully, you can see how passionate we are at Hearts Pest Management about providing your home and/or business with the best pest control possible while at the same time, considering the environment and the safety of your family, pets, employees and customers. Call today at 800-986-1006 and ask about our free inspections! You may also fill out the form below to request an inspection or additional information about our available services.
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