Pest Control in West Hollywood

West Hollywood, California – where the Stars shine, and so do pests! Like any other city in Los Angeles, pests are year-round because of southern California’s mild, fair-weather climate. Hearts Pest Management provides residents and business owners of West Hollywood a multitude of pest control services, including organic pest control!

West Hollywood, CA – Sunset Blvd aka “The Strip.”

Are you ready to get rid of ants and spiders in a more environmentally friendly manner that’s better for your health and the health of your family and pets? Look no further, Hearts is here to serve your city.
We are southern California’s number one company in Green / Organic Pest Control.

A Different Kind of Pest Control

Hearts is the recognized by California’s EPA for IPM (Integrated Pest Management)!

Hearts Pest Management is an environmentally conscientious company with high standards for pest control and pest prevention.

We not only practice what we preach, we are backed by California’s EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as winners of the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Innovator Award.

Our “Greenthumb” program eliminates ants, spiders, earwigs, water bugs, outdoor fleas and much more. We recommend a monthly maintenance plan for West Hollywood.

Starring Hearts Pest Management in West Hollywood – Southern California’s Leader in Organic Pest Control!

All of our service professionals are EcoWise Certified in organic pest control applications and trained in Integrated Pest Management.

Practicing Integrated Pest Management is treating only when and where necessary, utilizing green / organic products, and implementing preventative methods of pest control.

This method of pest control is designed to protect you and your loved ones, including your pets, while at the same time maintaining minimal impact to the environment.

We care about beneficial insects like these seven-spotted lady bugs – Go Green with Hearts!

When you call us about an ant invasion, we will do our best to get to you as soon as possible. Your service technician will not only treat the existing problem but will also inspect your home to find out just where the source of the ants may be and then treat the nest.

Visit our page on Ant Control to learn more about how we treat for ants and keep them from invading your home.

Home Pest Control in West Hollywood

At Hearts, we have a variety of Residential Pest Control services, many of which are organic, should you choose our “Green” program. Here are just a few of the services we offer West Hollywood residents:

Hearts has organic pest control solutions even for spiders!

Ants are year-round in southern California!

Did you know that if you find your home inundated with frequent spiders it’s because you have a lot of insects? And also that some ant species prefer sweets while others go for protein?

Our service professionals are experts on different ant and spider species and how to treat accordingly.  They'll even remove spider webs and egg sacs and search the source of the ants.

Landscape and Garden Pest Control

Aphids are one of the most common landscape pest. They use their long slender mouthparts to pierce and suck out fluids from the tender most part of your plants, usually the leaves.

Besides leaf damage, aphids emit honeydew which attracts ants. In exchange for protection from predators, aphids allow ants to “farm” them by herding them underneath the leaves of a plant away from the eyes of birds, lacewings, ladybugs, beetles, and yellow jackets.

Note the progression of leaf damage due to scale insects.

Take a look at your favorite shrubs … do you notice some of the leaves are curling? Check underneath and you will probably find aphids and ants.

Hearts will help reduce the aphid population on your plants as well as treat for other landscape pests such as whitefly, fungus, mealybugs, and black sooty mold.

We also treat the larger landscape pests – gophers and squirrels! Gophers have been known to pull a prized plant into the ground right from the roots.

Visit our main page:  Landscape and Garden Pest Control for information on specific landscape pests and treatment.

Hearts Pest Management provides free landscape inspections!

Commercial Pest Control for Businesses in West Hollywood

Hearts Pest Management can help you keep your good name. If you own your own business, in West Hollywood, you know how essential it is to have good pest control. The last thing your company needs is a bad review because of mouse running under a customer’s table or bed bugs in their hotel room!

We look at your business as a “relationship” between us and your company. We both have the same goal – to keep your place of work as pest-free as possible.

Where there are two, more are sure to follow!

We want you to feel you are receiving the best customer service and trust that we care about your company as well as the health and welfare of your employees.

Here are a few of the pests we treat for our West Hollywood business accounts:

Rats, mice, roaches, bed bugs, ants, spiders, flies and drain flies, dumpster pests, bed bugs, and much more.

Please visit our main page on Commercial Pest Control for detailed information on how we treat certain types of pests. Our commercial inspections are free-of-charge!

Hearts Pest Management is just a phone call or email away so don’t delay! It will only allow a pest problem to increase and become a health hazard.

Call today at 800-986-1006 for more information and to schedule an appointment. Ask about our free inspections!
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