Pest Control in Walnut

Pest Control in Walnut, CA

Hearts Pest Management is currently servicing the good people of Walnut, CA! Both residents and business owners in the City of Walnut have better options when it comes to pest control – You get to choose what’s best for your home, family or employees, and pets.

Walnut, CA – Home of the U.S. 2020 Olympic Team Trials, Mt. SAC

At Hearts, we offer certified GREEN pest control. All our service professionals are EcoWise Certifed in organic applications. Of course, if you prefer traditional pest control – we have that too. You might ask, “What’s the difference?”…

Going Green with Hearts

Our Green / Organic Pest Control program treats for general pests like ants and spiders using a variety of botanical oils.
Cartoon of a green lacewing

At Hearts, we care about beneficial insects like this lovely lacewing.

The green plan is recommended on a monthly basis but you do have option of switching to every other month during the winter.  You get to choose the frequency! Individuals with pets, young children, and/or elderly family members often opt for the green program because they don’t have to leave their home should inside treatment be necessary, nor do the animals have to stay away from treated areas of the yard. Also, businesses that need to be open to the public will chose organic for the same reasons.

Hearts provides residents of Walnut, CA with a variety of pest control services.

Traditional or “basic” pest control utilizes chemicals to control general pests. It is offered monthly, every other month, or quarterly. We do have a one-time service but encourage customers to get on a maintenance plan because, in southern California, pests are year-round. Basic pest control does require you be away from the home for a couple of hours if we do any indoor treatments. As far as animals and young children, they should be away from the outside areas treated, also for a couple hours until the product dries. One thing about Hearts that is different from many pest control companies is that we treat only where necessary. We don’t go spraying willy-nilly but target specific pests with the right product for that pest.

Notice how the aphids and ants are under the leaves – this is an ant behavior called “farming.”

In both programs, we use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solutions for preventative pest control. Our service professionals will share their knowledge on how to keep pests from coming indoors without having to “spray” all over!

Got Ants?

Most Californians don’t realize that we are sitting on top of a giant super colony of Argentine ants, those tiny little black ones. There are three super colonies in the world and we are one of them – lucky us! Hearts can eliminate ant infestations with either traditional or organic methods. Besides treating existing ant infestations, your service professional will inspect for any ant nests around the property and treat them as well.

Got Spiders? We can help!

Ants are considered indoor / outdoor pests because they can also cause indirect damage to plants through attracting and protecting aphids. For more on ants and different ant species, visit our main page on Ant Control. Besides ants and organic pest control, here are just a few of the residential services we provide in Walnut:

Rat and Mice Control in Walnut

No matter the size or cost or newness of your home, roof rats will find their way into your attic or crawl space!

You might be thinking, “Rats and mice are only a problem in unsanitary environments.” While that may sometimes be true, nevertheless, rodents are an issue for newer buildings and homes as well as the older ones. Part of the problem is living so close to natural areas where there is wildlife; canyons, fields, etc. Rats and mice are supposed to be “out there” but become pests when they start invading your home or business, creating unsanitary conditions with their urine and feces so that it becomes a health hazard. Not to mention destroying inside wiring. …
Pipe in wall

Openings around pipes are an easy entry way for rats and mice.

Another issue with new homes is small gaps left by plumbing, heating and air conditioners, etc. when the home was originally being built. Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime and rats will chew on it until its big enough for them to squeeze through too! Take a look at the images below for some examples of how rats and mice make their way indoors:

Rat Treatment and Prevention

Here is a perfect example of how roof rats get into a home; roof rats are excellent climbers and use trees to jump onto the roof.

Hearts provides complete rodent remediation services. If you have rats or mice in the attic, crawl space, or walls, we trap, clean-up any urine and feces, and perform an exclusion – block off access points where the rats and mice got inside. Outdoors, we suggest a monthly rodent plan, especially if you do live near a field or canyon. Did you know rats eat snails? And dog poop? Yep, they both attract rats. While we can’t help you with the dog poop, we can provide a snail service!

Commercial Pest Control for Businesses

Hearts Pest Management can help you keep your good name. If you own your own business, you know how important it is to have pest control. Here are a few of the pests we treat for commercial customers: Rats and mice, roaches, bed bugs, ants, flies and drain flies, dumpster pests, bed bugs, and much more. Please visit our Commercial Pest Control page for more information on how we help business owners in Walnut, CA. Pest control, like any kind of business, is a joint venture between the company and the customer. At Hearts, we like to consider it a relationship, hopefully long-term. We want you to feel you are receiving the best customer service and trust that we care about you, your family, your pets, and your business. Hearts Pest Management is just a phone call or email away so don’t delay! It will only allow a pest problem to increase and become a health hazard!


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