Pest Control in Toluca Lake, CA

Beautiful Toluca Lake! We provide a variety of residential pest control including landscape pests.

Toluca Lake Pest Control

Toluca Lake, a beautiful neighborhood in the City of Los Angles, is a community concerned with environmental issues that Hearts Pest Management is able to address when it comes to pest control.

We are southern California’s leader in organic / green pest control!

At Hearts, we practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solutions so you, your family and pets, and the environment are protected from overuse of pesticides.

Our Service Professionals are EcoWise Certified in Organic Pest Control!

We offer a natural, holistic approach, to controlling pests by determining the most effective and safest combination of products, methods, and application techniques to manage your individual pest problems.

The goal of Integrated Pest Management is to reduce or eliminate pesticides by utilizing various methods of pest prevention and largely organic solutions, devoted to customer safeguards and smart environmental stewardship.

Home and Landscape Pest Control in Toluca Lake

We have a variety of residential pest control services to help keep your home and garden pest-free!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words, “pest control?” Ants, then spiders, right? Often, people don’t realize the magnitude of damage landscape pests can cause shrubs, trees, and plants. At least not until the leaves start falling or become discolored and covered in mold, or fungus.

Oh, there are landscape pests that crawl and fly and dig holes too. Think of whitefly (notorious on hibiscus trees), and aphids (which attract ants in exchange for their sweet honeydew which then turns sticky and becomes moldy).

Did I mention other scale insects like mealybugs? Landscape and Garden Pest Control.  These are just a few pest problems in a garden landscape that we can treat, often with our green pest control program.

The larger creatures among landscape pests are rats and mice, gophers (great for tearing up the lawn), and of course, squirrels. Our landscape inspections for Toluca Lake residents are free-of-charge!

Ant and Control in Toluca Lake

Ants are a year-round pest in southern California.

Warm temperatures or rainy weather, it doesn’t matter; ants will come a-marching, despite all your “do-it-yourself” methods. In southern California, we are sitting on top of one huge ant hill of Argentine ants, invaders from South America. Ant Control

It’s this ant species that is so hard to control. The reason being, Argentine ants have more than one queen. When they feel threatened, by the borax mixture you just fed them, one or more of the queens will break away and start colonies elsewhere in and around your home.

Ever squish an ant on the kitchen counter and got a whiff of what smelled like rotten coconut? There are ants with such an odor called, yep - “Odorous House ants.”

It’s important to know what kind of ants are causing an infestation because they respond to different types of treatment. For instance, some ants like sweets, others prefer protein, even grease!

We treat for both spiders and their food source – insects!

Our service professionals are experts at identifying and treating a variety of ant species, which includes rooting out and eliminating the colony.

Spider Control

Spiders, like the orb-weaver in the photo, offer benefits in your yard by preying on landscape pests. In the home, there are a variety of spiders that prey on other household pests. Nevertheless, you probably prefer keeping your home and family free of daddy-long legs, hunting wolf spiders, and especially, the black and brown widows!

We not only eliminate spiders, we treat the insects they feed on and remove webs around the perimeter of your home and patio. Your service professional will hunt down black and brown widows to make sure you family and pets are as safe as possible.

Rats and mice quickly become pests when you start finding droppings or hear noises in your ceiling.

Because widow spiders hide, however, it’s not uncommon to see one in between services but our follow-up treatments, should you need one, are free-of-charge! Spider Control

Rat and Mice Control in Toluca Lake

Rats and mice look for the easiest places to find food and water, and a place to nest, especially in the winter. Don’t let it be inside your attic or crawl space. Trees touching the roof are bridges for roof rats, excellent climbers them critters. …

Your pest control technician will keep you informed of any potential pest problems, including areas where rats and mice may make their way indoors.

This home is a perfect example of how branches touching a roof can become an easy access point for roof rats to enter your home.

We provide full rodent remediation from trapping and attic clean-out to outdoor monthly rodent baiting or bi-weekly trapping. Rat and Mice Control

Commercial Pest Control

The number one reason for pest issues in a commercial environment is lack of sanitation. Employees leaving clean up to the morning crew instead of sweeping up crumbs, cleaning counters and emptying trash is an invitation for rats and mice, roaches, ants, and many other kinds of pests to come dine at your establishment.

Your Hearts professional will provide a free pest inspection of your business and sit down with you to come up with a maintenance plan that will both suit your needs and your budget. Commercial Pest Control

We tailor commercial pest control plans to your specific needs.

We service a variety of companies from food and beverage to hotels, daycare centers and schools, retail stores, offices, and much more. …

At Hearts, we like to consider our relationship with you as just that - a relationship. A good one! We want you to trust that you are receiving the best service possible and know how much we care about you, your family, and your pets.

We’re just a phone call or email away. Thank you Toluca Lake for choosing Hearts Pest Management to service your beautiful community!

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