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Temple City, CA home of the annual Camellia Festival, is a beautiful community to live or work.  Hearts Pest Management is pleased to offer an alternative to traditional pest control for residents and local business owners in Temple City.

Temple City, CA - The Soaring Teapot

Green Pest Control is Here!

At Hearts, we offer both conventional and Green / Organic Pest Control to our Temple City residents and business owners.

If you have young children and pets, you might want to go with our green program.

We call it “GreenThumb” and it’s offered on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

It controls most of the general pests that the conventional program does.

All Hearts’ Service Professionals are EcoWise Certified!

The difference? You don’t have to keep the kids or pets away for a few hours after we treat as you would with regular pest control products.

Take a look at our main page on Residential Pest Control to view an array of our services offered in Temple City.

Ant and Spider Control the Hearts Pest Management Way

You may have noticed more Brown widows than Black hanging out under your patio furniture and other areas around the house.

That’s because Brown widows are invasive and are slowly displacing our native

The two spiders of medical importance are Brown and Black widows; both are toxic.

Black widows. They’re less toxic but still will bite when disturbed.

When we do a spider treatment, we treat their food source too – insects.

Ants are year-round pests in southern California.

Your Hearts service professional will remove webs and egg sacs, even from your patio furniture if you turn it on its side when you know we’re coming. Spider Control.

Ants and more ants! Where there’s one, many are sure to follow! Ever noticed how you have ants year-round?

In the summer, they come indoors looking for water and, in the winter, when it rains, they march inside to get away from the water!

Whiteflies nesting under a leaf.

Our ant treatments are very successful. One reason is because our service professionals are trained in various ant species to better understand which product will work best on controlling them.

For example, Argentine ants have multiple queens and tend to like both sweets and protein; choosing the right product, be it traditional or green, is important in controlling this ant species.

Landscape Pest Control in Temple City

Let us help keep your Temple City camellias looking beautiful!

Think your shrubs and plants are ok? Look at the underside of some of the leaves… you may find all kinds of insect activity going on!

Whitefly is a landscape pest which, like aphids, causes leaves to discolor and turn brown. Aphids attract ants, that’s why you see ants on your plants.

Aphids provide ants a honey-like substance in exchange for corralling them on the underside leaves, away from the eyes of flying predators.

Hibiscus trees often become victim to whitefly infestations.

Hearts can treat many of these landscape pests but first, we like to inspect your property, free-of-charge, to determine how best we can help. Landscape and Garden Pest Control.

Rodent Control in Temple City

Hearts provides rodent trapping, exclusions and attic clean-outs.

Be it rats, mice, gophers or squirrels, Hearts will take care of any rodent problems you may have.

If you hear noises in your attic or crawl space, most likely you have rats.

We provide trapping and remediation, exclusion (blocking off access points where the mice or rats have gotten inside) and clean-out of the attic if needed. Rat and Mice Control.

It’s amazing how all it takes is a tiny little hole or gap next to a pipe, air unit, etc. for rats and mice to get in. Plus, if you have trees touching your roof or shrubs right up next to your home, the branches act as bridges for mice, rats, spiders, and all kinds of insects to get inside.

This home with lots of foliage touch the sides and roof is destined for needing rat and mice control!

Your Hearts service professional will provide tips on preventative pest control for your home and garden landscape.

Commercial Pest Control in Temple City

Hearts provides Temple City business with both traditional and organic pest control depending on their needs. From restaurants to hotels to large corporations, we treat roaches, bed bugs, rodents, general and landscape pests.

The great thing about treating with our green program is it can be done in sensitive environments such as convalescent and retirement homes, schools, churches, and daycare centers.

Camellia Square

We offer free commercial inspections; our service professional will not only inspect and provide a reasonable estimate, but he or she will sit down with you and outline a pest control plan tailored to best suit your company’s needs – and budget!

For more information, visit our page on link id="63"]Commercial Pest Control[/link].

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