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Reseda flower

Reseda - The City of Mignonette

Reseda, CA is situated in the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley. The neighborhood of Reseda was named after a Mediterranean plant that grew abundantly in the valley called Reseda odorata also known by the English name of Mignonette.

In the early 1900's, Reseda was an agricultural community in an area of land that was part of the San Fernando Mission. Today, Reseda is a thriving community but "Nature" still plays her part as residents are witness to a myriad of pests due to the warm summers and cold winters within the valley.

Hearts Pest Management - "A Company With Heart"

Our pest control company is growing fast in Reseda, CA for one reason only - we communicate and service our customers very well. How? Why?

We put our employees on a progressive career track like no other pest control company.
We institute best practices and strive to make practice perfect. We have solid ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

But that's too easy. We are also the number one recognized Southern California leader in Green Pest Control .

Now, we can bring our Organic and Green Pest Control EcoWise Certified service to you in Reseda, CA.

Reseda was named after a flowering Mediterranean plant called Reseda odorata also known as Mignonette.

Reseda was named after a flowering Mediterranean plant called Reseda odorata also known as Mignonette.

Please Explore Our Core Pest Control Services for Reseda, CA:

You may also want to check out "Gerry's Corner" or our employment page to glean how a pest control company can have a strong corporate culture that adds up to outstanding customer value.

Happy, energized, valued pest control employees at Hearts Pest Management are better equipped professionally and psychologically to treat you, your family, your pets and your loved surroundings with care and respect.

Town of Reseda, CA

Reseda, CA is a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley where several movies have been filmed, including “The Karate Kid.”

Your Pest Service Professional

Meet Rene Herrera, Hearts Pest Management Service Technician. Rene actually lives in Reseda, CA and has over 18 years experience in the industry. Rene enjoys his home life in Reseda and helping customers with their pest control needs. He is very knowledgeable and will be sure to answer any of your questions and concerns.

Rene has a unique history working in pest control. His prior positions have included providing pest control on Hollywood sets and movie star trailers, rail cars, flower mills, and food manufacturing plants. Hearts is happy to have Rene as one of the team!

Rene Herrera

Hearts Pest Management Service Professional, Rene Herrera works and lives in Reseda, CA

We Can Help!

We will customize your pest control service to fill your unique needs. Factors reviewed include the regional and local micro-climates in Reseda, CA 91335.

Living or working in the Reseda, it's hot! We suggest monthly pest control service, but highly manicured, low maintenance landscapes often do well on an every other monthly pest control schedule. This choice also depends on your ability to tolerate pests.

The longer the interval, the more likely the pest will return to a level you are not happy with before we return on a scheduled visit. But know that we are there for you! Your pest control warranty is ironclad. We return as needed during the warranty period to give you the peace of mind you desire.

Going Organic in Reseda

For organic pest control, Hearts Pest Management has a "Greenthumb" program which includes thoroughly monthly inspections, observation and targeted pest treatments during each of our visits. We strive to get the job done to your satisfaction by utilizing these IPM (Integrated Pest Management) methods.

Surrounding landscapes, both on your property and the neighboring properties/countryside should have a huge impact on your pest control service level decision. Yes, budgets vary and we respect those choices. We can and do adapt to your needs - not the other way around.

EcoWise Certified

Hearts Pest Management Technicians are EcoWise Certified for Organic Applications.

Ant and Spider Control in Reseda

Summers in Reseda can be pretty hot and winter evenings fairly cold (at least for Native Californians). During spring and summer months, ants start marching into homes one by one until you have very long lines of them. But ants will also come indoors during winter rains, they're either looking for water when it's hot or they want to get away from the water when it rains!

Argentine ant and aphid

Argentine Ant (Linepithema humile) tending an aphid.

Hearts Pest Management has been solving ant problems for many years. We attack spider problems as well, starting with our exterior, chemical-free web dusting.

Eliminating spider food and habitat modification will go a long way to eliminating a spider problem.

Spider infestations are usually because there are many insects around the home - a spider's food source.

Spiders of Medical Importance

Are spiders freaking you or your loved ones out? Many people have a fear of spiders and although the majority of spiders are harmless, most people still prefer spiders remain out-of-doors! Hearts can help keep spiders at bay and will check for hiding places to remove both spiders and their egg sacs.

The two spiders of medical importance in Reseda are black and brown widow spiders. Both will bite when disturbed or threatened.

It is not uncommon to find widow spiders and their egg sacs under outdoor playground equipment, woodpiles, corners of the garage, under patio furniture, storage areas, and in the eaves of your home.

Female Brown Widow with Egg Sac

Brown widows with "spiky" egg sac like to hide under patio furniture.

Black Widow Spider

Black widows spiders tend to prefer dark corners.

For information on a variety of pest issues, please explore our website. This website is built with the information seeker in mind. We have lots of great information on:

  • ants and spiders
  • rats and mice
  • bees and bee removal
  • gophers and squirrels
  • birds and mites
  • Bed bugs! and cockroaches
  • landscape pest control
  • residential pest control
  • commercial pest control
  • a blog and forum for the truly curious you.

Hearts Pest Management is fortunate to service Reseda. Let us demonstrate what a socially and environmentally responsible pest control company can do differently and better for you and your neighbors.

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Hearts Pest Management Staff

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Monica Weil

Great service. The technician actually listens. Very happy.

April 8, 2019
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