Pest Control in Pomona, CA

If you live or work in Pomona, you know how heat intensive the city can be. All this heat brings pests indoors looking for food and water but it’s not just the heat that attracts pests; it’s our sunny southern California and mild, damp winters.

Evidently, California is the place to be, for both people and pests! Hearts Pest Management provides Pomona residents and business owners with a unique approach to pest control.

Hearts isn’t just any pest control company but one that has the welfare of your family, pets, as well as the environment in mind, when addressing and treating pest issues. We are Hearts Pest Management – A company with “heart.”

Certified Green / Organic Pest Control

Our Service Professionals are EcoWise Certified in Green Pest Control!

Hearts Pest Management is the first and only pest control service you can find in Southern California that is EcoWise certified.

Check our page on "Organic / Green Pest Control" and learn about our most popular "Greenthumb" program.

In Pomona, we recommend a monthly service during spring and summer with the option of switching to every other month in the winter. This takes care of ants, spiders, earwigs, big water bugs, and outdoor fleas.

However, if you don’t have young children or pets and are seeking a more traditional approach, we have monthly, bi-monthly, and a quarterly service – you choose!

Got Ants? Ant Control in Pomona

Some ants, Argentine ants for instance, have multiple queens so when they see a can of Raid or Borax mixture you’ve created, one or more of the queens will break away and start new colonies elsewhere on your property.

Some ants like sweets while others prefer protein.

It's because of the multiple queens that make this species so hard to control with do-it-yourself methods. And, it's also why southern California has ant problems year-round!

At Hearts, our service technicians are able to identify various ant species to ensure the right product is used, depending if the type of ant prefers protein over sweets, or vice versa.

Take a look at just some of the pest control services we offer at Hearts:

Rodent Control in Pomona

Roof rats are great climbers; trees near or touching the roof give them easy access to home.

Whether your home is old or new, rats and mice can find ways inside and create havoc in your attic or crawl space. Just breathing in their urine from vents can cause disease.

If you have rats or mice inside your home, you’ll know it by the pitter patter in your ceiling or the scratching sounds coming from the walls.

If they are indoors, we most likely will recommend trapping and an exclusion (blocking off where the rats or mice may have come inside). Outdoors, we provide either monthly rodent baiting service or every other week trapping.

We first need to do an inspection which is free-of-charge. Our service professional will provide you with an estimate and recommended treatment and prevention.

Gotcha! Female Black Widow

Spider Control in Pomona

Most spiders don’t mean to bite … they get scared too. Spiders only bite if they feel threatened but then, you’re probably not concerned with how the spider is feeling!

In southern California, however, it’s the black and brown widow spiders that cause customers to pick up the phone and call for pest control! These two spiders are toxic to humans and like to hide; especially in dark corners and under patio furniture.

No need to fear – Hearts Pest Management is here! We will hunt down widow spiders and provide tips on how to keep them from getting into your home.

Landscape and Garden Pests

Our landscape pest service gets rid aphids, whiteflies, fungus, mealy bugs, and much more.

Have you noticed recently how some of your plants and shrubs have discolored leaves; maybe a sooty looking mold? Are the leaves curling and falling off the branches or stems?

You may have aphids and scale insects. Aphids, especially, are notorious for damaging leaves by the honeydew they emit from their rears. The sun burns this sweet liquid causing leaves to discolor, curl, and get black mold. Honeydew also attracts ants.

Ants actually protect aphids in exchange for honeydew by corralling them under leaves where predators can’t see them.

Our landscape service in Pomona treats a variety of garden pests, even grubs in your grass and scales on your citrus trees. We provide free landscape inspections to determine what you’ll need to get your plants and trees healthy again.

Call today for more information about our services and to schedule an appointment. Ask about our free inspections! You're also welcome to complete the form below and a caring Hearts Pest Management representative will contact you shortly.

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