North Hollywood Pest Control

North Hollywood Pest Control

The neighborhood of North Hollywood in the City of Los Angeles has a Mediterranean climate which consists of mild temperatures, except in summertime, then it becomes very hot!

North Hollywood, like its San Fernando Valley neighbors, has pests year-round. Hearts Pest Management provides environmentally friendly pest control throughout the Valley, including North Hollywood.

North Hollywood - Home of the NoHo Arts District and Television Academy.

Green Pest Control with Hearts Pest Management

Our Green Thumb maintenance program treats a variety of general pests and is designed to fit your lifestyle and budget.

We recommend a monthly service, especially in spring and summer, however, some customers choose to switch to every other month during the fall and winter. We’re flexible, you get to choose!

Hearts Pest Management cares about beneficial insects like our honeybees. That’s why all our service professionals are EcoWise Certified in organic pest control!

At Hearts, we believe in protecting you and your family as well as the environment, from harmful chemicals. For this reason, we practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solutions of alternate and preventative pest control.

Visit our page on Green / Organic Pest Control where you will find owner, Gerry Weitz, in a video discussing the benefits of organic pest control.

Spider Control in North Hollywood

When it comes to spiders, our service professionals will not only treat the existing spiders, they will also remove webs and egg sacs, even the brown widows that tend to hang out under your patio chairs.

Spiders can be tricky because as you are aware, they hide. They really are just as afraid of you as you are them.

Yikes! Got Spiders? We can help!

Generally, even brown and black widows don’t bite unless they are accidentally disturbed. Still, it is a good idea to eliminate them around your home and garage because both are toxic to humans.

If you have a lot of spiders, it's because you have an abundance of insects - spider food. As we treat your home on a regular basis for general pests, over time you’ll definitely see less and less spiders.

Ant Control in North Hollywood

Do you ever feel like your living or working on top of a giant anthill? Well…you are – a supercolony of Argentine Ants to be exact. This species is hard to control with do-it-yourself methods because they have multiple queens.

Argentine ants have invaded California and created one huge supercolony!

When the bottle of Windex or can of Raid comes out, one of the many queens will break away and start a brand new colony elsewhere on your property!

At Hearts, our service professionals are knowledgeable about various types of ants and how to best treat according to location and species.

Certain ant species respond to different types of treatment. For example, bait rather than a spray treatment may work better.

Other factors your service technician will consider is the type of food ants are most attracted to; some like sweets while others prefer protein – even grease!

Good news! We know how to get rid of ants!

Downtown North Hollywood – Hearts provides commercial pest control for a variety of businesses.

Commercial Pest Control

If you own your own business in North Hollywood, you know how essential it is to have good pest control.

The last thing your company needs is a bad review because of mouse running under the tables or guests finding bed bugs in their hotel room!

We look at your business as a “relationship” between us and your company.

Lack of sanitation is one of the main causes of commercial pests.

We both have the same goal – to keep your place of work as pest-free as possible. And, to keep your name in good standing with the community!

Our commercial customers include: Office buildings, restaurants, retail shops, film studios, schools, hotels, organic food and beverage manufacturers, and many more.

What’s great about choosing Hearts for your pest control needs is that many of the pests your establishment deals with can be treated organically, except of course, rodents. But, we can help with them too!

Food and beverage facilities often battle both roaches and mice.

Your service professional will only treat where necessary and will inspect, each service, to see if there are any preventative ways of keeping pests from invading your business. Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest inspections are free-of-charge!

Landscape Pest Control in North Hollywood

Argentine ant receiving a drop of honeydew from an aphid.

Hearts Pest Management has both traditional and organic methods for eliminating many landscape pests. And, we provide free landscape and rodent inspections!

You may have pests such as aphids and not even know it because they’re being corralled by ants underneath the leaves of your plants. Ants do this to protect aphids from the eyes of predators.

Here are just a few of the pests we treat in your garden landscape: whitefly, mealybugs, a variety of fungus, black sooty mold, and of course, the larger landscape pests – gophers and squirrels.

Leaf damage due to aphids and other scale insects.

Take a look at how and what we treat on our main page: Landscape and Garden Pest Control

Rats and Mice

At Hearts, we have created a very intensive rodent remediation service, under EcoWise guidelines, to stop rats and mice from entering the home.

Our rodent remediation service also includes a combination of trapping, cleanup, and decontamination.

Rats and mice quickly become pests when they make their way into your home or garage.

If you have rats in the attic, it’s important to take care of the infestation as soon as possible; just breathing the smell of rat feces and urine can transmit diseases to humans.

Visit our page on Rat and Mice Control to learn more about our rodent control services.

By now, you can tell we are a different sort of pest control company serving North Hollywood! The word “heart” is in our name because we are a company with “Heart.”

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