Pest Control in Encino, CA

Encino, CA is situated in the southern central part of the San Fernando Valley where temperatures are often very warm.

Hearts Pest Management is in "The Valley" meeting serious pest control needs that arise all year long for Valley residents.

Encino, CA

Encino, CA is in the southern portion of the San Fernando Valley.

A Little Encino History

Encino is the Spanish word for oak, named after the oak trees growing near a natural spring that provided water for the indigenous people of the area.

Located on the corner of Balboa and Ventura Boulevard in Encino, is Los Encinos State Historic Park, a landmark and recreational site for both visitors and residents of Encino to enjoy.

When the Spanish reached this area in 1769, they named it “El Valle de Santa Catalina de Bononia de Los Encinos” (The Valley of St. Catherine of Bononia of the Oaks).

Pond in Historic Encino

The pond in Los Encinos State Historic Park is fed by a natural spring.

de la Ossa Adobe

The park also includes the original nine room de la Ossa Adobe.

Meeting Your Pest Control Needs

Pests are often prevalent in valley communities like Encino where temperatures can be intensive. Hearts Pest Management offers a wide variety of services to include organic applications and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) methods to keep your home from being invaded by pesky pests.

We are a growing pest control company in Encino, CA recognized for best practices and backed by A ratings from the Better Business Bureau and Angie's List - a contractor rating service.

EPA-IPM Innovator Award

Plaque identifying Hearts Pest Management as recipient of prestigious California EPA Dept. of Pesticide Regulation I.P.M. Innovator Award

Most recently, Hearts was admitted to an elite EPA Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program and is recognized as Southern California's leader in organic pest control methods.

Hearts Pest Management Receives Award from California's Environmental Protection Agency

Explore our Core Pest control Services:

Our pest control company is growing fast in Encino for one reason only - we communicate and service very well. How? Why? We put our employees on a career progression track like no other pest control company. We institute best practices and strive to make practice perfect.

We have solid ratings with the Better Business Bureau. But that's too easy. We are the recognized Southern California leader in green pest control service and now we can bring our Organic and Green Pest Control EcoWise Certified service to you in Encino, CA.

Our Service Professionals are Certified in Organic Applications

No other pest control company are licensed for both structural and landscape pest control - and is EcoWise Certified. We are.

It's not simply a matter of licensing. It's a reflection of our training and broad focus on all your needs in and around your property and environment.

Hearts Pest Management respects the uniqueness of Encino and aspires to be a socially and environmentally responsible company for the residents and business owners of Encino, CA.

EcoWise Certified

Hearts Pest Management Technicians are EcoWise Certified for Organic Applications.

We will customize your pest control service to fill your unique needs. Factors reviewed include the regional and local micro-climates in Encino, CA 91316.

Whether you choose general standard pest control or organic pest control, you still win because we customize all our programs to fit your conditions at work or at home.

You can choose monthly, every-other month or quarterly pest control service or any combination that we find mutually agreeable on budget and pest control service expectations.

Hibiscus flower and whitefly

In residential areas, hibiscus trees are often infested with whiteflies. Hearts will keep your trees looking healthy.

Hearts Maintenance - Affordable and Customized

Living or working in the San Fernando Valley is hot! We suggest monthly pest control service, but highly manicured, low maintenance landscapes often do well on an every other monthly pest control schedule.

This choice is also a function of your ability to tolerate pests. The longer the interval, the more likely the pest will return to a level you are not happy with before we return on a scheduled visit. But know that we are there for you!

Your pest control warranty is ironclad. We return as needed during the warranty period to give you the peace of mind you desire.For organic pest control in Encino, thorough monthly inspections, observation and targeted pest treatments get the job done to your satisfaction.

Your surrounding landscapes, both on your property and the surrounding properties/countryside should have a huge impact on your pest control service level decision.

Yes, budgets vary and we respect those choices. We can and do adapt to your needs - not the other way around.

Argentine ant and aphid

Argentine Ant (Linepithema humile) tending an aphid.

The Valley of Ants

So is Encino one humongous anthill? Now that's southern California for you! Where you are located in the valley makes it just that much worse because ants go crazy when it gets hot ... and by the way, they also go crazy when it rains suddenly and the ants signal to move in out of the rain.

Hearts Pest Management has been solving ant problems for many years. We attack spider problems as well, starting with handy exterior chemical free web dusting. Eliminating spider food and habitat modification will go a long way to eliminating a spider problem.

This website is built with the information seeker in mind. We have lots of great information on:

  • ants and spiders
  • rats and mice
  • bees and bee removal
  • gophers and squirrels
  • birds and mites
  • Bed bugs! and cockroaches
  • landscape pest control
  • residential pest control
  • commercial pest control
  • a blog and forum for the truly curious you.

Hearts Pest Management is fortunate to service Encino. Let us demonstrate what a socially and environmentally responsible pest control company in Encino can do differently and better for you and your neighbors.

Hearts Pest Management Staff

Hearts Pest Management Staff

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