Pest Control in El Monte, CA

Historically, the City of El Monte, CA was a stopping place for people during the California Gold Rush. Residents today may feel it’s still a stopping place but for ants and spiders and other pests!

Hearts Pest Management is pleased to provide El Monte’s home and business owners with top quality and environmentally friendly pest control.

El Monte, CA - "The End of the Santa Fe Trail"

Hearts is the only pest control company licensed for both structural and landscape pest control – and EcoWise Certified!

“Go Green” – with Hearts Pest Management!

Got Ants? We can help!

Keeping ants from invading your home in El Monte can be very challenging but then, we don’t have to tell you that! One of the reasons is because Argentine ants have taken over Southern California and created one big super colony.

Ant control with Hearts Pest Management is the answer to your ant problems. Our service professionals are knowledgeable about various ant species as well as the best methods of treatment.

Did you know ants are a landscape pest too? They protect aphids from predators in exchange for aphid honeydew.

We will not only eliminate any ant infestations you currently have but will search for the source of the infestation.

Please review our line of pest control services available.

Note: You can click on each service for detailed information on pest behavior and recommended treatment.

Spider Control in El Monte

Spider webs can be unsightly and some spiders like black and brown widows are toxic to humans.

Unlike ants, spiders are solitary. They hide. Your Hearts’ service technician understands spider behavior and will treat for spiders, check for hiding places of black and brown widows and remove webs and egg sacs.

For more information on different spider species and how we treat, please visit our main page on Spider Control


Commercial Pest Control in El Monte

Hearts Pest Management has a wide range of pest control services to meet the needs of your business.

We understand the importance of keeping your good name and reputation; therefore, we provide both traditional and organic pest control in El Monte.

Restaurants have a variety of pest control issues from ants and roaches to rats and mice. We can help!

Some of the commercial accounts we service include: medical facilities, retirement centers, restaurants, retail shops, churches, schools, hotels, industrial parks, organic food processing plants, and manufacturing facilities.

Hearts Pest Management provides El Monte business owners with free commercial pest control inspections. Your service professional will take the time to customize a maintenance plan to ensure your establishment's needs are met.

Rat and Mice Control in El Monte

We have developed a very intensive rodent remediation service, under EcoWise guidelines, to stop rats and mice from entering the home. Our service also includes a combination of trapping, cleanup, and decontamination.

Hearts provides rodent treatment and prevention.

If you have rats in your attic or crawlspace, it’s important to take care of the infestation as soon as possible; just breathing in the smell of rat feces and urine can transmit diseases to humans.

Don’t delay; we will inspect free-of-charge!

We realize how lucky we are to service your community in El Monte and so we try our hardest to make you happy with our wide array of pest control services.

Call today for more information or to schedule an appointment. Ask about our free inspections!

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