Pest Control in Cerritos, CA

Pest Control in Cerritos

Are you looking for a different kind of pest control company? One that cares not only about the environment but the welfare of your family and pets too?

The City of Cerritos’ Heritage Park

We are pleased to be servicing the City of Cerritos with both traditional and organic pest control!  We are Hearts Pest Management – a company with “Heart.”

Valuable information on how to choose the right pest control company:

Pest control, like any kind of business, is a joint venture between the company and the customer.

As a home owner, you may have difficulty judging whether you are receiving the most skilled efforts for your money.

You’ll find our service professionals are well trained in all aspects of pest management, including Green / Organic Pest Control. We don’t just treat, we inspect your property and provide you with preventative pest control tips as well.

All our service professionals are EcoWise Certified!

Hearts Pest Management is the only pest control company in Cerritos that has received an award for Innovative Pest Management by California’s EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

We treat your existing pest problems while helping you prevent future pest issues using preventative pest control methods and solutions.

Ant Control in Cerritos

In California, most ant infestations are related to the invasive Argentine Ant. You’ve probably seen them; tiny little dark brown-black ants.

We can help! Did you know…some ants prefer sweets while others prefer protein?

Just when you think you got them, another line of these invaders from the south appear elsewhere in your home.

Argentine ants have built a super colony in SoCal which means you really are living on top of an anthill, a very big one! This particular species has more than one queen which is why they are hard to control on your own.

When threatened, one or more of the queens will break away and start colonies in other areas of your home or yard. Our service professionals are experts at eliminating these ants and locating their nests!

See our main page on Ant Control for more information about our ant treatments.

Hearts has a variety of residential pest control services for Cerritos home owners.

Residential Pest Control in Cerritos

Our Residential Pest Control is offered on a monthly, every other month, or quarterly basis.

For our GreenThumb organic pest control plan in Cerritos, we recommend a monthly service with the option of switching to a winter bi-monthly come fall; however, surrounding landscapes may alter our recommendation.

Range of Pest Control Services:

At Hearts, we have complete pest control solutions for rats, mice, gophers, squirrels and a variety of insects and spiders as well as landscape pests. We are also certified for bee and honeycomb removal but only treat for bees when they are a threat.

Honeybees are an essential part of our environment. Hearts’ treats bees only when necessary.

Bee Control – Only When and Where Necessary!

The presence of bees is quite normal and even welcomed (unless one is allergic) in backyards across southern California as they search for pollen.

If you are concerned about bees near your home and family, there are some things you can do about it such as planting non-flowering shrubs or certain colored flowers. For example; red, tubular flowers attract hummingbirds while non tubular, yellow ones are a favorite among bees.

When you hear loud sounds from all the buzzing scattered across many of your plants, especially in the spring, this is normal, healthy bee activity. It poses no danger as the bees are not defending their queen and her hive. They are simply foraging for pollen.

Here is an example of a bee infestation in an attic that was left untreated leaving behind a mess of honey and honeycomb.

If on the other hand, you see bees balled up in a cluster that looks like a football, then you are seeing a swarm. If the swarm is hanging in the open, the queen and her bees are just resting and will go away in 3-5 days.

If you see bees entering and leaving a hole in a tree, the house, under a shed or in a garbage can, for example, then we need to come out and help you. At Hearts, we provide free bee and wasp inspections!

Spider Control

When it comes to spiders, our service professionals will treat for both spiders and their food source – insects! Spiders can be tricky because they hide. If you’re seeing a lot of spiders lately, it's because you have an abundance of insects - We can help!

Hearts treats for spiders and their food source – insects.

Spider Control is often a team effort between you and your Hearts’ service technician.

He/she will remove as many webs as possible (we often cannot reach 2nd or 3rd story homes) including spider egg sacs.

If you have webs up high, you may need to spray them down with a hose. Vacuuming inside and sweeping patios at least once a week will help keep spiders at bay along with regular treatment, be it traditional or organic pest control.

Landscape Pest Management in Cerritos

Landscape and Garden Pest Control is often necessary to keep your property from being overrun by damaging pests including gophers and squirrels. We provide a monthly service for rodents and inspect your property each month for new activity.

Squirrels and gophers will tear up a landscape and compromise the foundation of your home!

For plant based pests, our landscape treatments can eliminate aphids, whiteflies, scale insects, fungus, and much more. We also provide tree and shrub treatment as well as weed abatement.

Have you noticed discolored leaves on your shrubs? Most likely it’s from scale insects like mealy bugs and aphids. Look at the underside of a leaf and you may find a herd of corralled by ants!

Ant receiving a drop of honeydew from an aphid.

Ants try to keep the aphids underneath the leaves, away from the eyes of aphids predators in exchange for a sweet liquid aphids emit from their rears!

Many of the neighborhoods in Cerritos have tree-lined streets which makes for a beautiful place to live but with that being said, trees attract rats.

If there are branches touching your roof or the side of your house, chances are rats will make their way onto your roof and into your home, especially in winter when they’re nesting.

We provide full rodent remediation services from trapping to attic clean-out.

For indoor rats and mice, we provide trapping and then an exclusion (blocking off entry points). Outdoors, we provide either monthly rodent baiting service or every other week trapping.

For more information on rats and mice, take a look at our page on rats and mice to learn how we treat your existing problem and prevent any further infestations: Rats and Mice.

Own your own business? Hearts provides a variety of Commercial Pest Control, services.

At Hearts, we understand how hard it can be to keep your restaurant, hotel, retail store, including your office, free from pests and from the public eye!

Your Hearts service representative will provide a free inspection and build a pest control plan that is tailored to your needs.

Whether you own your home or have your own business, or both, we are here to help you with all your pest control needs!

Call us today 800-986-1006 for more information and to schedule service. You may also fill out the form below and a caring Hearts customer service representative will get back to you shortly.

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