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The City of Burbank, CA is most noted for film making. In the early 1900's, the movie industry chose Burbank for its expansive area of available land in which to build studio sets.

Burbank soon became home to large studios like Warner Brothers, Disney, ABC, and many others; including film processing, special effects and related media-type businesses.

Temperatures in inland communities like Burbank can become heat intensive, driving all sorts of pests indoors. Hearts Pest Management is different from most pest control companies in that we specialize in a holistic approach to maintaining a pest-free environment.

Burbank, California – “Media Capital of the World” Burbank, California – “Media Capital of the World”Our general recommendation is a monthly service, but highly manicured landscapes often do well on a bi-monthly service. For our Green / Organic Pest Control program in Burbank, we encourage a monthly service, at least during the spring and summer months.

Practicing IPM for the City of Burbank

Hearts Pest Management practices IPM Integrated Pest Management to minimize damage to the environment from overuse of chemicals.

The Hearts organic and IPM pest control service is the only one currently in southern California that comes from a company and technicians certified by pioneers in the pest control service that puts ecology first.

Hearts Service Professionals are EcoWise certified for organic applications..

Hearts' Service Professionals are EcoWise certified for organic applications.

Argentine ants are an invasive species that have created a huge supercolony here in California.

Argentine ants are an invasive species that have created a huge supercolony here in California.

Our organic, “Greenthumb” maintenance program, is preferred by Burbank customers with young children and/or pets as well as individuals with a heightened sensitivity to chemicals.

Ant Control in Burbank

Ants are a year-round problem for Burbank residents (and businesses).

Monitoring and inspecting your home for ants and locating they entry points is an important part of your Integrated Pest Management Program.

Our certified technicians will be able to search out colonies and identify ant species to determine the right kind of treatment needed. Different species of ants respond to chemicals and management practices separately and need to be treated accordingly.

It’s good to remember that ants play a beneficial role in the garden and environment. Once you become aware of the seasonal cycle of the ants in your area, you can prepare for annual invasions by caulking entry points.

Trimming shrubs and trees away from the home, and keeping moisture at a minimum will also help keep ants at bay. Preparation will make the spring and summer more pleasant – for both humans and ants.

western spotted orb weaver spider

Orb-weavers are beneficial garden spiders that make huge but very intricate webs.

Burbank’s Spider Control

You know the big scary looking spiders that hang out in the middle of those huge, perfectly round, orb webs, the ones that stretch between tree branches?

When we think of spiders, it’s usually an image of an orb-weaver that appears in our minds (or tarantula, thanks to the movie).

Beneficial Spiders

If you can just get past how big they are and look closely at the beautiful webs designed by these miniature architects, you may appreciate what they do for your garden landscape.

Orb weavers come in different colors and sizes and act like little pest control technicians, eliminating pesky garden insects.

Other beneficial spiders include wolf spiders and jumping spiders. They can run and/or jump at a rapid pace to hunt down insects, including the ones in your home.

Not So Beneficial Spiders

There are two spiders of medical importance in southern California, the brown widow and the black widow spider. Both make messy, Halloween-type webs and both have an hourglass shape under their bellies.

Brown widows are easily identifiable by their orange hourglass and cream-colored, spiky egg sacs. This spider tends to build her web under things such as patio furniture, and playground equipment.

Black widow spiders, on the other hand, have a bright red hourglass and create webs in dark corners of eaves, closets, cabinets, windowsills, piles of wood and most especial, cluttered corners of a garage.

A brown widow has an orange hourglass shape on her underbelly whereas a black widow has a red hourglass.

A brown widow has an orange hourglass shape on her underbelly whereas a black widow has a red hourglass.

Widow spiders need to be eliminated on contact and their egg sacs destroyed. If you have a lot of spiders, it’s because you also have a lot of insects – their food source. Hearts will treat for both spiders and insects plus remove any accessible webs around the perimeter of your home.

In the meantime; here are some of the things homeowners can do to keep spiders from coming indoors:

Caulk any cracks and crannies to keep not only spiders out but ants and mice too.

Sweep at least twice a week, knocking any webs down found in corners and in the garage.

Check under patio furniture; brown widows love hiding under there with their spiky egg sacs.

Let your Hearts Service Professional know where you’ve seen spider activity.

Landscape Pest Management in Burbank

Hearts Pest Management can take care of a wide variety of landscape pests including whitefly, fungus, fleas, grubs, rose slugs, gophers, rats, and squirrels.

We provide landscape inspections free-of-charge and offer both traditional and/or organic methods for treating landscape pests.

Take a look at our Landscape and Garden Pest Control page for information on specific landscape pests and how we are able to keep your home and garden looking beautiful and healthy.

All of our service professionals practice IPM solutions for maintaining your garden landscapes while taking care to prevent harm to beneficial insects such as lady bugs, praying mantis, honeybees, and garden orb-weavers.

Hibiscus flower and whitefly

Hibiscus trees often become infested with whiteflies.

Roses and Tulips

Roses and other flowers such as these tulips are often infested with aphids.

Did you know that rats eat snails? If you have a lot of snails, you could be attracting rats!

Here's a review of our pest control services we at Hearts can offer Burbank residents and business owners:

  • general pest control
  • green and organic pest control - certified!
  • residential, commercial and landscape pest control
  • rat, mice and bird control with complete programs to stop entry and clean up all the mess and contamination
  • bee removal and honeycomb cleanup
  • gopher control
  • cockroach elimination
  • flies and fleas

Hearts Pest Management Staff

Hearts Pest Management Staff

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I’ve had a few issues, all different and all at different times, and the staff at Hearts always helped me resolve it. Even when I thought I had tried everything to get rid of an ant problem one time, and a rodent problem another time, the guys at Hearts were able to resolve the issues with a level of expertise and knowledge that you can’t really understand until you see them at work.

Burbank, CA
April 8, 2019