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How Pests Affect Your Business

Your customer calls you over and shows you her glass of water. Frozen inside an ice cube is a - German roach! What do you do?

For one thing, you become quite embarrassed! (By the way, this actually happened!) Another customer spots a mouse in her room ... you begin to realize just how detrimental pest control can be for the success of your business.

No one wants to sit at a table in a restaurant and combat flies or find a roach in their water glass! To avoid these embarrassing moments, you need to re-think the idea of pest control.

Hearts Pest Management offers commercial inspections Free-of-Charge!

Hearts provides commercial pest control for a variety of businesses from restaurants and hotels to medical facilities, schools, and offices.

Free Inspections

Free Commercial Pest Control Inspections

Your service professional will sit down and outline a pest management plan that may use a combination of traditional, organic, and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) methods, depending on your business' needs.

In this day and age, when everyone is writing online reviews, you'll want a pest control company that will work with you in getting rid of pests, so you can keep your good reputation and your patrons happy!

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Client Reviews


Read what others have to say about Hearts Pest Management:

Carrie Bender

I’ve been using Hearts for over 3 years and am very impressed with their organization! They do terrific work in addition to be reliable, honest and extremely knowledgeable and polite. They come bi-monthly and use an organic solution to spray outside. It’s a pleasure and relief to do business with them.

April 13, 2019
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Anabelle Klosno

Great company! We get the green essential oil service every other month and have no pest problems, thanks Hearts!!

April 12, 2019
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Michelle Homiakoff

I’ve used your services for two years now and I like the all natural products so I don’t have to worry about my dog after it drys. My only issue is scheduling is not as flexible as I’d like.

April 12, 2019
Long Beach, CA

John and Valerie Gastor

We’ve been using the green thumb monthly service for about a year now and find it helpful to have someone taking care of any small insect issues we have outside the house. Rene is a great tech and very friendly and professional.

April 12, 2019
Playa Del Rey, CA

Todd Howard

Great innovative company, super nice people. At first I was a little skeptical about the effectiveness of their eco-friendly approach to pest management, but it has worked like a charm. We had a terrible ant problem, but Hearts quickly put an end to it.

April 12, 2019
Long Beach, Ca.

Ms. H

Hearts is Eco-wise certified and offers safer, organic products and solutions. They have an amazing staff who take their time to assess and correct the problem and also give you suggestions and advice. They take their time- NOT just “splash and dash” a bunch of toxic chemicals all over. I found out that they are… Read more “Ms. H”

April 11, 2019
San Diego, CA

Sarah and Brandon Glenn

I love their people and product. I was hesitant to sign up for a green pest control in fear I would continue to be attacked by ant. (It was really bad!) The day they initially came out the ants practically vanished. Having them come automatically continues to keep the ants outside of my home and… Read more “Sarah and Brandon Glenn”

April 11, 2019
Escondido, CA

Vanessa Terzian

As a parent, the most fundamental responsibility is to provide a safe and happy home. So one can imagine the sense of failure when we returned home from a trip to find an epic ant invasion of our property and home. We keep a vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, organic household so Hearts was the only company… Read more “Vanessa Terzian”

April 10, 2019
Simi Valley, CA

Jim Carroll

A Technician showed up the same day. We were very pleased that we could get service almost immediately to deal with a disgusting and distressing and expensive problem that seemed to pop up overnight. We were relieved that Hearts Pest Management consultation was friendly and informative. We resolved our rat problem in the garage and… Read more “Jim Carroll”

April 2, 2019
San Diego, CA

Melissa Bowels

We had found a flying roach in the house and got freaked out by the sight of it. On Saturday morning Dave arrived exactly on time. Went over the issue with him. When describing the type of roach and that it had been flying, he diagnosed this as being the most common for this area.… Read more “Melissa Bowels”

April 2, 2019
San Diego, CA

Joshua B.

We’ve been using Hearts Pest Management for just over a year to help manage our spider issues (on a quarterly basis) and we’re very happy with the service. John H. is our normal technician and he’s been great to work with – he always makes sure to de-web the exterior and has always provided great… Read more “Joshua B.”

April 2, 2019
Torrance, Ca.

Ruth B.

Austin is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and we trust that we are always getting thorough and reliable service with Hearts Pest. Always quick to respond to any issues or questions that arise and we like the Green Thumb option with kids and pets around.

April 2, 2019
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.

Sue Nicholson

Austin always does a great job with our pest issues both inside and outside our home. I like the fact that the insect control substance is organic. Thanks for always going the extra step to keep our home free of the little bugs!

April 2, 2019
Claremont, Ca.


The technician Austin was on time. Very personable and explained products in detail and is very knowledgeable. Very thorough and the organic and eco friendly products were our first choice. We signed for the every other month especially for spiders and ants.

April 2, 2019
San Bernadino, CA

Connie N.

I’ve been a regular bimonthly customer of Hearts for 10 years.  They are always willing to educate me and discuss options, and they routinely show concern for what’s best for the environment and my health.  I recently had a rat in my attic, and not only did they promptly remove it, they told me what… Read more “Connie N.”

April 2, 2019
Murietta, Ca.

Gina Woodard

Very effective & safe treatment! We had a huge ant problem inside & around our home. Hearts took care of the problem in one visit. They were very courteous & helpful.

April 2, 2019
Chula Vista, CA
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Want Ants Gone Now

This greasy stove is a great food source for rodents and insects!

This greasy stove is a great food source for rodents and insects!

Your business is your passion. At Hearts, we understand the energy and devotion you put into growing and preserving your enterprise.

Our staff takes special care to ask and listen to the many factors that determine the best treatment plan for your company. Factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Regulatory requirements in your industry
  • Your focus on prevention vs. remediation
  • Your customers' expectation levels
  • Worker safety and unique hazards associated with your business
  • Micro-climactic conditions conducive to pests
  • Sanitation and infestations of adjoining establishments
  • Sanitation attitudes of the public

For these reasons we offer: weekly, monthly, every other month and quarterly plans! Other plans can be tailored to meet your needs.

Our staff will listen, as you describe your daily routines, and work closely with you to determine:

  • What is the best day of the week, best time of day?
  • Who needs to be available and who must be away during treatments?
  • What project or production schedules effect scheduling?
  • How can service be arranged to minimize worker and public hazard?

We will take care of the pests on YOUR schedule. For these reasons we always offer: Set week, day, time with prior notification.

Sanitation is important for both health and keeping pests away.

Unsanitary conditions leads to health issues and attracts pests.

For this reason we offer pricing to meet your budget. You choose the number of visits and the associated price. We do not lock you into the schedule that is most profitable for the pest control company, as is often the case.

You choose what fits your periodic and yearly budget requirements. We will be honest and professional about how best we can meet your needs within your budgetary constraints.

Calvatina, aka 'Cal' will take your call with a smile!

Calvatina, aka "Cal" will take your call with a smile!

From our field service professionals to our office personnel, we look for the brightest and train our staff to view themselves as consultants.

Our "consulting technicians" are patient, knowledgeable and ready to provide best-of-practice treatment. Our customer service representatives are there for you, they actually answer the phone and listen to your needs!

Rarely will you get voicemail, unless it is before or after hours. Many pest control companies seem to be satisfied to have low trained, low paid, easy-going technicians who spray and go. At Hearts, our technicians are put on a path to achieve higher-level dual licensing in both structural and landscape pest management.

Ethics is a part of every aspect of our training, from sales to service to teamwork. We encourage and help pay for continuing education. When our customers ask us to reach into our bag of in-depth knowledge, they know they can count on us to provide correct and complete answers to their pest problems.

And, they know we are ready and able to handle the most difficult of jobs. When our customers need that extra TLC, they get it from someone who cares.

Ultimately, our job is to take studied risks, under all the necessary safeguards, so that our business customers may provide a happier and healthier environment for their clientele.

Come join our team!

We're not just employees, we're part of a family!

Our clients cross many industries. This is a tribute to our ability to provide customer-focused custom solutions.

Our customer list includes:

Hearts can remove beehives and provide honeycomb clean-up

Hearts can remove beehives and provide honeycomb clean-up.

For this reason we offer a smorgasbord of services and you can assemble a list of special services you want. You can go for basic coverage, or you can add coverage for such items as rats, mice, bees, birds, gophers and other landscape pest management.

Rest assured that you have hired a company that can be called upon for those special occasions when immediate solutions are required for disruptive pests that chase customers away, such as a flock of birds or a swarm of bees by the front entrance.

Sink Image

This is a sink full of dirty dishes with floating food particles inside an office. Some of the dishes have been sitting for days - a perfect situation for attracting pests like ants and roaches, not to mention rats and mice!

The public has become acutely aware of the health risks associated with pest control. Some industries absolutely require the highest level of preventative non-toxic pest service. This is especially apparent in high-tech laboratory settings, clean-rooms and local school districts.

Other industries seem to understand the risks and are focused on immediate resolution of the pest problem. They readily accept higher levels of pesticides that assure total results.

We have a program that meets your concern for the well-being of both your customers and the environment. We do this by providing products with a "Green Approach" that values a sustainable earth.

No two businesses are identical. In any given day, our technicians meet a variety of customers, one asking for a solution without any pesticide, another looking for non-airborne treatments due to respiratory ailments. Others customers are looking for a full-scale assault on pests, with a command to take-no-prisoners!

For this reason, we have designed two basic programs; both are based on the principle of applying the least amount of pesticide that will effectively do the job. Both programs involve a strong focus on site inspection and active monitoring.

In commercial environments, sanitation is extremely important as infesting insects and rodents are instinctively drawn to food sources that promote their survival and propagation.

Inspection forms can be customized to the requirements of your industry and manner in which you position your business. We also provide our specially designed workplace safety study, to protect all parties for the liabilities and hazards associated with pest control treatments.

Sanitation is an essential element of pest control, as insects and rodents spend much of their lives looking for food and shelter for survival.

Having a routine for cleaning the establishment daily goes a long way toward preventing pest problems.

Our standard general pest program relies on a rotation of pesticides that are known to have low human and animal toxicity when applied according to the label. Exterior spray treatments are focused and careful.

We supplement with exterior granular treatments. We utilize both repellents, and non-repellents which allow insects to cross through a hidden barrier of pesticide that they infect other insect with, to induce a multiplying effect.

Indoors, we rely primarily upon non-repellents and baits that are safely placed in cracks and crevices, away from contact with children and pets.

Focus on Organics is our program, (backed by our EcoWise Certification), that targets the needs of those businesses with strict requirements for sterility or clean-room requirements.

EcoWise Certified

At Hearts, we are using the full line of EcoSmart labeled products that fit perfectly with a green approach to pest control. Recently we have added a "bio-based pest control wash," fully exempt and not labeled as a pesticide at all!

We are constantly researching to bring to you the newest products with an Eco-sensitive orientation. On the pendulum of pesticide safety vs. effectiveness, you choose! Not us.

Pest Control Product Labels and MSDS Pest Control Product Ingredient List