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The City of Alhambra, in the western region of Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Valley, has a comfortable climate in comparison with other Southern California cities, even in August!

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Argentine ants are hard to control with Do-it-Yourself methods; we can help!

What does climate have to do with pest control? Pests such as ants, spiders, rats, and gophers become year-round problems for both residential and commercial customers in Alhambra.

There’s no “season” for these pests; they like the mild temperatures too! We can help! Hearts Pest Management is licensed for both structural and landscape pest control. We are Southern California’s leader in innovative pest management and organic pest control.

Take a look at a few of the pest control services we offer in Alhambra:

Hearts Service Professionals are EcoWise Certified in Organic Pest Control.

Residential Pest Control in Alhambra

We treat for spiders and remove webs and egg sacs.

Hearts offers general and organic pest control services to treat for insects and spiders. Check our menu page for Green / Organic Pest Control and learn about our "Greenthumb" program.

Our products are designed to treat specific pests while keeping in mind the health and welfare of your family and the environment.

Besides eliminating current pest infestations, your service professional will inspect the property to find the source of the problem. He or she will provide preventative tips to avoid future infestations.

We offer monthly, every other month and quarterly pest control plans. With each maintenance plan, a follow-up in between services is at no charge to you.

We want to help you choose the best plan to meet your needs – you get to choose!

Our team of knowledgeable pest control experts is highly skilled and EcoWise Certified so you can rest assured you and your family is in safe hands.

Sanitation is the single most important thing to maintain, on a daily basis, in order to keep pests away.

Commercial Pest Control in Alhambra

If you own or manage a business in Alhambra, you know how hard it can be to keep your establishment pest-free.

In this day of online reviews, pest control has become a major concern for business owners. It’s no longer just word-of-mouth; your reputation is plastered all over the internet, good and bad.

We provide Alhambra commercial properties with free pest control inspections. Hearts can help you keep your good name … here are a few of the pests we treat for commercial customers: Rats and mice, roaches, bed bugs, ants, flies and drain flies, dumpster pests, and much more.

For more information on what we have to offer and types of commercial accounts we currently service, please visit our page on Commercial Pest Control.

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